(photo courtesy George Washington University)

Exhibition design at the George Washington University’s Corcoran School is more than the design of spaces that convey information, share stories or promote products. Our students take up the charge to rethink connections in the world in an immersive, two-year Master of Arts in Exhibition Design (MA|EX) program.

MA|EX students find shapes for ideas and identities and orient them for diverse publics. They choreograph forms, facts, and fictions that put people in touch with each other and with the (built) environment. They design exhibitions as sites of material expression and activism.

The interdisciplinarity of the MA|EX program prepares students to innovate through exhibitions. You will work with curators, artists, and institutions. You will design in dialogue—drawing on multiple art, design, and social practices. And, you will develop dexterity, through training in analog craft and digital fabrication, studies in history and theory, and exercises in real-world application.

The MA|EX program coordinates with Washington, DC’s extensive network of national museums. It also engages the city at-large, identifying opportunities for exhibition in its places of memory and monument, performance and protest, and commerce and leisure.

Our graduates go on to jobs at a range of museums, are design studio associates, oversee construction and fabrication enterprises, lead arts organizations and are independent entrepreneurs. Often, the relationships that students cultivate while in the program develop into careers.

We are now accepting applications. Apply by February 1 for fellowship consideration. For information and to apply, visit corcoran.gwu.edu/exhibition-design.