Photos of Couples Switching Outfits

"Ben & Mandy". All images via sincerelyhana.com.
"Ben & Mandy"(all images via sincerelyhana.com and copyright the artist)

LOS ANGELES — Some couples, I’ve noticed, start to dress and look like each other over time, adopting each other’s personal styles and looks.  And with the popularity of skinny jeans for men and blazers for women, straight couples often do dress quite similarly.

"Michelle & Jesse" (and a dog).
"Michelle & Jesse" (and a dog)

But there are still differences in color choices, fabrics and cuts, and Vancouver photographer Hana Pesut has set out to explore that visual relationship. She’s been photographing various couples in diptychs. On the left, we see the couple in their natural state. On the right, they’ve switched clothes. It’s easy to overlook the shift till you look more carefully, noticing a bearded man in a mini skirt or a petite woman in overly baggy clothes. Even subtle details like a leg bandage make the switch.

I spoke with Pesut over email about her Switcheroo series:

“Some of the couples try on each other’s clothes before the shoot (I guess so they can make sure it fits) so they already have an idea of what they will look like but other people just go for it and usually seem pretty surprised at how they look in each other’s clothes.”

Indeed, the idea emerged during a camping trip, when she noticed one half of a couple was wearing a monochromatic black on black outfit and the other was wearing tie dye and sequins. She photographed them after they switched outfits and now has dozens and dozens of shots posted on her blog.

"Stefanie & Stu"

“After that,” she told me, “when I would see couples I started to wonder what they would look like in each other’s clothes so I thought it would be fun to find out.”

Pesut is in Los Angeles and Palm Springs this week shooting couples until April 20. To get in touch, you can visit her website.

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