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As any child of a Baby Boomer can tell you, nothing goes together like marijuana and dad humor. A bunch of pot-heads at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto celebrated the official country-wide legalization of marijuana in Canada with a pun-heavy tweet series featuring historic pottery. Talk about a ROM-com!

Pot! Can you dig it? You can if you’re an archeologist! Or a citizen of any 10 Canadian provinces and three Northern territories — although specific regulations around sale, age of access, buying process, and amount one can carry vary from province to province. A handy guide published on CBC outlines these distinctions, noting the one constant across the country: Online sales are available in all provinces and territories, whether via private retailers or through government-run websites.

Like most Canadian news outlets, CBC offers a wealth of coverage on the topic. As observed on Twitter by US Correspondent to The Globe and Mail, Adrian Morrow (@AdrianMorrow), The Globe has published so many explainers on pot legislation and use that they have now released an explainer of the explainers. This includes an effort by what Morrow describes as “Canada’s very earnest national newspaper,” to explain how to roll a joint with helpful illustrations.

O, Cannabis!

Our home and native strain!

True love for Smarties in all of us command.

With glowing bowls we see smoke rise

The kind bud strong and free!

From far and wide,

O Cannabis, we pass that blunt to thee!

Kidding aside, it’s important to remember that this national legalization is essentially a public health experiment, so toke with care. Canada has the opportunity to “be a very key international generator of knowledge on cannabis risk and harms, but also potentially some of the benefits,” said Dr. Theresa Tam, the country’s chief public health officer, as reported by Pot has been characterized as a “gateway drug” so it’s important to keep in mind the unofficial motto over in the ROM antiquities department: Pots are cool, but cracks are wack!

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