Christie’s Education offers a wide range of continuing education opportunities in New York, London, and Hong Kong and online designed to introduce the fundamentals of art, collecting, and art business, as well as advanced courses for those with an appetite to study at a deeper level.

In New York, the continuing education program offers students the unique opportunity to examine the art world and art-related issues from a variety of view points. In particular, the Art Business Certificate is designed to provide an in-depth introduction into the fundamental aspects of the art business. The program, which also runs simultaneously in London, gives access to up-to-date information on the art market and exposure to learning new analytical methods for those already in the art world as professionals. The course schedule runs for a full year with modular components covering a principal art business topic designed to complement one another to give students a holistic view of the industry. Completion of all five modules results in the award of a certificate.

The program is flexible, enabling you to enroll into any module throughout the year. In January join us for Module Three: Art and Valuation where you will be given an overview of the concept of value in the art market. The various types of appraisals such as auction, insurance, estate tax, and charitable contributions will be addressed by key practitioners in the art world.

Module Three: Art and Valuation will run from January 8 to February 5, 2019.

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