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Banksy’s infamous stunt, in which he deployed the self-destruction of his painting “Girl With a Balloon” (2006) just as the gavel banged down on its $1.3 million sale at Sotheby’s, has gripped art world insiders and beyond. Sotheby’s later called it “the first artwork in history to have been created live during an auction.”

Now, Fab Lab Irbid, a workshop for personal digital fabrication “with the aim to make almost anything,” has published a how-to so artists and engineers can create a personal shredder frame in the comfort of their home.

“When the Balloon Girl self-shredded itself after hitting a 1.4 million dollars, our inner makers started analyzing how it’s done,” Fab Lab Irbid said in its Instructables guide. Their theory behind the mechanism? “ … that blades were fixed on the base of the frame and two wheels held the painting in place and when they turned the painting would move over the blades and shred itself.” And so they set off to try the infamous stunt for themselves.

For those who can get their hands on the technology, the innovative thinkers have provided a list of materials, a free instruction guide, and an accompanying video of their success.

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