Drawing in a Time of Fear & LiesWeekend

The Scribes Somehow Survive

The soldiers are killed, and the jesters change their names.

Thomas Micchelli, “Oracles (after Bosch)” (2018), graphite and pencil on paper, 6 x 9 inches (courtesy of the artist)

The Jesters Change Their Names

Still something
about a castle
still. A castle still
in the wake of so much quaking.

The wake of histories
crooked and quaking,
although the king’s crown vanished long ago
with the horses and the oxen,
and the king.

And the queen
found a better kingdom than this one,
and this one
found a better queen.

And the better queen
had all the soldiers killed,
for fidelity is always

Key to history
is killing soldiers
and kings
and queens,
and sometimes
horses and oxen.

The scribes, at times,
survive in some way,
and the jesters change their names.

And mothers flee and
survive in some way.
They’ve the will, and someone
surely has to.

But does anyone
surely have to?

The oracles.

Quakings still
in castles still,
they say.
No moats to fill
when they’re up on hills.

Yet after all the kingdoms anyway
comes the greater bloodshed,
the greatest.

And the stones
who’ve known all along
tell the skies,
invite the vultures.

Paul D’Agostino

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