Lindsay Mercer, MFA ’21, Make yourselves at home(detail), ink on fabric, (2019).

Summer Intensives
All Maine College of Art MFA students are in residence in ​Portland, Maine ​for ​eight weeks in the summer​. As the first and fourth terms in a six trimester course, these summer intensives function as catalysts for community and exchange as seven select ​Visiting Artists and Critics ​accompany ​Core Faculty for lectures and studio visits. These summers are experimental grounds of study, making, and collaboration that both introduce our students to the program and also serve as pivotal interchanges in their careers.

Residency Options
The option of whether to remain in Portland for the Fall and Spring trimesters is up to the student with advisement from faculty. ​Low Residency​ students enjoy flexibility in both location, but also in scheduling. MECA’s ​Full Residency​ students are immersed in the culture of the vibrant Bachelor’s program, with the opportunity to serve as teaching assistants and to participate in the classroom. Maine College of Art has had students successfully navigate between these two paths when suiting the practice and coursework.

Scholarship Programs
To accompany a variety of scholarship opportunities, the Maine College of Art now offers one full-tuition scholarship. All complete applications submitted by January 24, 2020, will be considered for this award.

Informational Meetings
The MFA Program will be at ​Graduate Portfolio Review Days in Boston (October 26), New York City (October 27), and Chicago (November 2). The MFA program participates in college-wide Open House events on campus in Portland on October 19, November 9, January 25, 2020 and February 22, 2020.

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