The Katonah Museum of Art (KMA) presents two special exhibitions — Miniature Worlds: Joseph Cornell, Ray Johnson, Yayoi Kusama and John O’Reilly: Studio Visitations — and two installations — The Rothko Room and Visual Conversations: An Assemblage Studio — on view through June 25.

Miniature Worlds: Joseph Cornell, Ray Johnson, Yayoi Kusama explores the friendships between Joseph Cornell and two pioneering artists — Ray Johnson and Yayoi Kusama — and brings their works together in this context for the first time. By delving into the visual conversations, deep resonances, and shared sensibilities that emerged from these two individual relationships, the exhibition offers a rare snapshot of the role social networks play in the process of artmaking.

The show examines the prominent role Cornell played in the lives and careers of these two younger artists. Like all relationships, these two friendships were microcosms unto themselves, complete with their own histories, languages, and complex emotional terrains. The intimate, small-scale works featured across this exhibition were shaped by and reflect the profound impact of these miniature worlds.

Also on view at the KMA:

  • John O’Reilly: Studio Visitations — John O’Reilly’s intricate Polaroid montages play with the themes of artistic influence, aesthetic pleasure, and sexuality.
  • The Rothko Room — For the fifth and final edition of The Rothko Room, the KMA presents “Untitled (1969),” an acrylic on paper painted during the last year of Rothko’s life.
  • Visual Conversations: An Assemblage Studio — In the Pollack Family Learning Center, visitors are invited to create their own visual conversations through collage and assemblage boxes.

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Miniature Worlds is made possible in part by Agnes Gund. Additional support has been provided by The Japan Foundation, New York. The Rothko Room is made possible with the support of Christopher Rothko and the generous sponsorship of Denise and Andrew Saul.