Scott Woodward, “Salamah,” shot on iPhone 6S. 1st Place, Portrait. (all images courtesy of IPPA Awards)

Finalists from the 11th annual iPhone Photography Awards were released on Friday. Photographers across the world — based in over 140 countries — sent in their most awe-striking creative and documentary shots taken via smartphone. The competition serves as a celebration of the advanced photography technology associated with the small, handheld device by Apple that has revolutionized technology, information, and media sharing globally. This year’s Grand Prize Photographer of the Year was Jashim Salam of Bangladesh for his shot “Displaced,” a photograph of Rohingya children during a film screening about health and sanitation, near the Tangkhali refugee camp.

Jashim Salam, “Displaced,” shot on iPhone 7. Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year. (image courtesy of IPPA Awards)

The contest hosts 18 categories, including abstract, landscape, news and events, and travel photographs. Eligible images entered cannot be altered on desktop photo processing software, like Photoshop or Lightroom, but edits on iOS applications are allowed.

Alexandre Weber, “Baiana in yellow and blue,” shot on iPhone 6S. 1st Place, Photographer of the Year. (image courtesy of IPPA Awards)

The iPhone has allowed for unprecedented access to camera technology, and the ability to produce, edit, and share photographs to create globally accessible visual narratives. The IPP Awards are contributing to a growing narrative of the iPhone photograph as an acknowledged and accepted means of artistic production.

Browse more of the winning images below:

Verónica G. Cárdenas, “Refugee Caravan,” shot on iPhone 6S. 3rd Place, News/Events. (image courtesy of IPPA Awards)

Naian Feng, “The Kerid,” shot on iPhone X. 3rd Place, Landscape. (image courtesy of IPPA Awards)

Zarni Myo Win, “The Sculptor,” shot on iPhone 7 Plus. 2nd Place, Travel. (image courtesy of IPPA Awards)

Moises Silva, “The Heat,” shot on iPhone 5S. 2nd Place, News/Events. (image courtesy of IPPA Awards)

Huapeng Zhao, “Eye to eye,” shot on iPhone 6. 2nd Place, Photographer of the Year. (image courtesy of IPPA Awards)

The deadline for the 12th annual iPhone Photography Awards is March 31, 2019.

Jasmine Weber is an artist, writer, and former news editor at Hyperallergic. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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