The Center for Craft, widely acknowledged as one of the most influential organizations working in the field of craft, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Founded in May 1996, the center advances the understanding of craft through awarding grants, offering exhibitions and public programs, and building strategic community and national partnerships in the United States.

Based in Asheville, NC, the Center for Craft’s physical location reflects the organization’s nationwide impact. Two galleries showcase exhibitions that investigate practices of making in today’s shifting creative landscape, the Craft Research Study Collection provides public access to decades-worth of literature funded by the center’s Craft Research Fund, and the Cowork space serves and connects Asheville’s creative community. 

The Center for Craft awards over $300,000 annually to makers and scholars across the country. In response to COVID-19, the center created the Craft Futures Fund, extended the grant periods for existing awards, and pivoted to virtual programming. This programming includes talks and exhibition tours that catalyze the ideas of those who are redefining the field of craft today.

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the Center for Craft is launching its first Membership Program. At an annual rate of $25, members will gain access to monthly updates, receive members-only content, and attend exclusive virtual programs. A membership serves as a contribution to the center’s mission, allowing the organization to bring voices together and move the field forward.

Visit to learn more about the Center for Craft, its programs, and how to support the organization by becoming a member.

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