Judy Chicago, Birth Filet Crochet, (1984), filet crochet, 94 x 225 in, needlework by Dolly Kaminski, collection of Albuquerque Museum

In the early 1980s, Judy Chicago was developing the sequel to The Dinner Party for which she would use a team of needle workers stitching her designs in their homes throughout the country. Traveling to review works-in-progress brought Chicago to New Mexico where she met her future husband, Donald Woodman, and found a place conducive to a good life and productive work.

Judy Chicago: the Birth Project from New Mexico Collections, with its dozen-plus large-scale needle works and like number of drawings and prints on paper, draws from the museum’s own collection as well as from the University of New Mexico Art Museum, Albuquerque Museum, Through the Flower (Judy Chicago’s non-profit feminist art organization), the artist and several private collections.

“This is a moment when the world is belatedly recognizing Chicago’s art and when the debate on women’s control over their own bodies is current, again,” said well-known art writer and activist Lucy Lippard, also a New Mexico resident. “Judy has lived in the state for decades . . .yet this work will be new to most of the audience and to young feminists.” Coincidently, Lippard has curated an exhibition that hangs in the museum throughout the time Birth Project is on view: Alicia Stewart: Unfinished . . ., a retrospective of works from the New Mexico-born painter, who died tragically in 2017 at just 18.

The Harwood Museum of Art of the University of New Mexico was founded in 1923 by Lucy Case Harwood as a library and art museum. It is site to a permanent installation of paintings by Agnes Martin (1912 – 2004) and exhibits art by Taos Society of Artists (1915 to 1927), traditional Hispanic religious art, as well as contemporary New Mexico art.

Judy Chicago: the Birth Project from New Mexico Collections will be on view from June 2 to November 10, 2019 at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos.

For more information, visit harwoodmuseum.org/exhibitions.

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