Kathryn Hart, “The Search,” site specific installation, diptych (collage of 2 photos), 56 x 104 x 4 inches

SEARCHING explores the web of emotions confronted in the search to begin anew, and the burden of choice. Kathryn Hart continues her dialogue with evolving identity and the hope for new beginnings amidst a maze of emotional conflict, pain, and self-doubt.

“After life leaves us tumbled upside down, completely derailed, we pick ourselves up and begin the search for…personal truth, enlightenment, growth, love, connections, a place to feel comfortable, a place to call home. We even search for the place to start the search…

(It) starts with one intent, one thought, one moment, one breath, one catalyst, one cell, one dot. A series of dots, actions, sparks, ideas, or energy becomes a line, a trajectory. Lines reveal potential paths ahead and scars of the ones just followed.”

Hart presents this theme across an array of media, which further illustrates the plethora of options for the journey. Included are a site-specific installation of hundreds of lines, wires and embedded glass, ink drawings reminiscent of ancient cave scratchings, abstract black and white photography of found bones, and complex hanging sculptures. In these, Hart examines the dichotomies of movement and stillness, contemplation and decision, and space and line, and the importance of the duality in the search.

“Line represents journey, connections, strength, simplicity, scars, tethers, and choice. Knots can be entanglements, junctures, bindings, obstacles, hurdles, gates and coupling.”

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SEARCHING continues at two locations (209 East 23rd Street and 380 2nd Avenue) through May 30. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 9am-9pm.