Craft in America, the Peabody Award-winning series exploring America’s creative spirit through the handmade, premieres two new episodes: “Harmony” and “Jewelry.”

Both are streaming now on the PBS Video App,, and The episodes will be broadcast on PBS on December 10. Check your local listings to find out what time they’re airing that day.

“Harmony” bridges the art forms of music and craft, celebrating the joy of music and the creation of handcrafted instruments. The episode features accordion maker Marc Savoy and the Savoy family, bow maker Susan Lipkins, luthier Doug Naselroad and the Appalachian Artisan Center Culture of Recovery program, and artist Richard Jolley, whose monumental glass and steel sculpture inspired a violin concerto.

“Jewelry” explores the history, artistry, and impact of personal adornment. The episode features classic jeweler Tom Herman, nature-inspired artist Gabrielle Gould, Navajo/Hopi master jeweler Jesse Monongya, Ornament Magazine, and Harriete Estel Berman, who creates jewelry with recycled materials. There will also be a segment on the legacy of modernist jeweler Art Smith.

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