Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) returns for fall with Open Studio, offering art collectors and enthusiasts exclusive access to work by the university’s community of talented artists. The three-day all-virtual event takes place Friday through Sunday, November 13–15, 2020.

Open Studio will showcase more than 700 jury-selected works by students, alumni, and faculty across all SCAD degree programs, including illustration, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Featured artists include Diego Cardenas aka “lé dieguê” (MFA, printmaking), Olivia Lovito (BFA, photography), Ayana Ross (MFA, printmaking), Andrew Munoz (MA, advertising), Ashna Malik (BFA, painting, 2020), and Thomas Flynn II (BFA, painting, 2016). Open Studio is an exceptional opportunity to obtain leading works by star and future star artists from the SCAD universe.

“Open Studio is an event that represents our continuing commitment to supporting and elevating the creative voices in our communities,” said Victoria Gildersleeve, associate director, SCAD Art Sales. “SCAD continues to provide an education of unparalleled excellence for fine artists, and Open Studio remains an important part of that mission.”

A portion of proceeds from Open Studio will benefit the SCAD Student Relief Fund, helping students with financial hardships complete their degrees. This follows a successful initial virtual iteration of Open Studio night held in June of this year.

SCAD Art Sales, a premier curatorial platform launched in 2016, will offer guests access to its artist network through the work on display. A “view-in-room” will be available during Open Studio on the mobile platform via the ArtCloud app, making it possible for shoppers to preview works in their home before placing an order.

SCAD looks forward to welcoming the world to Open Studio, November 13–15, 2020.

To view and shop the art of SCAD Open Studio, visit