Blogger Bigwig Joins Artinfo & Modern Painters … More News for Louise Blouin Media

Artist William Powhida provides Tyler Green with a “get away” note that announces his big move (via MAN)

It was only a matter of time until the traditional art world media started snatching up members of the online art blogosphere and let’s just say the first major acquisition has just happened.

This morning, Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes announced — with the help of artist William Powhida — that he will now be blogging for ARTINFO and will become a columnist for Modern Painters.

When I asked Green about the move via email today, he responded:

Basically it’ll be the same site in a different place. Charlie Finch said I had ‘very minor self-regard,’ so this is my first step toward improving it. Eleven more to go!

Don’t worry, Tyler. We all believe in you, and we know you can do it. Now, step 2.

When I asked for a quote from the people at Artinfo about the significance of the addition, I was passed along to their PR team, which provided me with a quote by Ben Genocchio (VP of Editorial, Louise Blouin Media; and Editor in Chief, Art+Auction), who, I was told, was on an airplane about to depart for China:

Louise Blouin Media is one of the most trusted art sources available, and as such we are focused on sharing our depth of knowledge to a growing international audience. Tyler Green is the preeminent visual arts blogger in the country, and comes to us with a particular interest on artistic practice, museum policy and related ethical issues, all of which are of intimate interest to our readers. We will use his knowledge and experience in different ways, from short form writing and reviews on ARTINFO to longer form essays in Modern Painters.

I will be interviewing Green about his big news and the state of arts journalism this week … so stay tuned.

A glimpse of the new Chinese version of ARTINFO.

But it’s worth noting that this isn’t the only major news announced by Louise Blouin Media. The private arts media group has also partnered with the trendy location-based social network, Foursquare (though no word on a real version of the Abramović badge), and they will launch ARTINFO China (

In related news, I received a tip from a reader (who asked to remain anonymous) explaining that Louise Blouin continues to go through drastic changes. The reader mentioned that most recently the freelance budget for Modern Painters was slashed to zero and they had let go of other senior members of the Modern Painters staff. When I asked Louise Blouin Group’s Public Relations Director Eunice Kim for comment on the supposed lack of freelance budget, she responded, “We have a freelance budget and will continue to work with some of the best art journalists in the world.” She later added: “Editorial budget across the board has been increased by 25% since March. This includes ARTINFO, Modern Painters and Art+Auction. We’ve also hired additional staff and freelancers in China, as we launched ARTINFO China and formed a partnership to be the exclusive content provider for the new CULTURE+STYLE channel on Yahoo China.”

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