Miami’s Fountainhead Residency presents The Yearbook: 2022, a survey of 36 visual artists that documents the work, ideas, and approaches to artmaking undertaken by 2022 resident artists. This 150-page hardcover volume is available for sale at a special presale price of $95. A digital version can be viewed here.

The resident artists whose work brings this hard-bound anthology to life explore topics including climate sustainability, social practice, real and imagined borders, and motherhood and creativity. Their material practice encompasses painting, object-making, performance, and technological interventions.

With critical essays by compelling visual arts critics and scholars in the United States — such as Rob Goyanes, Niama Safia Sandy, Monica Uszerowicz, and Claire Voon — and incisive images by acclaimed Miami-based photographers like Rose Marie Cromwell, Zachary Balber, and Cornelius Tulloch, The Yearbook: 2022 celebrates the canonical and personal contributions of the artists who have called Fountainhead their home.

This year’s catalogue features artists Allan Pichardo, Amy Bravo, Andrey Gûaianã Zignnatto, Angela Davis Johnson, Bony Ramirez, Bridget Mullen, Cathy Hsiao, Demetrius Oliver, Elana Herzog, Eriko Tsogo, Gabrielle Vitollo, Gisela McDaniel, Jarvis Boyland, Jessica Alazraki, Joiri Minaya, Lauren Kelley, Leasho Johnson, Marcela Cantuária, Merav and Halil, Natalie Ball, Nate Lewis, Nereida Patricia, Nestor Siré, Ornella Pocetti, Patricia Ayres, Pavlo Kerestey, Priscilla Aleman, Rachel Stern, Rashayla Marie Brown, Rodney Ewing, Scott Bluedorn, Seung-Min Lee, Shizu Saldamando, Studio Lenca, and Vladimir Cybil Charlier.

The Yearbook: 2022 includes essays by writers Clayton Campbell, Dessane Lopez-Cassell, Salomé Gómez-Upegui, Rob Goyanes, Kat Herriman, Nicole Martinez, Charles Moore, Folasade Ologundudu, Niama Safia Sandy, Monica Uszerowicz, and Claire Voon.

Original photography was contributed by Miami-based photographers Christina Arza, Zachary Balber, Rose Marie Cromwell, Karli Evans, Jayme Gershen, Carl Juste, Carolina Menendez, Francesca Nabors, Celia D Luna, Michelle Lisa Polissaint, Cornelius Tulloch, and Pedro Wazzan.

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