Bogarting the Flame: Pratt Students Get a Venue at Bushwick Open Studios

Pratt students will be exhibiting at 56 Bogart during BOS 2013. (original photo via

Thanks to further largess from the arts community, Pratt Institute’s Flameproof student exhibition will be coming to Bushwick Open Studios on June 1 and 2. Marianne and Ted Hovivian’s 56 Bogart Street will be the second venue, after Park Avenue’s Seagram building, to exhibit the work of students whose academic experience at Pratt was marred by February’s fire. The Hovivians were inspired by Larry Gagosian’s generosity in arranging for the Seagram building show, and they offered to make the space available to the students during Bushwick Open Studios, noting that “the synergy was a natural, Pratt is our neighbor and we know the BOS audience will be thrilled,” as Marianne Hovivian told Hyperallergic.

The sentiment was appreciated by curator and Pratt professor Greg Drasler, for whom “it’s going to be fun rather than impressive [like the Seagram show] — which isn’t to say work isn’t impressive, but the context is more fluid and much more understandable by these artists.” Drasler, who follows Brooklyn Museum’s Eugene Tsai’s curation of the previous iteration of Flameproof, highlights that this show, unlike the higher-profile event on Park Avenue, will be more intimate and focused on the students’ interaction with their artistic peers and mentors. “I think the idea of participation in the art community is much more in evidence in this context, it feels very real, participatory,” he said.

Flameproof (56 Bogart Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn) will run 11am–7pm on Saturday June 1 and Sunday June 2 during Bushwick Open Studios.

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