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Installation view. Postcommodity, From Smoke and Tangled Waters We Carried Fire Home, (2018), 57th Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art. Photo: Bryan Conley.

Museum joy may be everlasting, but the 57th Carnegie International is not! From now until March 25, Carnegie Museum of Art’s signature exhibition since 1896 is alive with artist talks, creative drawing sessions (Kerry James Marshall conducts a session on March 7), film screenings, and a steady beat of in-gallery activations. Musicians continue their interpretations of From Smoke and Tangled Waters We Carried Fire Home, Postcommodity’s monumental installation of glass, steel, and coal. Painters continue to produce Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin’s Fruit and Other Things. Under a canopy of kites painted by Joan Jonas, Vietnamese coffee is served daily in Art Labor’s hammock café.

The finissage weekend brings “A Night of Deep Listening”—a musical synthesis of artist Josiah McElheny’s collaboration with John Corbett and Jim Dempsey—with performances by Joe McPhee, Claire Chase, and Peter Evans. The March 23 concert is part of a roster of closing events that include a book signing for the catalogue, Dispatch, which contains artist Leslie Hewitt’s work for Carnegie International, Anatomy of a Flower.

Curator Ingrid Schaffner calls this iteration “an intensely crafted curatorial project” and offers the expansive concept of “shifting terrain” for apprehending forces that are shaping global culture today. Most profoundly, Dig Where You Stand, by Koyo Kouoh, charges museums to use their collections anew. The International invites visitors—Guide publication in hand—to explore the immense Carnegie Museum of Art as both context and content for a series of encounters with the contemporary.

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