The innovative spirit of the MFA in Visual Art program at Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA) is reflected in the ongoing support of its vibrant alumnx network. Pete Driessen, alumnx ’98, and panelist in the newly launched Alumnx Artist Talk Series, comments that continued contact with VCFA “helps me stay interconnected with a wide range of talented, independent artists, thinkers, and doers, and keeps me informed on current art industry changes, and builds my resilience within the coevolving art world.” Through the Artist Talk Series, interviews and features on the Visual Ark blog, professional development workshops, critique groups, and supporting student-led initiatives, the program keeps graduates connected and ensures students are prepared for post-MFA life as a working artist: 71% of alumnx are working full time in the art field.

Artists Against Fascism (AAF), a collective founded by alumnx, students, and faculty focused on anti-fascist research, art practice, education, and action, is a strong point of alumnx engagement. “How do we craft a better, more empathetic world? AAF helped deepen my research and studio work as a student and allowed me to stay connected to the VCFA community as an alumnx while also gaining experience in live program production and collaborations with other artists,” says Karolyn Greenstreet, alumnx ’21. Greenstreet and other AAF members developed a Broadcast Series featuring exciting artists, activists, and researchers relevant to AAF’s mission. The next AAF Broadcast, Countering Disinformation and Exposing Authoritarian Manipulation, is on April 27 and open to the public. 

The program’s Alumnx Artist-Talk Series, which consists of conversations with alumnx about their work centered on a specific theme or element of artistic practice, also links graduates to each other and to broader communities. The next Alumnx Artist-Talk event is on May 7 and will focus on how artists shape their pedagogy, bringing the problem-solving and exploration of the studio into the classroom. 

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