From Acts & Intermissions: Emma Goldman in America (2017), dir. Abigail Child (image courtesy Anthology Film Archives)

This past fall, Richard Porton’s celebrated text Film and the Anarchist Imagination was re-released in a new and expanded edition. To celebrate, Anthology Film Archives has collaborated with Porton for Anarchism on Film, a streaming repertory program of movies about the oft-misunderstood political philosophy.

Titles include La Commune (Paris, 1871), Peter Watkins’s epic 1999 documentary-style look at the Paris Commune, and Abigail Childs’s essay film Acts & Intermissions: Emma Goldman in America (2017), about the indomitable activist and writer. There are several documentaries about worker resistance and coalition-building in the former Yugoslavia: Bastards of Utopia (2010), The Maribor Uprisings (2017), and The Old School of Capitalism (2009). And it wouldn’t be a leftist film series without Ken Loach, whose 1995 Spanish Civil War-set Land and Freedom is present as well.

La Commune (Paris, 1871) can be purchased to stream for $10. Acts & Intermissions: Emma Goldman in America costs $6. The rest of the films in the program can be streamed for free.

When: February 3-16
Where: Online

More info via the Anthology Film Archives website.

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