3 replies on “Awkward Social Encounters at Art Openings”

  1. How about all of the artists you know who only want to talk about themselves and what they’re working on and what shows they have coming up that they want you to come to, and they never even ask how you are doing or what you are working on or anything concerning your life? Also, if you are the artist having the opening, how about the “friends” who you’ve known for years who come and say, “I didn’t know you did this type of work”, and also the “friends” who say, “so, has anything sold?” Art openings – YUK! – can we just get rid of them?!

    1. Exactly! I have shared the same experiences Artists.using your show as an opportunity to network/market their own work. Not cool! However,narcissistic artists do tend to be more sucessful. Not fair!

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