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This week, the Tonga eruption as captured from space, Boston gets a big gift of Dutch and Flemish painting, 30 years of New Queer Cinema, an important Marcel Breuer house is demolished, and much more.

Hannah Lee’s Dreamlike Realism

Being bowled over by an unknown artist’s first one-person show does not happen often but when it does, it renews your faith that the art world is not just about buzz and hype.

CM Campbell

CM Campbell received his BA in Fine Art with a studio emphasis at San Francisco State University, and his MFA in Comics at California College of the Arts. He grew up in Evanston, Illinois and lives in...

2 replies on “Protesting the Art Industry and the Money Behind Museums”

  1. Excellent work! I thoroughly enjoyed reading, viewing, reflecting. The wealthy arbiters of taste, art, and culture have always been “at” it, even before the rise of capitalism built the “arts industry,” museum boards (often the most undemocratic spaces on the planet), and public arts funding. and the “art of the sellout.”

  2. Fwiw, if we don’t like our government’s decisions regarding art funding, we can vote for a different government. To the extent that art funding comes from wealthy corporations and individuals, we lack even that tenuous control over their decisions. Given the various pressures and proclivities, a mix is probably best. Ps: we can eschew support from the worst corps without eschewing it from all corps… assuming some aren’t as bad as others…

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