Infinite Duets: Co-Creating on TikTok is the latest exhibition reflecting Museum of the Moving Image’s (MoMI) commitment to showing innovative moving image works, including those centered around online participatory culture. The exhibition focuses on the concept of “creative catch,” a term coined by TikTok user @Absofacto, describing a game of sequential creative collaboration: I make a video and then you edit, add, Duet, Stitch, or otherwise make it your own.

On TikTok, millions of users play creative catch every day, transforming the game into an ever-expanding Duet made possible by the platform’s massive scale, creative tools, and its interest-based recommendation system. Infinite Duets explores the evolution of six influential TikTok videos and their remixes and remakes by users around the world. In addition to tracing the process of this collaboration, the exhibition explores co-creation in the context of new economic models, often called the “creator economy.”

Presented in partnership with TikTok, the exhibition will be on view in MoMI’s Video Screening Amphitheater and Gallery through November 7, 2021. Access to the exhibition is included with general museum admission.

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Infinite Duets: Co-Creating on TikTok is organized by guest curator and exhibition producer Sarah Ullman. Previously, Ullman served as Associate Curator, working with Jason Eppink, on the museum’s exhibition The New Genres: Video in the Internet Age (2018), which presented a taxonomy of new types of video posted by creators on YouTube. The exhibition identity is designed by RadicalMedia.