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The boss baby is making preparations to fly north for the summer. It’s just one day before protesters had planned to fly their angry baby version of President Donald Trump above British Parliament during the US leader’s visit to the UK capital. Now, though, there is a strong push to have the orange blimp follow the president up to Scotland.

More than 11,000 people have signed a petition posted on Wednesday to allow clearance for the Trump Baby to be flown near the president’s Turnberry golf course. Given the president’s itinerary in London (which may or may not have been planned to skirt around the city’s planned protests) he is unlikely to catch a glimpse of his blimpy doppelgänger. Having the balloon fly in Turnberry would virtually guarantee that the President could view his puerile form.

Despite an exponentially increasing number of signatories on the petition, protesters are unlikely to get their wish at the golf outpost located on the rugged coastline of South Ayrshire. Police in Scotland have refused the request for Trump Baby to be flown over the golf course, leading to a necessary intervention by government officials higher-up or a new strategy by the protesters.

In a statement, Mark Williams of Police Scotland stated, “Clearly there is a significant protection operation in place for the president and this includes restrictions to the airspace in the Turnberry area. We need to ensure there is a balance between protection and public safety and the public’s right to peacefully protest. With that in mind, and on this occasion, we are unable to grant permission for the balloon to fly in that area. However, we are in discussion with the applicants about possible alternatives‎.”

Protesters have already contacted Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, a vehement critic of Trump’s, to personally sanction the flying of The Donald. Sturgeon’s office has yet to make an official comment. Nevertheless, the protesters have already sorted out logistics — possible routes for the blimp and where to purchase a supply of helium.

Scotland may boast the biggest contingent of Trump haters east of the Atlantic Ocean. Despite his mother being born in Scotland and immigrating to the United States at age 18 in search of a job in domestic service, Trump’s most recent visit to the North during the presidential election sparked countrywide unrest. It also dredged up the president’s longstanding feud with local farmer Michael Forbes, who refused to sell his farm to make way for another Trump golf course. In Scottish opinion polls, Trump has had consistently low poll numbers, placing dead last in a 2017 rating of leaders with a 20.1 out of 100. More recently, a YouGov poll found that only 11% of Britons were fans of the president.

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