EFA Open Studios, an annual event of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Program, invites the public to explore and interact with our member artists in the intimate setting of their studios. It is an opportunity to see the most recent works by artists at the site of their origin and to gain meaningful insight into their process of creation.

The EFA Studio Program is a vibrant and diverse community of over 65 artists working in a wide range of media and artistic sensibilities. All are professional artists with an established studio practice and recognized career. Rarely can curators, collectors, dealers, artists, and art lovers see so many internationally recognized artists working under one roof in Midtown Manhattan.

Free timed-entry tickets are available here.

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Participating Artists

Samira Abbassy | Fanny Allié | Keren Anavy | Noel W. Anderson | Shimon Attie | Allen T. Ball | Laura A. Barbata | Keren Benbenisty | Masha Biglow | Wafaa Bilal | Rhona Bitner | m Burgess | Mattia Casalegno | Patty Cateura | Cecile Chong | Elizabeth Colomba | Vicky Colombet | Michael Eade | Sally Egbert | Jonathan Ehrenberg | Odette England | Cui Fei | Jason File | Del Geist | Katya Grokhovsky | Mahmoud Hamadani | Pablo Helguera | Amy Hill | Janet Loren Hill | Adam Hurwitz | Akira Ikezoe | Edgar Jerins | Richard Jochum | Melissa Joseph | Kosuke Kawahara | Tamiko Kawata  | Justin Kim | Yongjae Kim | Greg Kwiatek | Sarah Leahy | Hayoon Lee | Patricia Leighton | JC Lenochan | Dana Levy | Anina Major | Michael Mandiburg | Katinka Mann | Jeanette May | Cheryl Molnar | Amy Myers | Nazanin Noroozi | Morgan O’Hara | Whitney Oldenburg | Thomas Pihl | Simonette Quamina | Armita Raafat | Maria D. Rapicavoli | Javier Romero | Heather Bause Rubinstein | Alex Schweder | Susan Silas | Karina Skvirsky | Howard Smith | Suzanne Song | Xin Song | Steed Taylor | Dannielle Tegeder | A young Yu | Liselot van der Heijden | Carlos Vega | Marjorie Welish