From May 17 through May 21, Mural Arts Philadelphia is hosting the Arts + Environmental Justice Symposium. This week-long series of free virtual events takes a look at transformative work happening at the intersection of arts, community-based cultural practice, and environmental justice. The COVID-19 pandemic has further stressed the communities already grappling with acute climate and environmental crises, both economically and in terms of inequitable healthcare access and outcomes. The conversations and workshops at the symposium will explore how creative people and practices are helping us meet the challenges of this moment.

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Speakers include but are not limited to Judith LeBlanc (Native Organizers Alliance), Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan (Movement Generation), Philadelphia City Councilmember Kendra Brooks, Emma Robbins (Navajo Water Project), Carlton Turner (Sipp Culture), the UK-based artists behind the newly debuted film Bank Job, Dr. Catherine Garoupa White (Central Valley Air Quality Coalition), Esteban Kelly (US Federation of Worker Cooperatives), and Laura Zabel (Springboard for the Arts).

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Memories So Fair and Bright

Kimetha Vanderveen’s paintings are about the interaction of materiality and light, the bond between the palpable and ephemeral world in which we live.