We’re all having to adapt to new norms in the era of COVID-19. For Tim Tiller, the head of security at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, that means learning the ropes of Twitter on the fly while the rest of his team works from home. Following along as Tim (or “Tim Send” as he’s come to be known, thanks to the sign-off on his inaugural tweet) shares his genuine love of cowboy history and learns how to use hashtags — under the advice of his grandkids and “Seth in marketing” — is the wholesome delight we all crave in these trying times.

Tim’s posts are not only charming, but informative. Clearly, he wants to succeed at this new task.

The museum is currently exhibiting a selection of Dorothea Lange photographs. “Her photographs are very moving,” writes Tim. “She looks like someone I’d want to have a beer with.” It’s a timely exhibition, as Lange spent much of her career documenting struggles such as the Dust Bowl and the Japanese internment camps during World War II. Tim draws some solace from one of her images of a 1937 unemployment line, in a moment that is both solemn and uplifting.

For those who were concerned that grandson Lucas would interfere with Tim’s unique style, worry not. Even though Tim has learned how to use hashtags, he still puts his own spin on them.

A bronze sculpture by Frederic Remington called “The Bronco Buster” prompted Tim to “engage” his audience.

Tina is one lucky lady. May we all find someone as warmhearted and dad-joke-proficient as Tim. Lucas isn’t giving him nearly enough credit.

Tim is open to suggestions and will answer questions from commenters. In response to someone suggesting he get on TikTok, he posted a photograph of a 1951 Roy Rogers alarm clock from the Andy Warhol Museum.

Twitter right now — at least for yours truly — is mostly a minefield of anxiety-producing news, uncertain futures, and deafening echo chambers. Tim is changing the landscape for the better with his heartfelt posts and sincere desire to connect. Thanks, Tim.

Ellie Duke was the Southwest US editor at Hyperallergic. She also co-edits the literary journal Contra Viento. She lives in Santa Fe, NM. Find her on Twitter.

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