Image courtesy of Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Image courtesy of Vermont College of Fine Arts.

VCFA’s low-residency MFA in Graphic Design allows you to maintain the life you’ve established and continue to build upon it. The academic and creative work is done from home, complemented by biannual trips to campus to reinvigorate your practice and strengthen your connections with fellow students and world-renowned faculty. Students learn to balance school, work, and personal life, and emerge with a terminal degree and a new community.

The low-residency MFA has become a popular choice for those who don’t want to uproot their lives for a degree. VCFA also offers a postgraduate semester – a professional development opportunity for those who’ve already earned an MFA.

As faculty member Silas Munro notes, “The low-residency model is unique in the way it links together graduate study and one’s real life. VCFA students have a more accelerated reentry to their practice after graduation.”

The VCFA MFA program pushes students to engage in rigorous critical study while creating work that is meaningful on a personal level. Designers already know how to communicate other people’s messages, so VCFA asks: What is your message?

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