From Love in the Time of Corona (2020) (courtesy Freeform)

You might think that a TV miniseries hastily ordered to capitalize on a major ongoing pandemic, made in the midst of said pandemic, and named after a Gabriel García Márquez novel would be a mite tasteless. And you would be right. The story itself, about the intertwined lives of various characters experiencing romantic difficulties while trying to quarantine and socially distance, is innocuous enough; it’s the context and timing that rankles. More than anything else, though, Love in the Time of Corona is just highly generic, written and looking like any other reasonably well-budgeted basic cable show.

And yet that generic quality is its own kind of accomplishment, given that the show was scripted, shot, and edited entirely in quarantine, with a great deal of coordination required between crew members acting remotely. That’s actually quite impressive, especially in a landscape of entertainers struggling to make do in isolation and new productions mostly taking the form of Zoom calls. I can’t really recommend the show, but I would recommend reading about how they pulled this off.

All episodes of Love in the Time of Corona are available to stream on various platforms.

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