Installation view, The Open Workshop: New Investigations in Collective Form, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, (2018). Courtesy Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Photograph by Charlie Villyard.

YBCA announces two new opportunities for artists and curators at one of the nation’s most innovative contemporary arts centers. YBCA is inviting artists and curators to submit works and exhibition proposals that center on art as essential to progress for its public and gallery spaces.

As a creative home for the diverse communities of San Francisco and beyond, YBCA aims to support and cultivate artists who are working to support societal movement. From the leading-edge exhibitions and performances to the groundbreaking civic initiatives and community partnerships, YBCA is where creativity, people, and new ideas collide to create change.

Gallery Spaces
YBCA is calling for curatorial proposals for our Second Floor Galleries, which range from a discrete project space of 760 square feet to up to a more expansive exhibition space comprised of 3,500 square feet. We are particularly interested in proposals that explore Census 2020; art and health; youth and leadership; climate change; new economies, equity, and shared prosperity; and civic participation and democracy.

Public Spaces
YBCA is calling for artist proposals to create a 60-foot-long mural on the wavy wall of our Theater building on Third Street, a highly traveled connective corridor where bicyclists, pedestrians, cars, buses, international travelers, convention attendees, workers, and families pass through. YBCA is looking for a visual story that is unique to San Francisco and speaks to the role that art plays in progress and its impact on the well-being of our communities.

Applications are due by October 20, 2019. To apply, visit