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Stonehenge in October 1982 (photo by Jeff Hart, via Flickr)

This September, there will be a concert at the English neolithic site known as Stonehenge, and no it won’t be a rock concert. Trance DJ Paul Oakenfold will become the first artist to perform at Stonehenge. As part of an intimate concert series, 50 people will be invited to the event, set to take place at sunset. The event will be recorded for his new album, titled Live at Stonehenge. This follows several past performances by Oakenfold at a number of out-of-the-ordinary locations, including the Great Wall of China and Mount Everest’s base camp.

“I am so lucky to be able to share my music from such an iconic site,” said Oakenfold. “The energy there will be like nowhere else on earth, and this will be reflected in my music and performance. Despite having performed at incredible events and locations all across the globe, sunset at Stonehenge will be the most magical.”

Stonehenge Summer Solstice party (2010) (photo by Ann Wuyts, image via Flickr)

Oakenfold is an English record producer and trance DJ who began his career in 1980. He’s been nominated for two Grammy awards and has three studio albums. In addition, he’s provided remixes for a number of artists including Madonna, Britney Spears, U2, and The Rolling Stones, among others.

Alon Shulman, chairman and creative director of the marketing company World Famous Group, developed the idea for the Stonehenge concert and hopes to hold more events like this in the future.

“It’s Alon’s special relationships and his long-term vision that make the impossible possible,” said Oakenfold. “We’ll shortly be announcing our plans using amazing locations championing great artists and new music”

Funds raised from the event will go to English Heritage, an organization that “cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments, and sites” across England. A date for the event has not yet been announced.

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8 replies on “For First Time Ever There Will be a Concert at Stonehenge”

    1. If he didn’t set off any avalanches at Everest base camp, I’m sure the stones will be okay.

      Imagine that though, you just want to summit the highest peak in a remote part of the world and some tool is setting up a rave.

      1. Not all structural damage appears immediately. In fact, when structural integrity fails, those who want to pretend that their profit-motivated actions had nothing to with the destruction claim things were “old” and that everything and everyone other than them were at fault. Having NO concern for future generations and having ONLY concern for how they can exploit the past and present, art and beauty are extinguished.

  1. Stonehenge Free Festivals Were Completely Wonderful…

    They sure were. In the Spring of ’74 we decided to change colleges (IUP/ASU). Vacationed to Stonehenge on June 19th. Met some really neat folks along the way. I told them they should camp at Stonehenge. Always have been big on camping myself. Simply love sleeping (tenting) outdoors. That same year, Winter of ’74, we went to Grand Canyon. Four of us hiked down it, and up. We didn’t camp that time though (blizzard). Had to be back for classes (ASU). Anyway, I saved this from our school paper. State Press, in the Fall of ’74:

    “A strange hippie cult calling themselves ‘Wallies’ claim God told them to camp at Stonehenge. The Wallies of Wiltshire turned up in force at the High Court today. There was Kris Wally, Alan Wally, Fritz Wally, Sir Walter Wally, Wally Egypt and a few other wandering Wallys. The sober calm of the High Court was shattered as the Wallies of Stonehenge sought justice. A lady Wally called Egypt with bare feet and bells on her ankles blew soap bubbles in the rarefied legal air and knelt to meditate. Sir Walter Wally wore a theatrical Elizabethan doublet with blue jeans and spoke of peace and equality and hot dogs. Kevin Wally chain-smoked through a grotesque mask and gave the victory sign to embarrassed pin-striped lawyers. And tartan-blanketed Kris Wally – “My mates built Stonehenge” – climbed a lamp-post in the Strand outside the Law Courts and stopped bemused tourists in their tracks. The Wallies (motto `Everyone’s a Wally: Everyday’s a Sun Day’) – made the pilgrimage to the High Court to defend what was their squatter right to camp on Stonehenge. . . the Department of the Environment is bringing an action in the High Court to evict the Wallies from the meadow, a quarter of a mile from the sarsen circle of standing stones, which is held by the National Trust on behalf of the nation. The document, delivered by the Department to the camp is a masterpiece of po-faced humour, addressed to “one known as Arthur Wally, another known as Philip Wally, another known as Ron Wally and four others each known as Wally”. For instance, paragraph seven begins resoundingly: “There were four male adults in the tent and I asked each one in turn his name. Each replied `I’m Wally”‘. There are a soft core of about two dozen, peace-loving, sun worshipping Wallies – including Wally Woof the mongrel dog. Hitch-hikers thumbing their way through Wiltshire from Israel, North America, France, Germany and Scotland have swollen their numbers. Egypt Wally wouldn’t say exactly where she was from – only that she was born 12,870 years ago in the cosmic sun and had a certain affinity with white negative. Last night they were squatting on the grass and meditating on the news.”

    Stonehenge Free Festivals Were Completely Wonderful… by the Summer of ’84 there were megaphones, microphones, and geophones everywhere. And of course, recorders. Mine (several) were from school (IUP). The Wallies of Wessex and Hell’s Angels made the ’84 shoot possible. Howard Hughes would have been proud. It was his idea, but he died in ’76. Many thanks Wallies and Hell’s Angels.

    G. Willy Wally

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