Thieves have reportedly stolen some creepy art from the Beetlejuice 2 production set in Vermont. Earlier this month, state police in the town of Saint Johnsbury received reports from movie officials of two stolen objects from the production set in East Corinth, including one of the film’s iconic abstract monstrosities — ehrm, sculptures.

Shortly after midnight on Friday, July 14, an unidentified individual driving an older pickup truck was spotted on Village Road dismantling and taking one of the set props, a tall lamp post featuring a “distinctive pumpkin decoration” on top. The perpetrator apparently moved the post from its base before stashing it into the back of their GMC truck and covering it with a plastic tarp. The license plate number on the back of their vehicle is unknown.

On the afternoon of July 17, film personnel contacted state police again for another reported theft, this time from a cemetery on set. Officials believe that at some point between the late afternoon of July 13, and the Monday morning, July 17, thieves took one of the abstract sculptures that comes to life in the film to imprison its creator, fictional New York contemporary artist Delia Deetz, portrayed by Catherine O’Hara in the original movie. 

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The sequel to the Tim Burton cult classic film Beetlejuice (1988), Beetlejuice 2 is currently in production in East Corinth. The picture stars Winona Ryder and Jenna Ortega and is expected to be released next September, although it is unclear whether the timeline for its premiere will be impacted by the simultaneous WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that have currently halted production for many films and television shows across the industry. The sequel film is also directed by Burton, as well as produced by Warner Brothers Pictures along with KatzSmith Productions, Plan B Entertainment, and Tim Burton Productions.

It’s unclear whether the stolen sculpture is the same one featured in the 1988 movie. It’s also unclear what the thieves have in mind for the artwork: perhaps an elaborate Beetlejuice cosplay?

Vermont state police are asking the public to contact officers at Saint Johnsbury via telephone or online with any information. Neither the police department nor the producers have responded to Hyperallergic‘s immediate requests for comment.

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