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Jack Sjogren is a cartoonist and illustrator in LA pouring his soul into butt jokes. For more heart-wrenching silliness, visit jacksjogren.com.

2 replies on “How to Stop From Falling Into a Self-Judgment Spiral”

  1. Interesting and useful points for these troubled times. However, talk therapy is far better face to face. Find a friend, a family member who will listen, a human being and ditch the digital!

    1. Totally! People in Europe communicate a lot more, and are less judgemental…In the US we tend to drown under the pressure of not wanting to look weak, or not wanting to be judged, which is why there is so much anxiety and depression around. Anxiety is basically the anxiety of “What will people think” most of the time, or “How am I doing with respect to this person, that person or the other person…” and of course social media is the worse place to go if this is the cause of our anxiety because social medial will do only ONE thing… increase our anxiety! And depression come from being so overwhelmed with anxiety that we end up doing nothing, and therefore become depressed, which then spirals into more depression, and more anxiety… It is important to shift the gaze from one’s belly button to other people’s hearts and souls and think of others for a change instead of being so self-centered all the time.

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