Stairway House by Nendo, Tokyo, Japan, as part of Dezeen’s top 10 staircases of 2020 list. “Nendo’s Stairway House is defined by the giant faux staircase that intersects its three storeys and continues out through the glazed facade and into the garden.” (via Dezeen)

There is conflict in a forest, but there is also negotiation, reciprocity and perhaps even selflessness. The trees, understory plants, fungi and microbes in a forest are so thoroughly connected, communicative and codependent that some scientists have described them as superorganisms.

  • Twitter gets nerdy with art history jokes:

No. 265, along with thousands of other homes in L.A., was acquired by Wedgewood, a real-estate company, founded in 1983, that specializes in flipping homes, managing everything from lockouts and financing to renovation and staging. In gentrifying neighborhoods, empty houses are sitting ducks, so companies like Wedgewood hire Weekend Warriors and other house-sitting services for cheap security. 

  • On December 4, the new documentary on Billie Holiday, Billie, came out on VOD and in select theaters. While I look forward to the day when movies and books stop using the first names of women artists as their titles, it looks like this film compiles some really special footage and interviews.
  • A photo campaign is capturing the impact of clearcutting trees in British Columbia, the Guardian reports. This practice is not only destroying majestic forests but is detrimental to ecosystems. The photos say it all.

To me, this particular stress dream adds credence to the “threat simulation theory,” which argues that dreaming is a sort of defense mechanism, a way for humans to work through their fears and anxieties in a low-threat environment. In other words, by allowing you to repeatedly and safely play out a situation where you are without a mask, and putting yourself and others at greater risk of contracting COVID, your brain is helping you better prepare for and avoid that situation in real life.

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