This summer, rapper and creator Shan Vincent de Paul was on the cover of Rolling Stone India. This winter, he’s set to release his debut NFT collection on the environmentally-conscious platform Voice, representing an opportunity for his fans to be guided thoughtfully into the metaverse.

“It was important the collection be a bridge between traditional music/art lovers and the metaverse,” says Shan. “It was also important that it was released on a platform like Voice that is community-driven and addresses a lot of the issues that prevent new artists from getting into the space.”

Shan hopes to use boundary-breaking art to move the industry forward. This time, it’s through the introduction of what he has coined a “Death Mechanism,” an incognito NFT that will only unlock upon his death. When Shan eventually passes, the buyer will receive a private code to unlock the secret NFT. The game-changing addition takes the personalization of NFTs to new heights by introducing a piece of art intentionally meant to mark Shan’s forever presence in the metaverse.

Shan Vincent de Paul, Made in Jaffna (2021), album cover art

It’s quite the move in an era where the utility surrounding NFTs is only recently coming to life as the industry transforms from digital collectibles to community-enabling tools. An easy way for creators to enter the NFT space, Voice’s mission is to empower communities to explore the technology’s capabilities.

Shan was selected to be a part of Voice’s inaugural NFT Residency, a program led by six curators and comprising 18 unique artists and collectives. 3D artist Chad Knight selected Shan to be a lead creator in his group, alongside musician and digital artist Nathanial Parrott and 3D artist and director Nicole Ruggiero.

“He is so talented, and he cares so much about the community and helping others,” says Knight.

Shan’s debut NFT collection includes over a dozen collaborators from around the world and ranges from music videos, one-take verses, moving paintings, and handwritten lyrics that will come custom with a physical piece. The collection allows Shan to further connect with his fans from around the world by sharing original works made refreshingly vulnerable through a new medium of artistic expression.

Attendees of Miami Art Week can meet Shan and see the gallery debut of his NFTs at Voice’s NFT Exhibition at the Museum of Graffiti on December 2.

Shan Vincent de Paul (photo by Gajan Balan)

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