Bryan O’Neill in his IMDA Lion Brothers Studio, Baltimore MD. Photo by Marlayna Demond, 2019.

The Intermedia and Digital Art (IMDA) graduate program facilitates students’ engagement with emerging artistic practices to address conceptual and social challenges. With studios in Baltimore’s progressive art community, it provides engaged faculty; research centers, broad interdisciplinary opportunities, career development in the fine arts, independent teaching and professional exhibition venues. Graduate students are involved with community activities, street interventions, race and gender identity, generative art, bio-art, and media and installation.

IMDA graduates acquire the practice and commitment that propels an adventurous, and personal artistic practices to a new level. IMDA alumni present their work at distinguished museums, galleries, festivals, and conferences around the world and have garnered long-term support from prestigious granting sources. Many have successful gallery representation, run their own artists’ spaces, work in the production industry, and have become academic leaders at some of the most rigorous art academies and universities in the field.

Visiting artists give one-on-one feedback to graduate students, past lecturers include: Janine Antoni, Zoe Beloff, Paul Chan, Annica Cupetelli and Cristobal Mendoza, Paul DeMarinis, Tony Dove, Hasan Elahi, eteam, Karen Finley, Guellermo Gomez-Pena, Barbara Hammer, Dana Hoey, Nina Katchadourian, Larry Miller, Alison Knowles, @rtMark, Guerrilla Girls, Keith Piper, William Pope.L, Michael Rakowitz, David Rokeby, Paul Rucker, Frances Torres, Mark Tribe, Ted Victoria, Matmos, Fred Wilson, Martha Wilson, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Karen Yasinsky, and The Yes Men.

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