Opening reception for “Foreign Object” at Regina Rex. (Photo by Stephen Truax, via BushwickBk)

Regina Rex (1717 Troutman St. #329) is hidden on the third floor of an enormous former factory building. It is a huge, blindingly white gallery that consistently offers tightly curated shows and high-caliber art. The curatorial voice behind the space is an artist collective of the nine-to-twelve artists (membership fluctuates) who mostly met at Chicago-based MFA programs. They shockingly select other artists, not themselves, to include in their tour de force exhibitions.
The gallery defeats many problematic issues of authorship and ownership endemic to the greater Bushwick art scene, as I point out in my most recent article on BushwickBK.
Their most recent exhibition, Foreign Object (July 17 – August 18, 2010), features Brooklyn-based paintings by Yui Kugimiya and sculpture by Fabienne Lasserre and is definitely worth a look.
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Stephen Truax

Stephen Truax ( is an artist, writer, and curator who lives in New York.