Happy holidays from Hyperallergic! It’s almost the end of another year and we’re feeling awfully grateful to be here. We’re looking forward to safe celebrations with our loved ones (virtual or otherwise) and lots of relaxing time at home with delicious food that’s probably not very good for us, and terrible holiday movies that will almost certainly melt our brains.

After spending the year adding dozens of new unique art-inspired products to our store, we hope you’ll find the perfect gifts for friends and family — especially those who we haven’t been able to see in a while. To loved ones in colder climates, we’re sending handkerchiefs and scarves, both of which can be found in our accessories section, while our lucky fair-weather friends might soon find something beachy on their doorsteps. Multipurpose presents hold a place of honor in our home goods section, which includes items that can function as both domestic products and affordable artworks, like our tea towels and decorative plates. Folks in need of a little entertainment will get a kick out of our books and games and for the junior set, we have a number of quirky goodies that artsy kids will be sure to love. 

So if you’re in the spirit, we think you’ll appreciate the reminder that, along with our new Membership Program, shopping from our store is a great way to support Hyperallergic and our independent arts journalism.

Along with so many other products in our store, here are are a few of our favorites:


Naima Green’s “Pur·suit” Deck

Inspired by Catherine Opie’s influential “Dyke Deck” (ca. 1995), artist Naima Green created “Pur·suit,” her own functional set of playing cards adorned with portraits of her queer contemporaries. In an interview with Hyperallergic, Green stated, “I want folks to use these cards however they please: throwing down in spades, divination readings, numerology, poker, etc.” We like the sound of that, and we also really like the custom Serpent Case created to hold “Pur·suit.”

Frank Stella “Firuzabad” Puzzle

Frank Stella’s colorful, geometric abstractions make our hearts beat faster and this stunning jigsaw puzzle is no exception. Spend an afternoon losing yourself in contemplation while putting it together, or make it a fun group activity for the members of your household! Interested in artful puzzles? We have even more in our online store.

Louise Bourgeois Blue Circles Plate

This fine bone china plate is the class favorite of our Louise Bourgeois tableware. It was designed using imagery from the artist’s illustrated fabric book, Ode à la Bièvre, which features collages made from fragments of her old clothing and household items. Three more plates with patterns from the same source round out the collection and while each is sold separately, the full set of four makes for an eye-catching addition to any dinner table.

“Men Are Fools” Magnet

Once again, David Shrigley says it best: this magnet just about sums up our feelings on 2020 in the politest way we can find in our hearts to express. Slap it on your fridge with the intention of manifesting a brighter future and at the very least, it’ll be sure to make you laugh. Check out the rest of our magnets for more universal truths and cheery illustrations!

“Late Night Chat is Filled with Dreams” Mug Set

Speaking of universal truths, you can never have too many mugs, and this dreamy pair would make a lovely gift for couples, roommates, or anyone who could use a matching set. Made in collaboration with Yayoi Kusama, these mugs are perfect for containing warm, comforting drinks while you and a companion have pensive conversations about art, the universe, and everything in between.

Sunday Afternoon Socks

These seamless combed cotton socks make for a dapper adaptation of Georges Seurat’s pointillist masterpiece. “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” has been a sticking point in popular culture for over 100 years (Sondheim, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) and now it’s ready to take its place in your wardrobe, where it would look splendid next to any of the other art-historical socks we carry.

“Yellow Tulips” Tea Towel

One of our most popular tea towels is this simple linen beauty featuring the painting “Yellow Tulips” by Brooklyn-born artist Alex Katz. A practical and fun way to dry the dishes, you can also have it stretched onto a canvas at your local frame maker to transform the tea towel into an affordable artwork for your home. If a smaller textile is more your speed, we stock a pretty cotton handkerchief version of “Yellow Tulips” as well.

Art-Inspired Enamel Pins

It’s no secret that we’re kind of obsessed with pins, and we’re not feeling particularly humble when we crow about our awesome collection. From museums to pet stores to Pride and beyond, we have a huge selection of intricately-designed enamel pins perfect for showing off your personality as well as your amazing taste in art. Shop them all at the Hyperallergic Store.

“A Little Taste Outside of Love” Silk Scarf

Winter is nigh upon us (if anyone sees the sun, can you tell it to come back?) and we can’t think of a more stylish accessory than this delicate silk scarf featuring “A Little Taste Outside of Love” by Mickalene Thomas. Her elaborate body of work, which we cover often at Hyperallergic, melds pop culture and art history as a means of addressing race, gender, sexuality, beauty, and power.

Guerrilla Girls Bandana

Watch out, pigs, because this fluorescent pink bandana will turn even the mildest-mannered wearer into a feminist masked avenger, and judging by how fast they’re flying off our shelves, 2021 is looking like it’s going to be a bad year for the patriarchy. Peruse the rest of our Guerrilla Girls merchandise for more ferocious gift ideas for the activists in your life!

“A House With A Date Palm Will Never Starve” Apron

Inspired by “The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist,” a 2018 installation in Trafalgar Square by Michael Rakowitz, this red cotton apron makes a beautiful companion to the artist’s cookbook of recipes using date syrup, A House With a Date Palm Will Never Starve. Deck out your kitchen with the rest of the set, which includes an engraved wooden spoon, a tea towel, and an enamel pin.

Little Feminist Board Books

This set of four thick board books provides your little feminist with the perfect introduction to the great women who came before them, all of whom are rendered in colorful illustrations sure to delight youngsters. The Little Feminist Magnets, playing cards, and picture book add more layers of playful learning to this sweet set. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the Little Artist board books from the same series!


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