Canadian artists, writers, academics, and cultural workers are vocalizing their support of Palestine in a new open letter that has garnered more than 4,000 signatures, including members of nearly 200 organizations and groups. Denouncing “Israeli apartheid, settler colonialism, military occupation, and ethnic cleansing,” the letter urges Israel to cease its ongoing bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which has killed over 7,000 Palestinians to date and displaced half of the region’s population.

“We understand that the events of [October 7] did not occur in a vacuum,” reads a letter authored by Artists for Palestine – Canada, reproduced in full in English and French below. “For two decades, Israel has held Palestinians in Gaza under siege, in an open-air prison, subjecting them to brutal massacres and weapons testing; depriving them of basic goods, food, clean water, medicine, and medical supplies.”

In recent weeks, since the Hamas militant group attack that killed 1,400 Israeli people, Israel has launched a barrage of air strikes and a complete siege on the Gaza Strip — an enclave home to roughly 2.3 million people, half of whom are children, who have been living under an Israeli blockade for over 18 years. The signatories of Artists For Palestine – Canada’s letter pledge to refuse professional invitations and funding from institutions linked to the Israeli government until it “complies with international law and universal principles of human rights.”

“As artists, cultural workers, and academics, we stand strong in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and against all forms of racism and settler-colonial violence,” the authors write.

Read Artists for Palestine – Canada’s letter, reproduced in full, below.

Artists & Academics in Canada: Statement of Solidarity with Palestine

We, the undersigned artists, academics, and cultural workers, pledge our support for the Palestinian people in the face of over 75 years of Israeli apartheid, settler colonialism, military occupation, and ethnic cleansing. 

We understand that the events of this week did not occur in a vacuum. For two decades, Israel has held Palestinians in Gaza under siege, in an open-air prison, subjecting them to brutal massacres and weapons testing; depriving them of basic goods, food, clean water, medicine, and medical supplies. Since 2000, more than 135,000 Palestinians have been detained by Israeli forces, including 21,000 Palestinian children and hundreds of academics, artists, journalists, human rights defenders, and parliamentarians. Peaceful protests continue to be met with Israeli sniper bullets. Palestinian journalists are targeted for bringing us news on the ground, as in the case of longtime Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh, who was shot in the head by Israeli forces while covering Israeli attacks on Jenin refugee camp last year.

Palestine solidarity supporters and Palestinians around the world, particularly in the US, Canada, and Europe, are being criminalized, intimidated, imprisoned, facing unprecedented levels of anti-Palestinian racism and incitement of violence. This year, Israel’s far-right government implemented a criminal policy that legalized raids of Palestinian cities and villages across the West Bank and Jerusalem, reaching a record high of Palestinian deaths and arrests without charge or trial. The whole world understood in the case of Ukraine that resistance to military occupation is justified. It is in fact a right guaranteed by international law. The militant reaction from Palestinians in Gaza on October 7, 2023, is a result of decades of cruel and oppressive treatment. 

As the Israeli regime flattens entire neighborhoods in the besieged Gaza Strip, where nearly half of the 2.3 million-person population are children, over 1400 Palestinians have been killed, including 447 children, over 6,000 injured, and over 340,000 internally displaced (Palestinian Ministry of Health as of Thursday, October 12). As the illegal bombardment continues, we call on all people of conscience to show their meaningful solidarity with Palestinians.

We are disappointed and ashamed by the response of the Canadian government, elected representatives, and institutions, who have once again voiced their overwhelming support for apartheid Israel and legitimized the ongoing shelling of Gaza and the escalation of military violence in the West Bank. Understanding the settler-colonial nature of Canada and its foundations on the theft of Indigenous land and life, it is not entirely surprising that Canada would defend siege, slaughter, and the theft of land. Yet, this has created an atmosphere of increased racism, policing, intimidation, and fear for Palestinians and their supporters in the settler colony of Canada. 

How must Palestinians in Ottawa have felt to see the Israeli flag projected on Parliament Hill while Israel dropped internationally banned white phosphorus in residential neighborhoods of Gaza, promising to “open the gates of hell”? What message does that send to Palestinians? Voices of conscience are publicly scolded and defamed, suggesting to Palestinians among us that they cannot voice their grief in public. In attacking political and labor leaders who have voiced their support for Palestinians, the Canadian government has built an environment of fear and fueled acts of discrimination against Palestinians and their supporters.

As Israel commits war crimes with overwhelming evidence and documentation, mainstream media has catered to the heavy propaganda campaign launched by Israel and facilitated by Western governments and media. Failing to document the war crimes of the Israeli regime or the suffering of Palestinians, and proliferating racist claims from Israel without substantiation, Canadian media is contributing to the dehumanization of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and beyond and manufacturing consent for the ongoing massacres. 

As artists, cultural workers, and academics, we stand strong in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and against all forms of racism and settler-colonial violence. In response to the open call from Palestinian artists and cultural workers for a cultural boycott of Israel, we pledge to accept neither professional invitations to Israel, nor funding, from any institutions linked to its government until it complies with international law and universal principles of human rights. Without international ground-up pressure through the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, the Israeli regime will continue to practice apartheid and commit crimes against the Palestinian people unhindered.

It is easy to look back at history and recognize right from wrong, but it takes bravery to speak for justice in the present moment. Join us in taking a principled stand. Apartheid is a security threat to all, and none of us are free until all of us are free.

Artistes & Académicien.nes au Canada: Déclaration de soutien à la Palestine

Nous, les artistes, les académicien.nes, les culturelles soussigné.es montrons notre soutien pour les palestinien.nes qui font face à plus de 75 ans de l’apartheid israélienne, de la colonisation, d’occupation militaire, et purification éthnique.

Nous comprenons que les événements qui se sont déroulés cette semaine ne sont pas sans précédent. Depuis deux décennies, Israël retient les palestinien.nes de Gaza sous un bombardement, une prison à aire ouverte en les subjuguant aux massacres brutaux et des expériences armées; en les privant des biens essentiels tel que, la nourriture, l’eau potable, les médicaments et les equipments médicaux. Depuis l’année 2000, plus que 135 000 palestinien.nes sont emprisonné.es par des forces israéliennes, incluant 21 000 enfants palestinien.nes et des centaines d’académicien.nes, d’artistes, de journalistes, de dé des droits humaines et de parlementaires. Les manifestations non-violentes et pacifiques continuent d’affronter les balles israéliennes. Les journalistes palestinien.nes sont ciblé.es pour rapporter des nouvelles de terrain, comme dans le cas de la correspondante de longue date pour Al Jazeera, Shireen Abu Akleh, qui a été tiré dans la tête par les forces israéliennes pendant son rapportage sur les attaques israéliennes dans le camp de réfugiés Jenin, l’an dernier.

Les personnes en solidarité avec la Palestine et les palestinien.nes dans le monde, particulièrement aux États-Unis, au Canada et dans l’Union Européenne, sont aussi criminalisé.es, emprisonné.es et vivent de l’intimidation, du racisme, et de l’incitation à la violence sans précèdent. Cette année, le gouvernement d’extrême droite d’Israël a légalisé une politique criminelle qui permet l’envahissement des villes et villages palestiniens dans le Cisjordanie et Jérusalem, en atteignant un niveau record de décès et d’arrestations de palestinien.nes sans inculpation ni jugement. Le monde a compris dans le cas d’Ukraine que la résistance d’une occupation militaire est justifiée. En effet ce droit est garanti par la loi internationale. La réponse militante des palestinien.nes de Gaza, le 7 octobre, 2023 a été une conséquence du traitement cruel et oppressif depuis des décennies.

Alors que le régime israélien a effacé des quartiers complets dans la bande de Gaza, où à peu près la moitié de la population de 2.3 millions est des enfants, plus que 2600 palestinien.nes ont été tuées, incluant 1000 enfants, 9000 personnes blessées et plus que 600 000 personnes sont devenues des réfugiés (Ministre de la Santé de Palestine, depuis le jeudi 12 Octobre). Alors que le bombardement illégal continue, nous appelons toutes les personnes à montrer leur solidarité avec les palestinien.nes. 

Nous sommes déçus et nous avons honte de la réponse du gouvernement du Canada, des députés et des institutions qui ont encore exprimés leur soutien pour le régime d’apartheid d’Israël et pour légitimer leur bombardement actuel de Gaza et l’escalade de violence militaire dans la Cisjordanie. En comprenant la nature de la colonisation et la fondation du Canada comme le vol de territoires et de vies autochtones, nous ne sommes pas surpris par la réponse du Canada qui défend le bombardement, le massacre et le vol de territoire en Palestine. Cependant, leur réponse a créé une atmosphère où nous voyons une augmentation du racisme, de la surveillance et de l’intimidation afin de faire peur aux palestinien.nes et leurs alliés dans la colonie du Canada.

Comment doivent se sentir les palestinien.nes à Ottawa de voir le drapeau israélien projeté au parlement en même temps qu’Israël lance l’arme de phosphore blanche dans les quartiers à Gaza, une arme chimique qui est bannie à l’international, en promettant qu’ils vont « ouvrir les portes de l’enfer »? Quel message cela envoie aux palestinien.nes? Les voix de conscience sont publiquement condamnées et diffamées, en suggérant aux palestinien.nes parmi nous qu’ils ne peuvent pas exprimer leur deuil publiquement. En attaquant les leaders politiques et syndicaux qui ont exprimé leur solidarité avec les palestinien.nes, le gouvernement canadien a établi un environnement de peur et a attisé les actions discriminatoires contre les palestinien.nes et leurs alliés. 

Alors qu’Israël commet des crimes de guerre avec d’accablantes preuves et documentations, les médias grand public alimentent la forte campagne de propagande lancée par Israël et facilitée par les gouvernements et médias occidentaux. À défaut de documenter les crimes de guerres par le régime israélien ou la souffrance des palestinien.nes, et en proliférant les prétentions racistes provenant d’Israël sans justification, les médias canadiens contribuent à la déshumanisation des palestinien.nes de la bande de Gaza et d’au-delà, et fabriquent une fausse légitimation aux massacres continus. 

En tant qu’artistes, culturel.les et académicien.nes, nous soutenons fermement les palestinien.nes dans leur lutte pour la liberté et contre toutes formes de racisme et de violence coloniale. En réponse à l’appel des artistes et culturel.les palestinien.nes pour un boycott d’Israël, nous nous engageons à n’accepter aucune invitation professionnelle d’Israël ni financement provenant d’institutions liées à son gouvernement, jusqu’à ce que celui-ci se conforme aux lois internationales et aux principes universels de droits humains. Sans la pression internationale par le mouvement palestinien de boycott, de désinvestissement et de sanctions, le régime israélien va continuer à exercer un apartheid et commettre des crimes de guerre contre le peuple palestinien, sans entrave.

Il est facile de regarder l’histoire et de reconnaître le bien du mal, mais cela prend du courage de s’exprimer pour la justice dans le moment présent. Joignez-nous en prenant une position de principe. L’apartheid est une menace pour la sécurité de tous, et nul ne sera libre jusqu’à ce que nous le soyons tous.


Collective/Organizational Signatories

Intima2 Program (20 members) for Artists practicing between Arabic-speaking world & Canada
CUPE local 3903 Executive Committee, Graduate Student and Contract Academic Workers, York University (3000 members)
Whippersnapper Gallery (Artist run centre with 2 staff & 7 board members)
Colectivo Abya Yala Toronto (400 members)
SWANA Collective
Flavourcel Animation Collective (10 members)
ARP Books (7 members)
Post Image Cluster, Contemporary Art Research Center (4 members)
Tamil Archive Project (25-35 members)
Toronto Queer Film Festival (10 members)
The Bows, Artist Run Centre (2 staff, 7 board members)
InterAccess (12 members)
Critical Refugee and Migration Studies of Canada (24 members)
Résidence Céline Bureai (2 staff, 7 board members)
Metonymy Press (5 members)
karmella, art ecosystem collective (7 members)
Carnation Zine via co-editor Mariana Muñoz Gomez
Beverly Bain Scholar Strike Canada
Dhakira Collective
MARSM Canada via Dina Al-Wer (5 members)
CKUT 90.3fm (6 staff and volunteers, programmers and listeners across Montreal)
Hearth, Curatorial Collective (4 members)
The James Black Gallery (Zandi Dandizette, Executive Director) (30 members)
The Tawoos Initiative – Music Collective (1500 members)
Small Sword Press
ee portal, artist collective
Groundwork Redux (4 members)
Dandelion Film Collective (9 members)
Moonfruits – Alex Millaire & Kaitlin Milroy, Musicians
Canadian cultural mosaic foundation, Non-profit organization (50 members)
Kashmir Gulposh
Kollective Heart, Music & Art non-profit (500+ members)
Liquidation World (10 members)
Art Metropole
House of PainT, Hip-Hop/Urban Arts Festival (12 members)
Get2gevah, Art Collective (400+ members)
Critical Refugee Studies Collective (9 members)
Visualizing Impact
YTB Gallery (4 members)
The Canadian Lebanese Academic Forum (CLAF) (around 50 professors)
We Quit Theatre, Theatre company
Rawls Royce, Band (4 members)
Rot Collective, Visual artist collective (5 members)
The Tawoos Initiative – Music Collective (1500 members)
Ellipsis Tree Collective(4 members)
Teaching Palestine: Pedagogical Praxis and the Indivisibility of Justice (thousands of scholars, organic intellectuals & community organizers)
No Fun Zone Art
DUSTBOWL Interactive, Game developers
Studio Rat
Batikh Batikh, Artist Collective
The Vermin Magazine and art collective
The Caucus, cultural workers (8 members)
House House Press
Scene Series TO
Collective, srt therapists and clinical counsellors (7 members)
Briarpatch Magazine
Sidetracks (6 members)
Suoni peril Popolo Festival (6 members)
Maison Palestine / Dar Filastin, cultural institute
Musical Story Stindividualudio (3 members + guests)
Takehome (5 members)
Trans Trenderz, Record label / music collective
Eden tattoo studio (12 members)
Crip Rave Collective Disability Arts Event Platform
Venus Radio (4 members)
Collective 4891, art collective in Tiohtià:ke (6 members)
Witch, Please Productions (5 members, 3 in Canada)
Ontario Public Interest Research Group Toronto, Cultural workers (8 members)
DJTAL Studios
Sask Dispatch
SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre) (4 members)
Shirley &The Pyramids, Band (5 members)
Interzone Editions, collective & label (15 members)
Bane Capital Productions Inc., Record Label
Open Access Foundation for Arts & Culture, Disability Justice in the Arts
Sacred Footsteps (16 members)
Studio 303 via Kim sanh chau, artistic director (5 staff, 500 members)
Living Hyphen (200 members)
Regards Palestiniens, Montreal Palestine Film Festival (10 members)
The Power Plant Union (50 members)
Fig Tree Palace, Fieldhouse & Artist Residency
Temporary Investments
Mes pants de queer, Queer bookstore
Images Festival (8 members)
Xpace Cultural Centre
Mayworks Festival of Working People & the Arts (8 members)
Ada X, Artist Run Center
The Khyber Centre for the Arts
All Ours Studios (16 members)
Love Language (band) (4 members)
Feminist Media Studio, Concordia University (30+ members)
The Vancouver Arts Review
BBMC Toronto (25 members)
The People’s Pantry, Food Justice Group (30 members)
New Sociology, Journal, York University (7 members)
Reimagining Safety Coalition (5 members) (12 members)
Crip Art Collective (8 members)
Dirty Dishes Collective
Kwentong Bayan Collective
Projet Shop
DDB MEDIA, media coop (8 members)
Raging Asian Womxn Taiko Drummers (RAW Taiko) (10 members)
Collective Futures (6 members)
Queering the Map, Community Mapping Platform (67 volunteers)
Ruckus Women, Art Collective (5 members)
And Also Too, Community accountable design studio
Metatron Press, literary publisher (15 members)
Howlin’ Circus, Band
SanghumFilm Collective
Blue Crane Agency
611 Studio (~30 members)
Voulez-Vous Productions
COSETTE (6 members)
Godberd, Arts & Culture Collective (7 members)
La Poubelle Magnifique, Art Gallery (5 members)
Trinity Square Video (7 members)
bordel collectif, collectif de femmes artistes multidisciplinaires based in tiohtià:ke / mtl (4 members)
Hong Kong Exile (5 members)
Good Sport, Artist collective/gallery/studio, London, ON (14 members)
Green Kids Inc. (10 members)
TRUCK Contemporary Art (8 members)
Canthius: Feminism and Literary Arts, Feminist collective and literary magazine (15 members)
Latitude 53, Artist Run Centre (14 members)
Festival Filministes, Cultural worker (5 members)
University of Toronto Centre for Culture and Technology via Scott Richmond, Director
Madebywe collective (4 members)
jacqs walker (CWP artists’ collective) (6 members)
Tel #, small press
Catalpa Studio, tattoo artists
Colour Code
Debaser, via Rachel Weldon, Director (14 members)
Native arts society (23 members)
Access Gallery, Artist-Run Centre (11 members)
Oxygen Art Centre (3 staff, 7 board, 302 members)
The New Gallery (12 members)
Colectif Estamos Aqui, cultural worker with relation with the genocide in Guatemala (7 members)
trace press (4 members)
Gendai arts collective
Late Bloomers Collective (5 members)
Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC) (8 members)
Théâtre Triangle Vital (4 members)
Hamilton Artists Inc. (10 members)
Gallery Gachet, Board of Directors (12 members)
Tënk, Plateforme de diffusion de documentaires (6 members)
Pan Asian Collective (30 members)
Cigale, publishing platform and literary journal
FOFA Gallery, University art gallery (5 members)
Empty Nesters, Montreal Band (4 members)
Sustainable Concordia
Forest City Gallery, Artist-run Centre (50+ members)
urban subjects, artistic research collective
Somali Together (50 members)
Music For Climate Justice (12 members)
Silverfish, collective and publication
Manga Book Club, Visual artist
Keosha Love – Our Women’s Voices
Mecha Yuri Music Collective (4 members)
Apoyamos Chile Toronto – Community group & radio program (10 members)
Aunty Collective
Kazdoura, musicians
Jetsam, band
Jaclyn (3 members)
Lunchmeat, Band (6 members)
Slight, band (3 members)
Academics for Palestine-Concordia (15 members)

Individual Signatories

Rana Nazzal Hamadeh, Visual Artist
Sinda Garziz, academic & artist
Dana Qaddah, Artist
M. Muhannad Ayyash, Professor of Sociology, Mount Royal University
Norma Rantisi, Concordia University
Rehab Nazzal, Artist, Postdoctoral Fellow, Concordia University
Claire Begbie, Concordia University
Jasmine Hawamdeh
Faten Toubasi
Leila Almawy, Filmmaker
Lamis Haggag, Visual Artist
Shady Al Hafez, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Tannous Chalhoub, University professor
Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Concordia University, LOKI
Amelia Philpott (aka Amelia Leclair)
Alex Verman
Kevin A. Gould, Concordia University, Department of Geography, Planning & Environment
Samer Abdelnour, University of Edinburgh
Michelle Hartman, Professor, McGill University
Jared Aronoff, Concordia University
Özge Dilan Arslan
Ghada Ageel, Visiting Professor
Angèle Nsenga
Marina Fathalla
Randa Farah, Western University
Razan AlSalah, Artist & Teacher, Concordia University
Fatma Hendawy Yehia
Michael DeForge
Fadi Ennab, Vanier Scholar/PhD Student, University of Manitoba
Eréndira Bravo, artist
Sarah Kizuk, Skidmore College
Farihah Aliyah Shah
Youssef, Filmmaker
Malik Samara, PhD student
Ola Alanqar, Artist
Amanda L.W.
Mary Ellen Davis, cinéaste, enseignante, travailleuse culturelle
Ahmad Al-Dissi, University of Saskatchewan
Ghinwa Yassine
Emilia Morgan
Christina Hajjar
Joyce, Artist
Camille A.
Muna Mohamed,
Nedda Baba,
Khalid Thomas
Olivia Le
Darren Ell
Nasim Asgari
Mikal Hall
Mitra Fakhrashrafi, Mayworks Festival of Working People & the Arts
Alexandra Hong
Alia Hijaab
Reyhan Yazdani
Lealem Abebe
Manar Abotouk
Carling Miller, DJ Avenue
Namitha Rathinappillai
Lyndsay Pomerantz
Laila Mourad
Anthony Walter
Latiesha Fazakas
Daniel Drennan ElAwar, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC
annie wong
Derya Akay
Stephen Mueller, Programming Coordinator, Artcite Inc. (Windsor, ON)
Imogen Clendinning, University of Western Ontario, PhD student
Chris Strickler
Emmie Tsumura
Mandana Mansouri, VIVO Media Arts Centre
Rachel Fender
Catherine Cormier
Laurel Pucker, Flavourcel
Khalid Hamadeh
Sarah Shamash
Natalie Wee
Sudipto B
Alias Micer, Canadian comedian
L Connors
Asia Jong
Joshua Neu
Christine Howard Sandoval
Salma Shaaban, McGill University
Kat Morris
Shanna Osse
christeen francis
Marly Wesley
Ahmed Husseini, CJPME
Vivienne Bessette
Maymoona Gaid
Nathan Crompton
E. Kage, Artist in so called Vancouver BC
Carolina Jimenez Vanegas
Jayce Salloum, human
Julia Song
abdel-raouf ismail
Chhaya Naran
Nazanin Zarepour
Emma Jackson
Chelsea Yuill, Curator
Freda Guttman, visual artist, Independent Jewish Voices
Jess Kirk
Aseefa Merali
Sydney Lang
Anqi Sun
anique jordan
Sylvia Goldfarb
Marta Vanegas
Fa’Ttima Omran
Danièle Dennis
jamilah malika abu-bakare
Rinaldo Walcott
Danica Pinteric
Vasuki Shanmuganathan, Tamil Archive Project
Nada awadi
Rachel Deutsch
Jasmin Zine, Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
Sefanit Habtom
Daniel Rotsztain
JB Taylor, CSLA
Cecilia Wyss
Naji Rizeq
Issam Alyamani, Resistance Art
Roya Akbari, Media Artist
Jillian Rogin
Jana Omar Elkhatib
Dania Majid, Toronto Palestine Film Festival
Maede hedayat
Roya DelSol
Tamara Vukov, Associate Professor, Researcher / Artist
Jesse Greener, Université Laval
Whess Harman, grunt gallery
Paul Lee, Filmmaker, film producer, curator
Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller
Gabrielle Hill
Roselyne Charles
Sabine Bitter
Nada Moumtaz, University of Toronto
Christine Shaw, University of Toronto Mississauga
Pascale Diverlus
Annie Sakkab
Alison Fast
Peter Morin, OCAD University
Hala Al-Madi, Canadian citizen, artist human being
Sumayya Kassamali, University of Toronto
Katy Kalemkerian
Sarah Nesbitt
Joy Moore
Amanda Boulos
Carrianne Leung
Norah Alkharashi
Kasper Feyrer
Leena Almubarak
Alison Bosley
Adnan AlGhusain
Asma, Artist
Hanna Reimer
Abou Farman, Canadian citizen, associate professor New school for social research
Nalini Mohabir
Arshad Wasi Khan, DGC
Chandni Desai
Matt Jones, Toronto Metropolitan University
Laura Marks, Simon Fraser University
Posy Legge
Zaarin Bushra
Alena Peters
Dror Warschawski, UQAM
Tuba Azhar
Issa Shah
Mariam J Momani, Film Producer
Nicolas El Joukhadar, York University
Rodrigue Hammal
Nicole Mankinen
Haaris Qadri
Muriel Kahwagi
Karina Iskandarsjah, Trinity Square Video
Christina Oyawale, Trinity Square Video
Teyama Alkamli
Saqib Jamil, Social Media Activist
Michele Pearson Clarke, Visual artist
Maham Chiragh, Artist 
Wafa Mohamad, Interior Design
Nadya Isabella, artist
Madelaine Russo, Arts Worker & Artist
Hadil El-baba, Architect 
Sirma Bilge, Professor, UdeM
Sarah Edo, cultural worker/curator
Tara Hakim, Visual artist filmmaker 
Lara Ghadban, Visual Artist
David Mesiha, Artistic Director/Theatre Maker/Media Artist/Composer
Noor A. Ghazal, Visual Artist 
Fatima Shino, Visual Artist (Art Educator) 
Janet Rose Nguyen, Artist
Sama Al-Zanoon, Graphic designer 
Elias Sadkni, Artist
Mosab Alnomairy, Poet & Journalist 
Sonya William, Cultural worker
Sara Marie, Director of Content Strategy, Wiley
Shahrzad Mojab, Professor
Harlo Martens, artist & healthcare worker
Liliana Guevara, DJ – FelicianaSilvestre
Shozab Raza, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Safia Abdigir, Cultural worker
Kinar Saragih, visual artist & student at SFU
April dela Noche Milne, Author-Illustrator
Aveen Damghani, Artist 
Furqan Mohamed, Writer
Mateo G. Torres, Performance artist & educator 
Mubashir Baweja, graphic designer
Bess HK, Legal professional 
Gabi Doiron, University of Toronto
Najla jaffel, Artist
Kaila Bhullar, Artist, Simon Fraser University 
Waida Mirzada, student, University of Guelph
Idil Abdillahi, assistant professor 
Alexandra Berceanu, Artist & OCAD student
Brannavy Jeyasundaram, Cultural worker 
Shirley Ceravolo, Visual Artist
Melina Sabeti-Mehr, Cultural worker
Camille Rojas, Artist
Kai Bryan, Artist & cultural worker 
Séamus Gallagher, artist
Eshan Merali, MSc Student, Toronto Metropolitan University
Minaz, Artist, Ode Comics
Nala Ismacil, Artist
Tom Beedham, Writer (New Feeling) & cultural worker (Long Winter)
Rowan Lynch, Arts Worker 
Allie Graham, Audio Producer
Tina Zafreen Alam, Poet
Sophie Edelhart, Phd Student, Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Toronto
Charlotte Carbone, Artist, Designer, Researcher
Snack Witch Joni Cheung, Visual Artist & Cultural Practitioner
Bridget MOser, visual artist
Senna Ahmad, Visual Artist
Oliver Compton, Musician
Megan Feheley, visual artist, cultural worker
Andi Vicente, Visual artist
Aaliya Khan, PhD student (York University), Lecturer (UTM)
Ibrahim Abusitta, Visual artist
Jane Shi, Poet
Rebecca Casalino, artist 
Mary Dyja, Visual artist
Yasmine Lucas, PhD candidate, University of Toronto
Salma Chouqair, Cultural worker, Researcher 
Abi Hodson, Visual Artist
Ginette lapalme, Artist / curator
apè, Musician + Artistic Director 
Dan Pon, Librarian & Archivist
Claire levick, Costume supervisor film & tv 
Oubah Osman, Writer
Patricia Martin, Visual artist
Sarah-Mecca Abdourahman, Visual artist
Ignazio Colt Nicastro, IC Contemporary, Founder & Curator 
RCAD Initiative, Community arts NPO
Jana Ghalayini, Artist
Karice Mitchell, Visual artist & Lecturer at UBC
Elyse Bouvier, Photographer
Carol-Anne, University of Winnipeg 
hana clayton, visual artist 
Jesse Crowe, Musician
Louise Sider, University of Toronto
Dona Arbabzadeh, Visual artist 
Johanna Lewis, doctoral candidate 
Frankie Yoshi, Illustrator 
Victoria Mbabazi, Writer
Vridhhi c, Visual artist 
Amy Hull, Dance artist
Ayan Tani, Filmmaker
Cadence Planthara,
Shayna Nowicki, The Beacon Cinema
Amy Munro, Professor
Josh Lamers, N/A
Katie Lee, musician, EEJUNGMI
Sudesh Gurung, Social worker 
Sydney Peterson, Venue / Production Manager (Live Music, Festivals), Musician
Talia Golland, freelance contemporary arts worker
Hiller Goodspeed, illustrator
Cam Champ, Artist
Iman Bundu,
Anna Lippman, PhD candidate, YorkU
Alejandra Fernandez, Visual artist
Merray Gerges,
Tajliya Jamal, Visual Artist & Cultural Worker
Scott Miller Berry, Filmmaker, Cultural Worker
Robin Jennings, Artist & Illustrator
Mona Lisa Ali, Artist & Ceramicist 
Atreyu Lewis, University student community worker
Laura McCoy, Visual artist 
Christina Kingsbury, Visual Artist
Bushra Asghar, Care + Cultural Worker
Veronica Spiljak, Visual Artist
Blythe Haynes, Actor/Theatre Maker
Deann Nardo, Poet, cultural worker
Marsel Reddick, visual artist
Avi Lipsyc, musician (Toronto)
amanda w., Researcher, Artist
Jennifer Cane, Director/Curator, Burnaby Art Gallery
Sahra Soudi, Artist
Bryce Martin, Cartoonist, Community Educator
Hector Padilla, Game Art Director
Majd Sayed, Expressive Arts Therapist 
Shirin Fahimi, Artist
Isla McLaughlin, Writer & Cultural Worker
Marianne Métivier, Filmmaker
Aaditya Aggarwal, Film programmer & writer
Sonya Mwambu, Filmmaker 
Alex Da Costa, educator
Riley McLeod, Student 
Serena Lukas Bhandar, writer & grad student at University of Calgary
Eric Tkaczyk, artist
Harshita Singh, Cultural Worker, The 519
Natalie Mark, illistrator & arts educator
Azra Kara,
Aziza Ahmad, illustrator
Brit Bachmann, artist & cultural worker
Mariam Sobh,
King Kimbit, Poet
John Vaccaro, Visual artist 
Kiley Goyette, Doctoral candidate, University of Toronto 
Rusaba Alam, University of British Columbia
susana ferreira,
Irene Bindi, artist
Hau Pham, Visual Artist
Jen Ferguson, Author
Zach Hazard Vaupen, Illustrator
Abby Ho,
Pedro Rafael Donnarumma, PhD researcher
Jade Nixon, Graduate student 
Caio Vicente, Artist
Bayan Dawihis, Filmmaker
Melissa F, PhD Student
Sanjit Dhillon, Cultural worker
Nikki Reimer, Writer
Sandy, Artist
JP Craig
Melissa Bush, Doctoral Candidate 
Nimit Malavia, Illustrator 
Dana Salama, Educator, designer 
Misha Stone, Cultural Worker
Torin McLachlan, Academic 
Nina Pickstone, Artist
Zahra Tootonsab, Student/Academic
Natalie farahani, Design history researcher & designer
Hannah Doucet, visual artist 
Shams Seif, Artist-Academic
Dalia Elcharbini, Visual Artist
Hailey Yasmeen Dash, MA Student, University of Toronto
Deighan Morrison, Sound Artist
Ben Reinhartz, musician
Kahiye Warsame, Epidemiologist
Hana Shafi, Artist & author
Haleh Mir Miri, PhD student- University of Toronto 
Zehra Abrar, Internationally trained lawyer
camille larivée, visual artist, curator, general & artistic director of the Montreal, arts interculturels (MAI)
Sagal Mahamud, Writer
Marie Sotto, Cultural Worker 
Sonali Menezes, Artist 
Naz Rahbar, Visual artist & educator
asmaa al-issa, artist
Raul Palacios Gamez, visual artist 
Miao Xuan Liu, Visual Artist
Ahmed Ibrahim – Hamada, Creative
Jazz Cook, cultural worker
Alexandra, Student at McGill University 
Olivia Norquay, Cultural worker 
Christian Vistan, Artist 
Vida Beyer, Artist 
Garrett Young, artist
Lydia Persaud, Artist
Soledad Muñoz, Artist
Hajer Mirwali, Writer 
Corey Snelgrove, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
Geoff Doner, Creator of ArtHouseTO, Admin for @arthouseto Instagram
Zachary Goldkind, Filmmaker
Alexa Gar, Worker
Andrew Xexowlets Phillips, Cultural Worker 
Andrea Battersby, Co-Creator | ArtHouseTO & @arthouseto Instagram
Sara Rasikh, Cultural worker 
Jezreel Morales, Cultural Worker
Merna Yousef, Musician 
Dana, Visual Artist, Researcher York University
Joel Mierau, sound artist
Huda, Artist 
Jasmine Gui, Cultural worker
Kai Lumbang, visual artist
Billy, Writer
Pardis Pahlavanlu, Illustrator
Kye Garant, Visual artist
L. Kaur, Filmmaker 
Fatin chowdhury, Photographer
Rachel Butler, Arts worker 
Anna Badillo, TA – King’s University College 
Shania Perera, Film Producer
Erica Violet Lee, Writer
Lara Khattab, Assistant professor, Mount Allison university
Andrew Keech, Artist technician 
Michelle Cieloszczyk, Visual artist
Bahar Orang, Writer
Achraf, Danseur 
Paz Jurado, Actor
Kate Read, Musician
Esmond Lee, Artist, Researcher
amani bin shikhan, culture writer & tv/film producer
Kristina Corre, Visual artist, curator, arts administrator
Daniel Froidevaux, Filmmaker
Corbin Mendell, artist
Stephanie Latty,
Sophie Crocker, writer
Laura Rafferty, Artist
Laura Carusi, Curator
Saeedeh samimi, Teacher
Dalia chehab,
Suzanne Lenon, Associate Professor
Elaine McIlwraith, University Lecturer
Rachael Malott, MA candidate
Mattias Graham, Filmmaker
Saint Haarlem (Shaza Tarig Elnour), Visual Artist / Photographer
Martin Danyluk, Assistant professor, Concordia University
Emily Winsor, Social Worker
Conor Provenzano, Filmmaker
Mina Sewell Mancuso, Filmmaker
Sylvia Nowak, Artist
Katie Connell, Writer
Sameen Mahboubi, Arts Facilitator
Theo Jean Cuthand, Filmmaker
Audrey Huntley, Visual artist
Ahlam Hassan, Toronto Palestine Film Festival
Angela Schleihauf, Musician
Chimwemwe Undi, Poet
Muna Saleh, Academic
Jo Billows, PhD student
Megan Spurrell, Dancer
Nour Elshamy, illustrator
Amreen Kullar, Filmmaker
Shaunt Raffi, Curator
Warren Steven Scott, Designer
Charlene K. Lau, Art Historian & Critic
Sarah A. Williams, Canadian citizen, Assistant Professor University of Connecticut
Hambone, visual artist
Judith Muster, PhD candidate, UWO
James Cao, visual artist
Kristine, Artist
Saif Khan, Creative Director, Shoot For Peace
Rayne Laca, Fiber artist
Ashna Ali, Visual Artist & Filmmaker
Shifa Abbas, Executive Director, The Decolonized Library Project
Susan Blight, Chair, Indigenous Visual Culture
Mary Kirkpatrick, Visual Artist
Sheru Abdulhusein,
Eric Wang, Poet
Riley Cotter, Artist
Rania El Mugammar, Writer & Social Justice Educator
Kirsten Hatfield, Visual artist
Kwame Sound Daniels, Poet, MFA Candidate, Vermont College Of Fine Arts
Niya Abdullahi, Artist
Alicia Nauta, Visual artist
Emilio Portal, artist
Julia Rose Sutherland, Visual artist, Assistant Professor OCADU
Arman Kazemi, Cultural worker
Anona Kosmack, Visual artist & culture worker
Sana Malik, Filmmaker
Fitsum Areguy, Writer
Allyson Proulx, Artist
tommi parrish, visual artist
Avery, student
Justice Cupid, PhD student, Toronto Metropolitan University
Rawan Abdelbaki, PhD candidate/sessional faculty, York University
Hannah Azar Strauss, Artist
Aim Ren Beland, Visual Artist
Saadia Khan, Fibre Artist
Felix Kalmenson, Artist/Filmmaker
Mitra Mokhtari,
Sophie Lyons, Writer
Arün Smith, BA MA (Athabasca); LLB DPLP (Strath)
Tiffany Hill, Researcher
mona fani, visual artist
Barbara Simms, Dancer
Matt Nish-Lapidus, Artist
Nala Haileselassie, Filmmaker, Visual Artist, Researcher, Curator
Nadeen Hakim, McGill University
Ammar Keshodia,
Ayda Niknami, MFA student/writer, UBC
Rachel Monahan,
Mahnoor Ansari, Visual & Digital Artist
Richie Evans, Student, Writer, & Visual Artist
Meghan Ang, Illustrator
Ali Gençoğlu, student
Alicia Bunyan – Sampson, Artist, filmmaker, educator
Sanaa Ali-Mohammed, Doctoral Candidate
Sai Bagbi, visual artist & Photography Studies student at the School of Image Arts, Toronto Metropolitan University
Hayley Dawn Muir, visual artist
Emma McKay, PhD student, McGill University
Anthony Gebrehiwot, Artist
Elly Stern, artist
joy, academic
Kate Henderson, Curator/Writer
Monica Joy, Visual artist
Emma Blackett, PhD candidate
Tara, Illustrator
Amanda Harvey-Sánchez, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Leila Fatemi, Artist
Yi S., Visual Artist
Claire Sawyer, Human being
Lois Boody, PhD student, University of Toronto
Sukaina Kubba, artist, sessional professor
Inari Sosa, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia
Yamen Mouhanna, Musician
Hülya Arik, professor
Gwendolyn Muir, Lawyer
Isabelle, Visual artist
Patrick Kyle, Visual Artist, Instructor, OCAD University
Janet Nowatzki, Researcher
Helen Yao, Artist, Graduate Student, Mount Saint Vincent University
Sahar Golshan, Writer
Derek Jenkins, Filmmaker / Cultural Worker
Jordanna George, Visual artist
Emma Sise, artist & worker
Cemrenaz Uyguner, Visual artist
Harmeet rehal, Visual artist
Ibn niq, Aspiring Game dev
More To Sonder, Visual Artist
Marz, Artist/musician
Michelle Wilson, Postdoctoral fellow, Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership
Marcela Huerta, Poet
Helena Krobath, Artist & Contract Instructor
Nuhad Haffar-Orsini, Artist
Michael Avanzato, McGill University
Becca T, visual artist
Marie Martraire, Cultural worker, PhD Student, Concordia University
Justine Skahan, Artist
Charlie Hodges, Visual artist & community member
Ila Varma, Assistant Professor at University of Toronto
Eli Wood, Student at Mount Allison University
Muna Dahir, PhD student
tahsine al hassane, visual artist
Liminal States, Creative Director
F. Wu, artist
Aneet Kahlon, Graduate Student
Natalie King, Artist
Anna Shah Hoque, independent curator, PhD candidate, University of Ottawa
Ashley, multimedia poet, literary publisher
Nayrouz Abu Hatoum, Assistant Professor
Nikki Ong, Digital artist, cinematographer, stylist
Riley B, visual artist
Hooria Rahimi, Multidisciplinary artist, Concordia university
Ali Qadeer, Associate Professor
Nancy radwan, Visual artist
Ania Ek, Artist & academic
Maegan Broadhurst, cultural worker, community organizer
Ny, Marketing Director
Pascha Marrow, Cultural worker, visual artist, educator
Sarah Malik, Artist
Jave, Professor
Mickey Doyley, Visual Artist
Kelly Campbell, Visual artist
Musa Springer, Journalist & cultural worker, Red Barrial Afrodescendiente, HoodCommunist
Juno Blackwood, Artist
Ruchika, Graduate Student, OISE
Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Winnipeg
Anélia Victor, artist
nadia woldegiorgis, musician
Maryam Patel, visual artist
maya rae oppenheimer, Artist & professor
Dacey Pearson, Visual Artist
María Fernanda P, Graphic designer
Neha Ahmed, Public health researcher
Meredith Kent, Masters Student – Dalhousie University
Jude Abu Zaineh, Visual Artist
Greg Bird, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
Marzieh Miri, Visual Artist
Kitty Rode, Visual artist
Mariana Pedrosa Marcassa, Visual artist
Stacey MacNevin, VISUAL ARTIST
Moira Ness, Visual Artist
Kate Yang-Nikodym,
Michelle Sound, visual artist
Rebecca Todd, Textile artist
Anoosha Syed, Illustrator/author
Sarah Borbridge, Sound artist
Faryal Diwan, Visual Artist
Phoenix Pagliacci, Singer/songwriter
Sara Naimpour, Artist & cultural worker
Jonathan Jenner, Assistant Professor
Christine Hallak, Accountant
Paradigm Liberation Movement, Writer
Katrina Orlowski, Artist, Cultural Worker, Program Director
Terry Gilmore Music, Composer/producer
Jayne Wilkinson, writer, editor
Laura, Teacher
Quill Christie-Peters, Visual artist
Doreen Girard, artist
Mena Fouda,
Katie Lawson, Curator
Shalen Prado, Postdoc, University of Saskatchewan
Graph (Sylvia) McFadden of Softsweater Knits, Knitwear Designer & Fiber Artist
Zahra Komeylian, Visual Artist
sho yamagushiku, writer
Jessica Jang, Artist
Jason De Mata, Community Organizer
Federica Foglia, Visual Artist, Cinema Studies PhD student
Ali Berkok, Composer, Musician & Academic
Lexi Salt, Educator & artist
Malini Guha, Professor, Carleton University
Elizabeth Wong, phd candidate
Erin dodge, visual artist
Stormy Will, Social media & marketing intern, independent graphic & product designer
Patrick Blenkarn, Artist
Rachel Kiderchah, Visual artist
Gil Goletski, multi-media artist
Baljit Nagra, associate professor, University of Ottawa
Berlin Reed, Curator
charlotte smith, PhD Candidate, Sociology, York University
Zaynab Ghais-Mortada, Visual artist, researcher
Alison Feuerwerker, musician
Alessandra pozzuoli, Visual artist
Najiba Sardar, Performer
Laysa Abchiche, PhD Student University of Toronto
Christina Battle, Artist
Aly McDonald, Visual Artist
Jordan Seccareccia, musician
Jody Chan, Artist
Margot, Filmmaker
Lexie Kelly, University of Toronto
Megan Moore, Visual artist, McGill University
Jessica Karuhanga, Assistant Professor
Shane Martinez, Adjunct Professor of Prison Law (Osgoode Hall Law School)
Nisha Toomey, PhD
Mads Clement – Antlered Artworks, Artist & Academic
amber williams-king, artist & writer, York University
May Michel Touma, Visual Artist
Taylor Rubin, Graduate Student, McGill University
Kristine Buerano, Game Artist
Belinda Kwan, Cultural Worker
Melody McKiver, Assistant Professor, Desaultels Faculty of Music, University of Manitoba; musician/composer
Francesca Carella Arfinengo, Visual artist
Faduma Mohamed, Poet
Jack Kenna, Artist
Olivia Mossuto, Visual Artist, Cultural Worker
Adrienne Row – Smith, Photographer
Priya Choudhuri, Visual artist
Gillian Carleton, Vanier scholar & PhD candidate, University of Victoria
Hannah Pax-Enkel, Writer, Visual Artist
Joy Wong, Visual artist & educator
Sara Safadieh, Illustrator
Niki, Philosophy Student, University of British Columbia & Singer, Vancouver Youth Choir
Shahin Sharafaldin, Artist
Phu, Art Installer
Sundus Abdul Hadi, Artist / Writer
Michelle Ashurov, artist
Alexander Noble, PhD candidate
Abedar Kamgari, Artist
Noor Naga, Novelist
Katayoon Dashtbazi, Visual Artist
Jennie Pearson, Phd Candidate, UBC
Zinnia Naqvi, Artist
Gideon Berry, University of British Columbia
Elizabeth McIntosh, Artist/Professor
Jess Notwell, Assistant Professor, King’s University College at Western University
Zayd Ghunaim, Visual Artist
Christopher Rigaux, Sessional Instructor, University of Manitoba
Luigi Pulido, Cultural worker
Noor Bhangu, Curator
L Akbar
Molly JF Caldwell, Visual Artist/Arts Worker
Aseja Dava, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Shayne Hontiveros, Filmmaker
Mackenzie Mclean,
Crystal Smith, Writer / Artist
Justin Waddell, Visual artist & educator
Sarah Worden, Filmmaker
Nadia Shammas, Author & Game Developer
Sarah Abusarar, Storyteller
Khaleefa, Spoken word poet
Kota Wyatt, Visual artist
Shadiya Aidid, Writer
Mira, Artist
Thomas Gow, PhD Student & Instructor, Concordia University
kat estacio, artist
Jen K, Artist, Cultural Worker & Researcher
Jamie Liew, Professor
James Knott, Artist
Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed, Artist
Binish Ahmed, PhD Candidate, Toronto Metropolitan University
Mira Khatib, Visual Artist, writer, poet
Amy Ching-Yan Lam, Artist
Yuula Benivolski, Artist, filmmaker.
Jess Herdman, U Winnipeg
Justin Morris, Sessional Instructor, Toronto
Nathalie Batraville, Professor, Concordia University
River Oliveira, Sound Artist
Jacqueline Morrisseau-Addison, cultural worker
SEAD TRNKA New Nobility band, Cultural worker musician
Zaki Ibrahim, Artist
Lo Bil, Visual Artist
Gal L., Visual artist & Tattooist
Diane Hau Yu Wong, Cultural Worker
Katrina Takeda, Cultural worker
Raysso Ismail, Consultant
BeadsAgainstFascism, Bead Artist
griffin epstein, Professor, George Brown College; NSERC-funded researcher; poet, musician
Hope Salmonson, Composer
Emma McKenna, Postdoctoral Fellow
Tamara Valdivia, Artist
B. E., illustrator
Sof Pickstone
Kandeel, Student
Alex Ateah, Artist
Elizabeth Johnson, Artist
Beth Capper, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh, Interdisciplinary artist & educator
Aadita Chaudhury, PhD Candidate, York University
Troy Johnson, Cultural worker
mia susan amir, Transdisciplinary artist and cultural organizer
Melissa Harendorf, Visual artist and educator
Varda Nisar, Cultural worker
Sasha Lavoie, University staff
Cleopatria Peterson, multidisciplinary artist and educator
Ola Mohammed, Assistant Professor
Nadia Abu-Zahra, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
Mahdi Chowdhury, Researcher and artist
syke sound, sound artist
Alex Felicitas, Artist, cultural worker, inPath, Le Projet N’we Jinan
Alex Sawatzky, Graphic Designer/Photographer
Evan Morien, Scientist, University of British Columbia
Grant Ionatán, Visual Artist
Sarah Ford, musician and cultural worker
Laura O’Brien, PhD Candidate
Merryn Connelly-Miller, Visual Artist
Natanielle Felicitas, Musician
Aamir Mohammed Subhan, Adjunct Lecturer, University of Toronto, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
Ra’anaa Ekundayo, Visual Activist and PhD student
Chandra Melting Tallow, Mourning Coup
Emily Cadotte, Doctoral Candidate, Western University
Marycarmen Lara-Villanueva, University of Toronto
Nataleah Hunter-Young, Writer, Film Programmer, Professor
Jona Li, Visual artist
Misbah Ahmed, Visual artist
Christina Laffin, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia
Idrisa Pandit, Academic
Forest Van Winkle, musician & visual artist
Zain awamleh, Researcher
Lindsay Church, Phd candidate, Dalhousie
Michaela Gerussi, Artist researcher
Shiraz Ramji, Creator/Curator of Grandparents Film Festival
Fatimah Jackson-Best, Professor
Mily Mumford, Writer/director
Jessie MacInnis, PhD student, University of Manitoba
Becky Elizabeth Forsythe, Curator and cultural worker
Emel Tabaku, Founder, RCAD Initiative
Olivia Tapiero, Writer
Diana El Richani, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Nisha Platzer (melodious image films), Filmmaker
Amanda Galusha, Student- MSc
Ayesha Beg, visual artist (student)
Tom Robles, Writing instructor – University of Toronto
Maleeha Paracha, Emily Carr University alum
Simone Schwartz, Coordinator, University of Ottawa
Nathan Kalman-Lamb, Assistant Professor, UNB
Maria-Lorraine Caluya, Audio artist
Bronwen Tucker, Senior Researcher, Oil Change International
Pegah Peivandi, Visual Artist
Christo El Morr, Professor, York University
Zoe Imani Sharpe, Writer
Maddy Shred, PhD Candidate, McGill
Ardi Imseis, Professor
Dr Cam Matamoros, Artist and Physician
Ashley Frederick, Art by Ashley F
Aleeza Yusuf, Artist
Michelle Peek, Photographer
Cherie Crocker, Visual artist
Kaj Lavinika, Painter
Sam prociuk, Visual artist
Raghd, Architecture
Allison Figueroa Rojas, Artist, filmmaker, RatitaFilms
Eroca Nicols, Choreographer, educator
Tom Thor Buchanan, Writer
Noor Gatih, Filmmaker
Sam Hatoski, Cake artist
Sawsen Al Faraj, Independent Artist
Aya dama, Visual artist
Nic Wilson, Artist and writer
Tobin Gibson, Cultural worker
Maheen Khalid, Student/Researcher
Emi Takahashi, Visual Artist
Thea Lim, Writer
chris mendoza, artist
AB Bedran, Wrap Me in the Sea
Aisha Ajoke, PhD student University of Toronto
Miles Obilo, Visual Artist
Ian Kamau, Artist
Michelle Zubrinich, Visual Artist
Gabi Dao, artist
Q Lawrence, cultural worker; artist; lead researcher & project coordinator for Disability Arts & Activism Archive
Zainab Hussain, Visual artist
Claud Spadafora, multidisciplinary artist
Connor Bennet, Musician
Lee Lai, Visual artist
isi bhakhomen, Theatre Artist
Krys Verrall, Visual artist and educator
Zehra Naqvi, Writer
Lydia Kegler, visual artist
Sara Ghahramani, Visual Artist
Naved Bakali, Professor
Tavleen Purewal, Professor, UNB
Naimah Amin, Visual artist
Shelly-Ann Skinner, Organizer, Founder, UPlift Black
Malak El-Outa, MA Candidate
Adel Iskandar, Professor, Simon Fraser University
Donalee Mc Intyre, Social worker
Laurence Pilon, Artist
Kosisochukwu Nnebe, Visual artist
Akio Maroon, Human Rights Advocate
Marilyn Yogarajah, musician
Jessica Campbell, Artist and professor
Monika Barbe, psychosocial intervention worker
Yoonhee Lee,
Caitlin Manuel, PhD Candidate
Anna Malla, Cultural worker
Alize Zorlutuna, Artist
Fadi Salib, Intern architect
Johnny E. Williams, Professor, Trinity College, USA
Joshua “Scribe” Watkis, Poet/Hip-Hop Artist & Arts Educator
Haya sakakini, Lawyer
Amber Rose Johnson, Professor
Myriam Ouazzani, visual artist
Marisa Gallemit, Visual artist
Gabriel Gutierrez, Artist
Sunjay Mathuria, Researcher
Lan duong, Professor
Shevon Lewis, Visual artist and instructor OCADU
Gaby Novoa, ceramic artist
Thashika Pillay, Professor
Loïc Nassif, PhD Candidate, McGill University
Merlin Simard, Theatre Artists
Susan Ferguson, Professor
Nadijah Robinson, visual artist, cultural worker
David McNally, Professor
Nikki, Artist
Natalie Charles, storyteller and visual artist
Dana Hachwa, Video Editor at the Link Newspaper
Deborah McDowell, Professor
Faayo Houssein, Writer & Community Leader
Claire Heidinger, Artist
Julie Hall, Visual artist
Alana Bartol, Assistant Professor, Alberta University of the Arts
Amin Nadi, Media Artist
Leslie Plumb, Artist, Designer, Web Developer
Ruth Beraki, N/A
Stuart Schussler, Postdoctoral fellow, University of Waterloo
kumari giles, Multidisciplinary Artist
Lex Burgoyne, education worker
Sara Martin, Social worker and cultural worker
Holly Fedida, Artist
Rihab Essayh, Visual artist
Kanza Tariq, Graduate Student
Amarachi Chukwu, PhD student, York university
Fiona Jeffries, Part time professor
Hiba Abdallah, Visual Artist
Nancy Van Styvendale, Associate Professor, UAlberta
Ami Xherro, poet
Ghada Mourad, Lecturer
Jana-Rae Yerxa, Poet
Joycelyne Serrano, Intern Architect
Asmahan Bkerat, Documentary Filmmaker
Nabila Fairuz, Writer
Brandon Hocura, Cultural worker
Bryce, Artist
Suzanne Narain, Phd, University of Toronto
yasmine, multimedia artist
Kerry Sinanan, Professor University of Winnipeg
Eli Bjedov-Stankovic, Visual artist
Priyansh, Grad student, University of Toronto
Hyacinth Wourms, Graphic designer
Reza Nik, Artist / Architect / Assistant Professor (University of Toronto)
Alaa Nousir, artist
Shagufta, Writer
Tammer El-Sheikh, professor
Jae Morris, Postdoctoral Fellow
Victoria Delaney, Independent Scholar
Abby Kettner, Visual Artist, Arts Administrator
Fatima B, Graduate student
O.Raang, Visual Artist
Angel Callander, cultural worker
Indu Vashist, Executive Director- SAVAC
Kayla Rudderham, Curator/visual artist
Jessica Johns, Writer
Robyn Alomar, Actor
Aaron Zeghers, Filmmaker
Jes Hanzelkova, Artist/Intern Architect
Jairus Bilo, Visual Artist
Kwasi Bugyei jr, Artists
Katarzyna Rukszto, professor, Sheridan College
Abigail Morris, Dalhousie University
Rob Colgate, Poet
Rushdia Mehreen, Visual artist, teacher
Jennifer Patterson, writer & healing arts practitioner
Steven W Thrasher, PhD, CPT, Daniel Renberg Chair of Social Justice in Journalism, Northwestern University
Katheryn Wabegijig, Visual Artist and Art Collection Manager
Sabine LeBel, Professor & artist
Salma Hindy, Comedian
Yara Abdelaziz, Student
Alyiah Gonzales, PhD Student
Dasha Plett, Artist
Laura Demers, Artist and cultural worker
Yani Kong, Doctoral Fellow, SFU
Jennifer Dickieson, Writer, illustrator, cultural worker
Carmen Chow, Visual Artist
Clara Ziada, Architectural Designer
Islay Fraser, Master’s student, McGill University
Baker Al-Bach, Game Designer, Writer
Shammah Salwa, Visual artist
Julian Higuerey Nunez, Visual artist, academic administrator
Sar Wagman, Visual Artist
Erin Weisgerber, Filmmaker & Teacher, Concordia University
Cindy Dzib, Theatre Artist
Emily Peltier, Community Arts Worker, PhD Student
Stevey Hunter, Actor & Writer
Alycia Shanika Doering, Cultural planner & visual artist – MSc from UofT
Mary Patsiatzis, Dance Artist, Arts Educator
Ema Walters, Visual artist
Anahita Dehbonehie, Theatre artist
Robert Geroux, political theorist and professor
Al Schoenberg, Visual artist
Jade Lillace, Research Officer
Fareh Malik, Author
Tara aldughaither, Curator and vocalist
Michael Litwack, Associate Professor, University of Alberta
Rebecca Salazar, PhD, Writer
PauTheRebel, Visual Artist
Tara Korkmaz, Visual Artist
Areej Alshammiry, PhD Scholar
Molly Stollmeyer, research assistant/graduate
Pasha Moezzi, Professor
Aadila, Visual Artist
Lisbeth White, Writer
Ashley Wong, Artist
NYHTNURSE, Dj, mental health nurse
Krista hull, Researcher, counselor
Nawang T. Kinkar, Cultural Worker
Blair Kuntz, Librarian, University of Toronto
Andrea Gutierrez, Writer
Aysha Campbell, M.A. Grad student at York University
Nora Vision, Artist
Agnieszka Forfa, Professor @ Centennial College (Toronto)
Alizeh Ahmad, Human
Fatemeh Gharibi, Grad student & Performance Artist, York University
Kyla Jamieson, Poet, Cultural Worker
Ali Berro, University Professor, Montreal
Shannon Giannitsopoulou, academic
Stephanie Fortin, Artist
Olumoroti George, Curator
Michael Nardone, Writer and editor
Meghan Kynoch, Health science educator – St.Boniface Research
Takanya Marsh, artist
Marissa desandoli, Visual artist
Muriel,, visual artist
Rawan Hassan, Visual Artist
Erum Khan, Performance Maker
Razan Azhari Ali, Visual artist
Ruqayyah Olukoya, Supporter
sarah-tai black, arts worker
Marika Brown, PhD Candidate & Teaching Fellow, McMaster University
Dima Alkasem, Musician
Yusuf Zine, Actor/Writer
Mouse, Visionary artist
Dana Qaddah, Artist / Organizer
Tram Anh Nguyen, Artist, Filmmaker, Photographer
Hangama Amiri, Artist
Anna Khimasia, Professor and curator
Nicholas Sammond, Professor, University of Toronto
Birgul Kutan, Academic/ university of sussex
Matthew-Robin Nye, Visual artist, cultural worker, Concordia University
Mario novelli, Professor / university of sussex
Fae Muse, Artist
Nadia Kurd, Curator
Elham Akbari, Student
Matthew Stepanic, Writer
Tristan Sauer, Artist
Sandy Hudson, Writer, Producer, Lawyer
Monika Janulevičiūtė, Designer and artist
Sama Ayman, Cultural worker
Zoë Heyn-Jones, Researcher-artist & cultural worker; Izaak Walton Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alberta
Sadiah Rahman, Cultural worker
Heather Mclean, assistant professor
Lee Nisar, Artist
David Poolman, Artist
Sam Di Benedetto, MSW Student
Aisha Haider, visual artist
Julian Hou, Visual Artist
Mila Mendez, Cultural worker and academic, York University
Dunja Kovacevic, therapist, writer
Mairead Charles, Visual artist
Omar Elhamy, Filmmaker
Pearl Koblinsky, Visual Artist
Bridget Raymundo, Writer, Content Creator
Joy Xiang, writer, editor, cultural worker, C Magazine
Tendisai Cromwell, Writer, Designer, Visual Artist
Sarah Sproule, Artist
Hayat, Artist
Shawn Howe, Visual artist
Alexa Mardon, Artist
Shirin agerami, PhD candidate, University of Toronto
Sedina Fiati, Stage and Screen Artist
Kelsie Grazier, Visual Artist
Kalina Nedelcheva, Visual artist and cultural worker
Ty Giffin, Filmmaker
Jonathan Dyck, visual artist
Bernarda Antony, Artist
Aankshika Bheem, Artist, cultural worker
Elise Rasmussen, Artist
Yousuf Ramahi, PhD Student, UofT
Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, writer, musician, independent scholar
Jordan Samolesky, Musician
Dan, Visual Artist
Marina Abadeer – Centre of Addiction and Mental Health, Research Analyst
Bojana Videkanic, Visual artist, art historian and professor
Yeonoo Park, Visual Artist
Kay Kassirer, Spoken word poet
Afi Browne, Social worker
Dainesha Nugent-Palache, Artist
Madeline Berger, Illustrator
Derin Ajayi, Artist
Claire Newton, Musician
Nima Esmailpour, Independent Curator
Alina Sajed, Professor
Frankie Bayley, Theatre artist
Thomas Moray, Visual artist
Lola Cardona, Filmmaker and academic
Caroline Cichelly, Visual Artist
Scott Fitzpatrick, Media Artist / Cultural Worker
Mazin chabayta, Designer, Artist and Maker
Nimakokaaz, indigenous artist, multimedia
Dusty Lee, Artist
Erica W, Visual Artist
Winona Julian, visual artist, cultural worker
Robyn Beckett, Public Health Researcher
Sasha Fury, Academic
Rasha, Artist
Masha Davidović, Cultural worker
Frankie McGee, Poet
angela abrenica, artist
Tray Ma, Comic artist
Jivesh Parasram, Cultural Worker
Emily, Illustrator
Jameelah Rahey, Artist
DJ Heebiejabi, DJ
Miles Fakih, Artist
Aliya Ghare, Illustrator
Vincent Wong, Professor
Nadine Hajjaj, Printmaking & Publications (OCADU)
Judit Kis, artist, doctoral candidate
steve daniels, associate professor, artist, Toronto Metropolitan University
Reya, Visual artist
Idris Lawal, Visual and music artist
m. patchwork monoceros, writer and polydisciplinary artist
Alexandra Fox, Artist & Occupational Therapist
Lauren Fox, Student
Dr. Jamila Ghaddar, Academic
Mauj, Music Artist
Mariam karim, Academic, UofT
Tenzin Chime, MSW Student/Cultural Worker, University of Toronto
Nima Tarané, Illustrator and printmaker
Alida Morris, Visual artist
Lailac Altaie-Kubba, Architectural Designer and Artist
Marwa A, Architectural Designer
Dhvani Ramanujam, PhD student, York University
Heather Evans, PhD Candidate
Celia Perrin Sidarous, Visual artist
Modeste Zankpe, Performance Artist
Angela May, PhD Candidate (McMaster University), Artist, Writer
Cat Hart, Visual artist
Jad Ad, Musician
Shalaka Jadhav, Researcher
Gaayathri Sukantha Murugan, Visual Artist
Daysha Loppie, writer
Tamara Jones, Artist and Arts Worker
Christopher-Elizabeth, Theatre Artist
(Re)Imagining the City Collective, Artists/researchers
Tove Jensen, Visual artist
Lauren Pragg, MSW student
Gallery 78, Art gallery
Lauren Lavery, Editor, Peripheral Review
mahida, student
Sophie El-Assaad, Visual Artist, Scenographer, Director
Sarah Yuen, Theatre Designer
Alireza Gorgani, Cultural worker
Michelle Raino, Arts administrator
Niko Stratis, Writer
Elham Rahmati, Visual artist
Clara Dubber, academic
Lana Kouchnir, Actor, Multidisciplinary Artist
Chris Lloyd (Dear PM), artist
FBZ, Master’s student
Sabrine Azraq, GPLLM Student, University of Toronto
Melayna Williams, Writer
Louay Saab, .
Naina Khan, Freelance Illustrator and Medical Student at UT McGovern Medical School
Kelly McInnes, Dance artist
Sarah Wong, Artist
Ana Marenco, Mother
Sangeeta Raju, Cultural worker
Janelle Cooper, Artist
TASNEEM, Multi disciplinary Artist
Fred Burrill, Historian, Cape Breton University
Liz Ikiriko, Visual Artist, Curator
James Albers, Artist
Celia Ringstrom, Graduate Student, York University
Sarah Oh, motion designer
Janika Oza, Writer
Johnny Nawracaj, Performance and Media Artist
menel rehab, singer
Ameerah Craigg, –
Tara Aghdashloo, Filmmaker
Patrick Teed, PhD Candidate, York University
Ngardy Conteh George, Filmmaker
Yasmine W-K, Artist, cultural worker
Sarah Shalhoub, Assistant Professor
Batoul Faour, Visual artist, sessional instructor (university of Toronto)
Dr. Sheelah McLean, Idle No More organizer
Moe Pramanick, Artist
Roshan James, Multidisciplinary Artist
Beth Stuart, Assistant Professor, artist
Bianca Beauchemin, Assistant professor
Lee Suksi, Writer
Kelsey braun, Sound artist
Catherine Larocque, PhD Candidate at uOttawa, Vanier Canada scholar
Erin Galt, PhD candidate and Teaching Assistant
Dev Ramsawakh, Artist and educator
Mehak Fatemah Angoothiwala, Artist
Em Panetta, PhD Student, York University
Jocelyn, Student
Natasha Greenblatt, Theatre Artist
Madhu, Writer
Wilson Jacob, Professor, Concordia University
Paige Bowman, Illustrator
Omar M. Ramahi, professor, University of Waterloo
Maheen Hyder, Writer/Poet
EJ Anupol, Library worker
Monique Levesque, Visual Artist/Cultural Support Manager (Juice Bar)
Andrea Levy, PhD, writer
Beth Frey, visual artist
Jade Ho, PhD candidate, Simon Fraser University
Sarah Hunt / Tłaliłila’ogwa, Professor, University of Victoria
Maxh., Artist
Hana Shams Ahmed, PhD Candidate, York University
Janice Reid, Artist
Jordan Milner, Visual Artist
Rabab Abdulhadi, Professor
Cait Thomson, Poet
Kali Talmon-Longden, Visual artist
Mayari Ayala-Wiebe, Ceramic artist
Sofia Alarcon, visual artist
Manahil Khan, Student
Onyx Sloan Morgan, Assistant Professor
Angela Sun, Theatre artist, cultural worker
Kristi Chen, Visual artist
Hanna Warsame, Writer
Mojtaba Kashani, Student, Carleton University
Amber Dawn, Literary Professional
Samuel La France, Cultural Worker
Bethany Whitebear, After-degree student, University of Alberta
Laela shibli, Social Worker
Carlan Hughes, Visual Artist
Alias Arobas, Researcher
Kai Mitsuru, Academic
Stefan Johnson, Visual Artist
Brett Story, Filmmaker
aseel zahran, Trent University student
Cole Gately, Educator, McMaster University; Writer and Editor, independent
Lale Westvind, Visual Artist and Professor
Melanie M Rose, Artist
Daniel Chichagov, Actor & Artist (ACTRA)
Katrina Goetjen, Cultural Worker, Artist
Matthew Timmons, Human
Hannah Feldman, Professor, Northwestern University
Mary McPherson, Artist, PhD student
Bernard Schutze, Art critic and curator
Sneha, Graduate student
Naomi McCarroll-Butler, musician
Ruth Titus, Visual Artist
Lamiae Himdi, Doctor
Juanita Stephen, Assistant Professor, University of Windsor
Durae M., Artist
Teena Aujla, Land designer
Samantha Toth, Artist
Tamara Dawit, Filmmaker
Eman Khalid, George Brown college
Mare Reine, Artist
Pamela Arancibia, Labour arts, Toronto
Brianna McFarlane, Cultural worker
Gabby Liao, Researcher
Cassidy McFadzean, Poet
Nyda kwasowsky, Dance artist
Camille-Mary Sharp, Postdoctoral fellow
Chantelle Spicer, Education Facilitator, SFPIRG
Shanti Dhoré, Cultural Worker
Brian Fisher, Retired teacher
Sara Kaced, Academic
Mason Rezazadeh, Visual Artist
steph raposo, theatre artist
Molly Swain, PhD Student
Yahlehly Lopez,
Johannah Black, Educator, UBCO
Michaëlle Lahaye, Art history student
Maria-Margaretta, Visual artist
Elise Boudreau Graham, Co-Director, Résidence Céline Bureau
Andrea Manica, Visual artist
Meghan Gagliardi, PhD candidate, University of Toronto
Hala Alsalman, Visual artist / grad student at OCAD University
Dania Sabri, Visual Artist
Teaguen Craig, Visual Artist
Mar Azzam, Artist, Student
Carmen Ostrander, art therapist
Magie Ramírez, Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
Robby Smoker-Peters, Professor
Christina de la Cruz, Arts worker
Sydney madia, Illustrator
Viki Bristowe, Visual Artist
Marleen Villanueva, University of Toronto
Emann Elshamy, Teacher/Guidance counsellor
Kelly Lui, Cultural worker
Shakura Dickson, Actor
Krish Dineshkumar, Producer
Fatima Elie Eljamal, Photographer
Jonathan Davidson, Visual artist
Natalie Fasheh, Musician, arts administrator
Bhavika Sharma, Visual Artist
Andrea Denny-Jiles, visual artist
Dina, Artist, poet
Joy Henderson, Cultural worker, affiliation is the land and Black and Indigenous relatives
Afindi Useng, Visual artist
Kayleigh Kristiansen, Visual artist
Victoria Fung Wolf, Student, Simon Fraser University
Maimuna, Lecturer
Maillen Garcia, Visual artist
Maeve Hanna, Writer
SA Smythe, artist, writer, and “Black Studies & the Archive” professor at UToronto
Jennifer Rankin, Free Palestine 🇵🇸
Jason Fox, Cultural worker
Leila Bovee-Begun, Cultural worker
Sena Cleave, Visual artist
Thierry Plante-Dubé, Cultural worker, CEO of Maison des métiers d’art de Québec
Merwad abdallah, Designer
Andrea Cisneros, Visual Artist, Printmaker and Art Teacher
Salwa Iqbal, Graphic designer
Monica Ogden, Performing Artist
Clara Petit, Visual Artist
Jay Castro, Counselling Art Therapist
Jevon Grant, Writer & Photographer
Claire Shenstone-Harris, Actor
Jasper Wrinch, Musician / artist
Maryam Dada, Therapist
Cassandra Shier, Artist
Nusrat Hasan, University of Calgary
Jaclyn Legge, Graduate Student, Carleton University
Mariam Georgis, Assistant Professor
Naseha, singer/songwriter
Lex Arsenault, MA student
Jess, Community artist
Emily Guerrero, Archivist & writer
Sarah O’Sullivan, Faculty, Capilano University
Yassin AlSalman, Professor / Artist
H Felix Chau Bradley, writer, editor
Angie Balata, Program Manager / Inspirit Foundation
Jeremy Appel, Writer
Telisa Roessaptono, Artist
Leslie Supnet, artist
Christopher Brayshaw, Photographer
Marium Raja, theatre artist
Annanda DeSilva, Fibre Artist
Kendra Pacilla, Spoken word artist, poet, singer
Shahrzad Ghorban, Mrs
Nour Bishouty, Artist
Katerina theodorelos, Artist
MT M, artist
Girish Daswani, Professor
Katherine Blouin, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Laura Nanni, curator & artist
Emma Anderson, Beadwork artist
Adam Moffatt, Programmer
Aliya Pabani, cultural worker
Emilie Jacob von Garan, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Tricia Middleton, artist
Krystle Joyce, Artist
Julia Kidder, Doctoral student, educator (University of British Columbia)
Sana Sajid, HR Proffessional
Sammy Farid, Comedian
Kat glasspoole, Ceramic artist
Dennis Valouiski, 3d visualization specialist
Jessica Barry, Cultural worker
Maya Papineau, Professor
Cathy Tran, PhD Student, Simon Fraser University
Claire Geddes Bailey, Artist
Maisaloon Hammoud, Ottawa based Artist
Joanne Naiman, professor emerita, Toronto Metropolitan university
Elijah Biscoe, Writer & artist
Corie, Visual artist
Hani Yakan, Event coordinator at Harbourfront Center
Milan Franco Orosco, Artist and Cultural Worker
Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch, writer
Calev Litvack, Course Lecturer, McGill University
Jeneen Frei Niootli, Artist
Neil Naiman, Professor, York university
Fizza, Mir
nènè myriam konaté, cultural worker
Tara Peninou, Cultural Support Worker Wolf Creek Public Schools
Zuri, Freelance Artist
Lee Ladell, Visual artist
Reg Johanson, Professor, Capilano University
Audrey Bilodeau Fontaine, Cultural worker
Jennifer Loewen, Visual Artist
Emma Steen, Curator/programmer
Ezelbahar Metin, PhD student, McGill University
Tao F, Cultural producer
Riaz Mehmood, Visual artist
shreya g., PhD candidate
Ahmad Kamal, PhD candidate
Dorian Lebreux, Academic, unaffiliated
Jade Armstrong, visual artist
Melody Lu, Cultural worker
Sid Sharp, author-illustrator
Emily Anderson, Art therapist
Hiyam M., Performing Artist
Avanji, Visual Artist
Daniela Rodriguez Chevalier, Media artist, writer, cultural worker
Brigita Gedgaudas, Media Artist
Francine Grondin, Healthcare worker
Courtney Lang, Visual artist
Graham Latham, Cultural worker
Jenny Lin, Visual artist and instructor,, Concordia University
Inaya Sher, Designer
Mitchell, Academic
Margot Fabre, Visual Artist
Cody Dyck, Visual Artist
Safiyyah, Visual Artist
Andrea Actis, professor and writer
Ray Jewett, Geographer
Tom Hobson, Artist
Dara Wawatie-Chabot, Cultural Ambassador from the Algonquin Nation
Ava Fathi, Writer and Teacher, University of Toronto
Arwa Idris, Cultural Worker
Richard Marcuse, Arts manager and researcher and social anthropologist
Sid Shniad, Trade union researcher, retired. Founding member of Independent Jewish Voices Canada.
Maryan Haye, Screenwriter
Stefan St-Laurent, Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa, Artistic Associate, SAW
Name Ikwe, Ojibway artist
Siobhán Saravanamuttu, PhD Candidate
Nimisha Bhanot, Visual Artist
Irina Ceric, Professor, Windsor Law
Bee Khaleeli, Archivist
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Writer and Independent Scholar
Erika Flores, Visual artist
Emma Richard, Visual Scribe
Mx.Stern, Visual Art Teacher
Miriam Fabijan, artist
Sabahat N, Engineer
Hayley Rivier-Gatt, Multimedia designer
Jaynus O’Donnell, Artist
Danielle St Amour, Cultural worker, Student
Nuzhat Abbas, Editor/publisher
Sierra Holder, Performer
Yaazhin Pillay, Visual Artist
Claire Mumme, Associate Professor
Amelia Herman, Sociology Undergraduate (research steam), and Visual Artist
Dani Tardif, Artist
Omar Al-Samadi, Photographer & Digital Media Artist
Reva Lokhande, Arts, Performance and Entertainment Professional
Ayla Berry, Graphic Designer
Emma Rhodes, Writer
Lydia Collins, Writer & Cultural Worker
Iman Baobeid, Visual artist
Rosamunde Bordo, artist
Kristen Daigle, Cultural worker, University of Toronto
Eileen Myles, Poet
Huma Durrani, Artist
Tiffany Jiazhen Wu and Dana Albbash, Film Makers
Rosamunde Bordo, Artist
Norm Nehmetallah, Publisher, Invisible Publishing
Joshua Segun-Lean, Writer
Heidi Antolick, cultural worker
Charisma Christal, Illustrator, cultural worker
Zoe Vos, artist
Lea Hamilton, Visual Artist
Camilo D-V, musician and cultural worker
Audrey Wolfe, Artist
Roger Farr, Professor
Surah Field-Green, Photographer
Elif Saydam, Visual Artist
Elisabetta Paiano, Visual Artist
Caitlin Gallupe, Artist
Marylise Habiyambere, Artist / Master’s Student, University of New Brunswick
Rita Wong, Writer
Sam Connolly, Graduate Student
Annie Anstey, Musician, Researcher, Toronto Metropolitan
Manal Irfan, Graphic Designer
Alain Petel, Cultural worker
Hala Muhammed, Writer/Poet
Alex Douglas, Multidisciplinary artist & tattooer
Vania Lee, Musician
Ali jaf, Photographer
Carmen Levy-Milne, Cultural worker
Marty Fink, Professor
Estraven Lupino-Smith, artist and phd researcher at UBC
Nicole Bernhardt, Assistant Professor
Naomi Noel, artist
Elizabeth Zeppa, Cultural Worker, Toronto
Sasha Endoh, Designer, Endoh Collaborative
Binoodha Kunnath, Designer
NASRA, multidisciplinary artist, educator, healer
Jennifer Bennett, Fibre Artist
grace kwan, graduate student, Simon Fraser University
Rame ibrahim, Film Director
Melissa Blair, Author
Nya Lewis, Director/curator
Jordan, Artist
Simon Fortin, visual artist
Theresa N. Kenney, PhD Candidate, McMaster University
Andrew Friesen, Musician and Performer
Roshanie, DJ & Cultural Worker (freelance)
Jeff Shantz, Faculty
Theresa Cutknife, Theatre Artist
Wyatt Lawrence, Visual artist, cultural worker, human being
Vanessa Lehan, Contract Faculty – York University
Brett Richardson, Cultural worker
Danielle Carter, Writer, performance artist, cultural worker
niuboi, Performance Artist
Faisal A. Bhabha, Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
Dipty, Graduate Student
Mashal, artist
Sheila Sampath, Artist, Professor and Cultural Worker
Marita Manson, Artist and educator
Ysabel Gana, Visual Artist
Heidi Matthews, Assistant Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
Nassali Faridah, PhD Candidate
Aeyliya Husain, Filmmaker
Aaron Scholl, Art Director, Graphic Artist
Svea Ferguson, Visual Artist
Carlos Colín, Visual artist
Lucía Améndola, Adjunct Professor
Lina Wu, visual artist
Ali Mokdad, Postdoctoral researcher
Lauren Damphousse, Student
Elias Madbak, Underwriter
Taina Maki Chahal, Contract Lecturer
Aitak Sorahitalab, Artist and cultural worker
Arielle Orvieto, Student, Teacher, Poet, Artist
Trynne Delaney, Writer
Charmaine Headley, Artist/Cultural worker
lindsea hanselmann, textile artist
Edwina Mihaela, Sales associate
Dani Kriatura, Cultural worker
Xenia Lucie laffely, Visual artist
Katrin Estacio, kulintang player, Pantayo member
Melissa Paget, Visual Artist
Clio Windust, artist
Julia Nakanishi, Designer
James Cairns, Professor, Law & Society, Wilfrid Laurier University
Jess MacCormack, Visual artist
Mirella Livoti, Graduate Student at the University of British Columbia
Vlachou Stefania, PhD Student McGill University
david duhamel, MA student in art history, université de Montréal
Heather Ashdown, Lecturer, University of Manitoba
Debra Foran, Senior lecturer, Wilfrid Laurier University
Sarah Toussaint-Léveillé, musician, writer, filmmaker
Veronica Torres, Multidisciplinary Arts
Rachel Portinga, PhD Candidate, Lakehead University
Rabiya Mansoor, Writer, Actor, Producer
Tracy Supruniuk, professor
Subhanya Sivajothy, Artist
Etienne tardif paradis, PhD student
Tonya Davidson, Professor
Craig Meadows, Lecturer
Fatima Alyami, Visual artist, early years Art Educator
Eris Fitz-james, Artist
Saptarishi bandopadhyay, Professor
Zoe Cire, visual artist, Yale MFA candidate
Punam Khosla, Independent Scholar
Todd Gordon, Professor
Lubna AA, Visual Artist
Patricia Molloy, Contract Faculty, Wilfrid Laurier University
Rach Djazmin, Musician
Calla Moya, media artist
Raafay Ali, Graduate research student
Dr. Eileen Holowka, Writer, Game developer
Lara El Mekaui, Academic
Justine Gagnepain, Composer
Danielle LaFrance, writer, cultural/community organizer
Sarah MacPhee, Visual artist
Alyssa Bornn, Artist
Ansley Simpson, Musician
Bryce, Student
Idil Djafer, Visual artist
Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen, Cultural worker, dance artist
Adèle Barclay, Instructor and writer
Amelia Eppel, PhD Candidate, McGill University
Nikki, Concerned
Esmat Abdelrazeq, Visual artist student, Alberta University of the Arts
Fahmo Rage, Teacher
Stephan “Sven” Goslinski, Cartoonist
Lina El Mugammar, Visual artist
Hannah Gelderman, Visual Artist and Art Instructor
Maureen Hynes, Writer / poet
Leona Nikolić, PhD Student
Danielle Hoevenaars, Visual artist and gallery director
Rafaël Khoury, Artist, woodworker
Sabreen, Visual artist
Alema, Cultural worker
Erin McDonald, Poet
Daniel Boeckner, Musician
Abhay Patil, artist
Rav singh, Teacher, ETFO
Amy Wong, Visual artist, professor
Trinity Lloyd, Actor
Damien Alvarez, Photographer
Emma Westray, Artistic Producer
Tarek Abdel Aziz, Musician
Rachel Dyck, Artist
Claudette Lauzon, Associate Professor of Art History, Simon Fraser University
Leyla A.M., Visual artist
Ted Rutland, Professor, Concordia University
Bridget Mountford, Cultural Worker
Raman, Art therapist
Jeremy Herndl, Professional artist
Noor H, UofT Graduate Student
Ntara Curry, Theatre Artisr
Kim Veller, lawyer
Clare Yow, Visual Artist
Zainab Amadahy, Author
Taiessa, visual artist
Liam Cook, Student – UBC
Lauren pirie, Visual artist
Paige Bowen, Visual Artist & Student at OCAD
Sam Spady, MacEwan University
Nico McGiffin, visual artist
Dania Idriss, Writer, PhD candidate University of Calgary
Zeyad El Nabolsy, Professor, York University
Mark Slodki, PhD student
Lou Celsius, DJ, Musician
Luey, Teacher
Xuan Wang, Counsellor
Emma Healey, Writer
Véronique, Artistic director
Vidhi Gupta, Interdisciplinary artist
AJ Korkidakis, visual artist
Sasha Alexandra Cousins, Artist/Cultural Worker
Jen Weih, artist
Hazel Jane Plante, Writer; Librarian, Simon Fraser University
Katayoun Taghizadeh Moniri, Sculptor
Dr. Eli Manning, Associate Professor, Dalhousie University, School of Social Work
Joshua Taylor, Artist-Educator, Dancer, Storyteller
Raquel Mendes, Interdisciplinary artist
Megan Tan, Editorial Assistant
Farah Khan, graphic designer
Jacqueline Stol, PhD student
Lisa Tronca, Cultural worker
Bianca Isabel Garcia, Researcher, writer, artist
Sarasalah khan, Visual artist
sue goldstein, visual artist and writer
Saelan Twerdy, Cultural worker
Tyisha Murphy, PhD candidate, film archivist
Luis Cuesta, Artist and Student, The Cooper Union School of Art
Kitt Peacock, Master’s student, UBC
Minelle Mahtani, Associate professor
Cemre Demiralp, Cultural worker
Kyle McCrea, Musician
Brendan Routh, Student, SFU
Vickie Wu, Visual Artist
Richard Brown, Visual Artist
Katie Belcher, Visual Artist, Curator, cultural worker
Tamar Haytayan, Visual artist & writer
Rachel Gurofsky, Instructor/Assessment Developer
Steff Hui Ci Ling, cultural worker
Hope Elder, Artist & designer
Meena Joumaa, Public Servant and artist
nashwa khan, cultural worker
Hawa Essuman, Filmmaker
Nolan Pelletier, Illustrator
Heidi Cho, Visual Artist
Kisa MacIsaac, visual artist and educator
Aggie Panda, Artist
Barza Nisar, Doctoral Student
Maddy B, artist
Pascale Lacelle, Author, Simon & Schuster, New York Times Bestseller
D.J. Mausner, film and television writer
Colin Courtney, Visual Artist- Concordia University, Canada
Tiziana La Melia, visual artist and sessional instructor
Mikiki, Artist/Cultural Production Worker
Rebecca Brewer, visual artist
Bradley Dunseith, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Freida Wang, Visual artist
Ashna Jacob, Visual artist
Marie Reine Mukazayire, Researcher
Dianne Moore, Poet, Spoken Word, Visual Artist, Actor, PerfArt
Anne Lardeux, Writer
Rae Finlay, Cultural worker
Cristina Almunia Candela, Dancer
Alisa Gayle-Deutsch, musician
Eli S., visual artist
Emné Nasereddine, Writer
Stu Marvel, Professor
andi icaza-largaespada, visual artist
Maren Hancock, Professor and cultural worker
Bill Mark, Affiliation
Alexia Laferté Coutu, Visual artist
Jessica Antony, Editor
Neda Ahmad, Photographer
Eryn Lougheed, Visual Artist
Hanieh Bolourian, Masters in Law student
Ariane Besozzi, Visual artist
Tasneem, PhD candidate
Daphne Xu, Artist
David Heap, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario
MayaSpoken, Spoken word artist
Tony Souza, Cultural worker
Leila Celis, Professor
Jesse Cunming, Cultural Worker
Monalisa Ghadban, Art, music and cultural writer
Babak Lakghomi, Author
Fatima Ahmed, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Ella Tetrault, Visual artist and cultural worker
concerned, cultural worker
Jay Isaac, Artist
Catherine Hernandez, Author
Catherine Hernandez, Author
Luke Swinson Art, Visual Artist
Tessa Smith, Artist/cultural worker
Asher DiGiuseppe, Visual Artist
Vanessa Disler, Artist
May Ann Kainola, education worker
haley mlotek, writer
Casey Johnson, Artist
Sara Pearson, Visual Artist
Megan Davis, Artist and Designer
Lynn Lubitz, Self employed
Pamela dwyer, Musician
Andreae Callanan, Writer
Katie Hemsworth, Postdoctoral scholar
Signy Holm, Visual Artist
Ridwan, Academic
Gillian Austin, Ph.D. Candidate Trent University/Musician
Donna Haywired, Multidisciplinary artist
Morteza Gorgzadeh, Cultural Worker
b.h. Yael, Professor, film/video, artist
Jenine Marsh, Artist and instructor (University of Toronto)
Maude Blanchet, Musician
Alia Toor, Visual srtost
Moُna Yusuf, Family worker
Georgia Cowan, Cultural worker
Duncan MacConnell, Musician
Bahar Banaei, Academic
Assialucki, Fine art artist
Laila Breger, Dancer, art educator, cultural worker, musician
Estelle Grandbois-Bernard, Doctorante et chargée de cours
Owen Mototsune, grad student University of Toronto
Kandace Price, Beader
Isabella Brown, Arts administrator
Katia Belkhodja, Writer
Dr. Drew McEwan, Postdoctoral Fellow, TMU
Jenny Stimac, Visual artist and Art Educator
Drew Barnet, Artist
Vivian Solana, Professor
Lesley Ann Foster, PhD candidate and teacher fellow
Simon Brown, poet / translator / cultural worker
Natalie Oswin, professor, U of Toronto
Devon Ross, Visual artist
Isabelle s, Visual artist
Heena Mistry, Contact faculty, Department of History, Wilfrid Laurier University
Émélie Desrochers-Turgeon, Assistant Professor
Tristram Lansdowne, Visual artist
Joy Webster, Filmmaker
K. MacNeil, visual artist
Clarice Kuhling, Lecturer/Contract Faculty & Psychotherapist
Alex Apostolidis, Visual Artist
Tanya Korigan, Poet
Emily Fitzpatrick, Artistic Director
B.G-Osborne, Visual Artist
Steven Doman, Composer
Grace Denney, Graduate Student – MA social psych
Elizabeth Whelan, teacher (retired)
Cason Sharpe, Writer
Bryan Mark, PhD student, University of Toronto
Riley Webb, Cultural Worker
Marion Voysey, photographer
Cherie Pyne, Writer & Musician
Rah Eleh, Professor and artist
Kiona Ligtvoet, Visual Artist
Ashley Obscura, poet, publisher
Rachel da Silveira Gorman, Associate Professor, York University
Joanna DR, musician (Pantayo)
Dr Dwyer Sullivan, Social Justice High School Teacher
Daniella sanader, Arts writer/ academic
Maude Pilon, Writer
Cyrena Huang, musician
Sorcha Gibson, Artist
Frederique Gaboury, Visual artist
Teba Faisal, Artist
Suzey Ingold, Writer (Independent)
Robyn, Artist
Ryan Ferko, Visual artist
asinnajaq, cultural worker
Laura Clunie, Cultural Worker
Valeria Téllez Niemeyer, Phd student UQAM
Jonathan Bakan, professor and musician, Western University (London, ON); York University (Toronto, ON)
Sophie Jin, Masters student, Carleton University
Brenda Holtkamp, Educator
Caitlin Loney, Musician and teacher
Josefin Iziamo, actor
Sarah Zanchetta, visual artist
Atif kubursi, Emeritus Professor
Ali Hammoudi, University of Windsor Faculty of Law
Sylvia Skrepichuk, Activist
Howard DAvidson, Associate Professor, retired, University of Manitoba,
Canadian Arab Federation, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Sarah Chouinard-Poirier, Multidisciplinary artist
Isla Cowan, Textile Artist
Tess Sheldon, Assistant Professor
Jean Gagne, Audiovisual Technician
Belle Tower, Musician
Janine Sansregret, Mediator
Jake Javanshir, Activist
Paula McLean, Artist
Mayada Rahal, Visual artist / Designer
Leila Pourtavaf, Assistant Professor
Timothy Francis, Composer
Melanie Trojkovic, Gallerist
Devin Clancy, Cultural Worker – Between the Lines Books
Joey nicholson, Visual artist
Nazli Akhtari, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
Jonathan Pappo, Musician
Tyler Matheson, Visual Artist
Sally Bosnic, Educator/ artist
Clementine, PhD candidate, McMaster
Theo Fiętka, Tattoo artist
Merna Bishouty, Musician
Lynn Hutchinson Lee, Multidisciplinary artist, writer
Kae Boyles, Visual artist
ej kneifel, masters student and arts worker
Even Gilchrist, Designer
Tarin Hughes, Curator
Emma Cohen, Writer & Literary Event Programmer
Columba González-Duarte, Professor
Peige Desjarlais, Doctoral Candidate
Safia Siad, Curator
Omar Elkhatib // BUD, the band, Songwriter/Artist
John Brennan, Artist/Musician/Technician
Dyala Hamzah, Professor, University of Montreal
Faith Paré, Writer
Nyla Matuk, Writer
Julia E. Dyck, Artist
Rosemary Flutur, Writer
Sarah Boo, Artist, OCAD U
Reclaimed Arts, cultural worker
Nabila S., Writer
Joliz Dela Pena, Artist
Carol Rawson, Ba, MAT. MA, BSW; Child Welfare Worker – retired
Brianna Fiddler (onyxbri), Visual Artist
Madelyn Schutz, Visual Artist
Beyhan Farhadi, Assistant Professor
Angeliki Katsarou, Scientist
Emily Carroll, Artist/Writer
Calli Ryan, Visual Artist
Natasha Verbeke, Artist
Baraa Abuzayed, Ph.D Student, Queen’s University
Stefan Kipfer, Professor
Laura Burke, Artist
Sara Swerdlyk, PhD
Claire Browne, Visual artist
Mercedes Ventura, Visual Artist
Micajah Sturgess, French horn player
Gregory Gillis, Secondary School Teacher
Zelda Abramson, Professor Emerita
Kiva Stimac, Visual artist, curator
Esther Laramee, Visual artist
Helen Yung, Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence
Mike Goldby, Artist
Asher, Artist
Julie Moon, Visual artist, sessional faculty OCADU
Roula Said, Performing artist
Jeremy Kellen, Visual artist
Tara Dourian, PhD Student
Alexis Morin, Game developer
Sasha Phipps, university support worker
Ingrid Mayrhofer, Visual artist
Diane Holmlund, Psychospiritual and arts therapist
Eliza Kavtion, Film Composer, Musician, Indigenous Rights Activist
Jen Yakamovich, artist / musician
Trevor Schwellnus, Designer
Leilan Wong, Cultural worker
Felixe Denson, Creative Writer
Rachel Berger, Associate Professor
Claudia Serrate, Professional dancer
Jill Connell, Playwright
Germán Hernández, PhD student at Sherbrooke University
Owen H, visual artist
fKemba Byam, Cultural worker
Claudia b Claros, PhD candidate and writer, McGill
Dianna Bonder, Artist
Noora Mahmoud, Visual artist, law students
Luke Painter, Visual artist and professor
Raphael Foisy, Musician/Community Organizer
Janice Cliff, Cultural heritage worker
Dana Slijboom, Painter
Daniel Payette, Storyboard artist
Angela E. Smyth, Visual artist/tattoo artist
Faiza Khan, Animator
Brittney Appleby, Artist & Filmmaker
Noam Bierstone, Musician
Seif Malhas, PhD Student
Frédérique Roy, Musician and artist
Jade Préfontaine, Performance artist and cultural worker
Francesco Correale, Researcher, CNRS, UMR 7324 CITERES, Tours (France)
Daniel Tarade, Lecturer/Instructor, CUPE 3902/4
Nadin Ahmed, Worker
Chloé Savoie-Bernard, Professor, Queen’s University
Nick Liakopoulos, Financial Advisor
Renée Crawford, Visual Artist
Nabil azab, Visual artist
Hannah Ruby Endicott-Douglas, Actor
Domenic Hutchins, cultural worker
Victor Chamroeun, Visual artist, cultural worker
Tobie Lachapelle, N/A
Caro Monast, Stand-up comedian
Maya mckibbin, Illustrator
Vivien Endicott-Douglas, Arts Worker
Jenna Reid, Artist, Artistic Director, Sessional Professor
Marie-Charlotte Castonguay-Harvey, Cultural worker
Jason Bradshaw, Visual artist
Kirsty Robertson, Professor
Kari Cwynar, Independent curator
Christa Golding, Music teacher
Sheri Osden Nault, Visual Artist and Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario
Chantal Allard, Musician
Phuong Nguyen, Nguyen
Spencer Hatch, visual artist
Vita Cooper, Photographer
Chela, Musician
Josh McPhail Kitchen, Graduate Student
Elizabeth Staples, Theatre Artist
Tomas Jonsson, Curator
My lil nailz Fantasy, Nail artist
Paolo Griffin, Artistic Director, composer
Amy Kamel, Masters candidate
Eugénie Jobin Tremblay, musician and teacher (Université de Montréal)
Mona Malik, writer
Hannia Cheng, Cultural worker
Anahita Jamali Rad, Writer and artists
Satchi Salubre,
Erin Lum, Filmmaker
Zachary Smith, Musician as fruit snack
Fiona Murphy, Undergraduate Student – University of Toronto
Hayden Grace, visual artist
tlisa, creator
Perry Rath, Visual artist
Jill Smith, Visual artist
Bishara Elmi, Visual Artist and Writer
Luke G, Musician
Kendra Robertson Ainsworth, Cultural worker
Kaley McKean, Illustrator
Jessica Slipp, Visual artist
Theodore Fox, Graduate student/TA
Asoudeh Novin, Artist
Yasmine Fouad, Affiliated to the community
Jess Goldman, writer and comics artists; cultural worker
Mieke DeVries, Writer
Sharon Luk, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair 2
Stephanie Ng, Art Therapist
Malek Abisaab, Associate Professor, McGill
jacqueline gallos aquines, visual artist
Ashlih Iman Kassam (DJ Bombae), DJ, Performer, Event Curator
Katia Gagnon, Visual artist
Nina ribac, Acadmic
Madison Trusolino, postdoctoral fellow
Soft Trash Studio, Visual artist, writer, tattoo artist, illustrator, portrait artist, and graphic designer
Jasmine Sihra, Cultural worker at FOFA Gallery, Concordia University
Tasha Roop, Clinical counsellor
Eli Hirtle, Cultural worker
Dana Alwazani, Graphic Designer
River Rossi, PhD Candidate
Elise Hyrak, Writer
Dima Yassine, Journalist and visual artist
Seraph-Eden Boroditsky, Métis Artist & AGM of Shakespeare in The Ruins
Entangled Roots Press, Visual artist & cultural worker
Davita Guslits, Student Concordia University
Aisha amjad, Human
Talla El senoussi, Visual artist
Thea Haines, Artist, Designer and Educator
June Dao, comic artist
Dr. Magdalena Olszanowski, Professor, Dawson College
Nadia Shihab, Assistant Professor
Nathan Rivas, Student
Lan “Florence” Yee, Visual artist
T. Liem, Writer
Karen Pearlston, Professor
Georgia Phillips-Amos, Cultural Worker/PhD student, Concordia University
Melissa Reber Gamal, Ya Amar Dance, Dancer
Veronica Fredericks, Cultural Worker
Letticia Cosbert Miller, Curator & Doctoral Student
Ahmed Atalla, Artist
Alina Yakus, Costume designer
Laura Paolini, media artist
Kerry Recht, Visual artist
Caitlin Lapeña, Visual artist
Lily Kazimiera, Actor, Writer, Picture Editor
Lianne Yoshida, Doctor
Salma Amer, Sessional Lecturer, Researcher – Media producer
Li Yang, visual artist
Sumeet Shergill, Adjunct Professor
Julia mcdougall, Yawn
Cleo Sallis-Parchet, Student, York University
Eleanor Davis, Cartoonist & illustrator
Eliana Stemm, Student Animator, Sheridan College
Masa Kateb, Storyteller
Taz Solace, Multidisciplinary artist and cultural worker
Catherine de Montreuil, Artist, Cultural Worker
Mariah-Rose Marie, graphic novelist
Nayla Naoufal, Researcher, cultural worker and curator
Matthew Karas, Musician, cultural worker
Erica Genereux Smith, filmmaker/cultural worker
Stephanie Cantin-Nantel, Bellydancer
Krims, Musician
Sydney Wreaks, Visual artist and art educator
Art or Die, Cartoonist
Lynn Kodeih, Visual artist
Amery Sandford, Visual Artist
Todd Bose, Visual artist
Cassandra Fox, Dancer
Emma, Musician/ artist
Arianne Des Rochers, Assistant Professor, Université de Moncton
Ana Gold, Musician and teacher
Rebeka Workye, Researcher
Svetla Turnin, Executive Director – Cinema Politica, Film Producer
Jasmine Hynes, Cultural Worker, Arts Administrator
Amy Bugg, Entertainment
Alyssa Nedich, Dancer, arts educator
Adi Berardini, Artist/writer
Ashley Randall-c, Visual and performing artist
Li Johnstone, Cultural worker
Sophia Smith, Filmmaker
dxtr X, improbablist
Joey, Visual artist
Hazel Eckert, Visual artist
Joan Pennings, retired teacher
Meredith Lingerfelt, Artist
Jane Kalmakoff, musician
Nazik Nurelhuda, Status only Associate Professor University of Toronto
Yvette, Hair stylist
Kevin murrell, Musician
Mundy McLaughlin, Artist/Author
Jessica DiMento, Producer
Nick Ferrio, Musician
Alexandra Snelgrove, Tattoo artist
Sarah Brawley, Dance artist
Balbir K Singh, Professor
Ez naive art, Illustration artist
Patricia Ritacca, cultural worker
Ella Dawn McGeough, Visual artist
Annelies Cooper, PhD candidate and instructor, York University
Rahma Shere, Educator, Community Arts Organization
Jordan Aelick, Cartoonist
Sarah Ens, Poet
Capp Larsen, Cultural Worker
Dylan Penner, Musician
Amélia Simard, Filmmaker
Val Bah, Artist
Jeff Nowers, Anglican priest
Jackson Nair, Theatremaker
Sarah Trad, Artist, Activist
Natasha Whyte-Gray, Designer
Rimal Mahleb, Phd student, UdeM
Dana Neilson, Visual artist
Malika Djender, Law student
Sharlene Bamboat, Artist / Filmmaker / Cultural Worker
Tania Algebori, Research and charity worker
sheila delany, professor SFU; poet and fiction writer
Reeham Mourad, PhD student at UIC
David Moffette, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
Nada Ahmed Abdel Wahab, Managing Director
Lisa cristinzo, Visual artist
Tawhida Tanya Evanson, writer
May Chew, Assistant Professor, Concordia University
Nadia Akbarali, visual artist/cultural worker
Jacqui Arntfield, Artist & Cultural Worker
Bri Vermeer, Visual Artist and Educator
Wendel vistan, Artist
Preet Kang, Research Coordinator – UBC
Jazmen downey, Support worker
Klein CK, cultural worker
Carol Eugene Park, Graduate student at U of T, freelance journalist
Noah Sherrin, Composer
Daniel Sarah Karasik, writer and editor
Alannah Fricker, Illustrator; Graduate Student, UofT
Domo Lemoine, musician / educator
Lexi, Sound & video artist
Leïla Boudjelal, Cultural worker
Julien Simard, Ph.D., Musician and social gerontologist
Lexie Milmine, PhD Candidate
Deirdre Wilson, Ceramist
Elyze Venne-Deshaies, Artist, musician and teacher
Maria Khorzom, sound artist
Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes, Artist
Esmé Pine, Teacher
Naghmeh, Musician
Roby Gareau, Visual Artist
Qavangat Angalik, Author
Shantha Roberts, Filmmaker, writer, cultural worker
Umer Javed, Creative Director
Luciana Fortes, Dance artist
Aziz Zoromba, Director
Allison Burda, Visual artist
Jade Ravary, Professor at Commission scolaire de Montreal
Firas Nassri, Musician
Macdonald Scott, Immigration Consultant
Julia Issa, Student
Kristy Morgan, Film producer and director
Chesley Walsh, Musician
Jonathan Jose Zamora Olarte, Visual artist
Gabby Tomlinson, Writer, film worker
Chantal Khoury, Visual Artist, Sessional Lecturer
Ramolen Laruan, visual artist
Dayna Danger, Visual artist, PhD Concordia University
Shoak Alhussami, Dance artist
Haley Sheppard, Independent Artist, Graduate Student Wilfrid Laurier University
Sarah Bakke, cultural worker, DOXA Documentary Film Festival
David Woodward, Visual Artist
Zoe mccrea, Cultural worker
Olivia Johnston, Visual artist
Jem Whidden, Visual Artist
Althea Thauberger, visual artist, professor
Morgana McKenzie, Filmmaker and visual artist
Florianne Philippe-Beauchamp, Performance artist
Rachel, Magazine editor and bookseller
Tammy Ratcliff, Visual artist
Jennifer Ritter, Visual artist/musician
sara wylie, filmmaker
Sana Goel, Visual artist
Liberté-Anne Lymberiou, Musician composer
Cassie Norton, musician (violinist, singersongwriter) and teacher with Community Music Schools of Toronto
Sierra Barber, Visual artist
Alex Robichaud, cultural worker
Aretha laverne, Visual Artist
Erin McFarlane, Instructor
Yasmeen Nematt Alla, Interdisciplinary Artist & Writer
Maximilian Flint, Filmmaker, visual artist and musician
Rachel Guglielmelli, Visual artist
Ashley Rhianne, Dancer & Pilates instructor
seth cardinal dodginghorse, visual artist
Amelia Thorp, PhD Candidate
Dallas Fellini, Curator
kathy feng, visual artist
Sadru Walji, PhD Student, McMaster University
Saysah, Multisensorial Artist
Evan Swain, Visual artist
Amelia Barnes, Science Teacher
Max Lester, Artist
Michele, filmmaker
Gabrielle Mulholland, Visual artist and cultural worker
Hong Kal, Asian art historian
Genevieve Flavelle, Scholar, Curator
Alexis, Performing artist
Thibault Legal, Artist
Nusrat Naomi, Story & vis/dev artist, animation student @ Sheridan College
Vanessa Bell, author
Gaelle Legrand, Film director and editor, student in fine arts
Nathalie Sereda-Bazinet, Visual artist, MFA candidate Concordia University
Mary dela Torre, Writer and artist
Yousif Kairee, Filmmaker & Artist
Maria Esthela, Visual Artist
Patrick de Belen, Spoken Word Artist, Filmmaker
Caitlin Hartnett, EdD, EdD, Health sector
Kristen Buckley, Writer
Myrriah Gomez, Professor
Clea Christakos-Gee, Visual Artist
Morgan Bimm, Assistant Professor
Natasha Brennan, Visual artist
ruth spitzer, teacher, designer, artist
heather canlas rigg, curator
Ben Balcom, Artist & Professor (UW-Milwaukee)
Emily Eaton, Professor, University of Regina
névé dumas, Poet
Morgane Lecocq-Lemieux, cultural worker
Ibrahim Issa, Filmmaker
Mary Benedetti, Social Worker
Dr. Tonya Smith, UBC Forestry, Postdoctoral Fellow
Nicole Rifkin, Illustrator
Mars Souleil – DJ TRINIDADDY, DJ, Artist, Curator/Event Planner
Aga Szmygin, Visual artist
Jalen Frizzell, Visual Artist
Michelle Paterok, Visual artist
Meilani, Cultural worker at an Asian museum
Robin Luckwaldt, Drama therapist, student, theatre artist; ACTRA & NADTA
Victoria Jacko-Reynolds, Phd student in biology
Aisha Aminu, Knowledge worker/Librarian, University of Toronto
Hyungu Kang, Cultural Worker
Josema Zamorano, artist
Carter Fredericks de Ara√∫jo, Visual Artist Activist
Aman Samra, Filmmaker, Cinematographer
Carmella Gray-Cosgrove, writer
Sunera Thobani, Professor
Eden Solomon, dance artist
Tonya Cattan, Singer
Anna Kruzynski, Professor, SCPA, Concordia University
Moël, Musical Artist
Fred (Amanda) Seabrook, Early childhood educatir and PhD student at Western University
Maryam majin, Visual artist
Siobhan, Artist
Madeline Mckinnell, Art educator, High school teacher, puppeteer
Steve Bates, Artist
Danuta Sierhuis, Cultural worker
Saelan Twerdy, cultural worker
Andrew Appelle, Filmmaker
Amilah Baksh, professor
Natasha Roberts, Visual artist
Noor Al-Mosawi, Visual artist
Emma White, Visual Artist
Karina Roman Justo, Independent curator and educator
Christine York, Concordia University
Kristine mifsud, Artists
Alexander Weheliye, Professor
Raymond Boisjoly, Visual artist, Simon Fraser University
Helena darling, Tattoo artist
Irum Chorghay, Writer and multidisciplinary artist
Nicole Conboy, Visual Artist
Jessica Gabriel, theatre artist
Abigail Bakan, Professor, University of Toronto
Marin Boyle, Artist
Emily Fedoruk, Sessional Lecturer, UBC
Anna Swanson, Writer
Kellie, Researcher & Director
Individual, Postdoctoral fellow
Krystal Kreye, PhDC, NSSR
Rain Cabana-Boucher, Artist
Karalyn Reuben, Visual Artist
Rawan Ramini, Film maker
Heather Chetwynd, professor
Carolyn Combs, Filmmaker
Rosemary Collard, Professor
Rowan O’Brien, filmmaker and writer
Alaina Ravello, Professional dancer
Nicholas Vieira, PhD student, McGill University
Yasmine Haiboub, Visual artists
Joshua Falek, York University
Naomi Skwarna, Cultural worker
Kole Kilibarda, Researcher and Educator
Hagstooth, Visual artist
Lark Biers, Visual artist
HK Jackson, artist/ writer
Rudayna Bahubeshi, Board Member, Black Artists’ Networks in Dialogue
Anna Eyler, Artist
Margo Sorbara, Artist
Craig Francis Power, Writer/visual artist
Salman Hussain, York University
San Farafina, Artist
Dylan Tate-Howarth, Theatre artist / stage manager
Em Dial, Writer
Katia Lo Innes, Writer and journalist, The Breach
Ronnie Joy Leah, Ph.D., Academic Instructor, Athabasca University
Brian McBay, Arts administrator
Marie Frédérique Gravel, Theater worker
Chantel Mierau, Visual Artist
Hima Batavia, Performance Artist
Zelina Aziz, photographer
Asad Ismi, Writer
Chantelle Blagrove, Creative Producer
Mathura Mahendren, Storyteller / Researcher
Huda Alkhatib, Architect
Cerrucha, Artist and activist
Po B. K. Lomami, Artist-researcher, MFA candidate, Concordia University
E.K. Chan, Artist
Hardeep shergill, Toronto District School Board teacher
Samira Banihashemi, Musician
Satrio Prahasto, Filmmaker
Katie Hughes, Cultural Worker
Melissa Beaudoin, Art History and Film Studies Undergraduate
Carthy Ngo, Filmmaker
Sophie Dubeau Chicoine, Academic and cultural worker
Pauline Nguyen, cultural worker, artist
Samay Arcentales, Artist
River Halen, writer
Nadia Moss, Visual Artist, professor Dawson College
Sue Shon, professor
Narjis, Human
Françoise Miquet, Chargée de cours et doctorante, Université de Montréal
Rayannah Kroeker, Artist
Individual, Professor, OCADU
Ryan Danny Owen, Visual artist
Jordyn Julianna, visual artist
Simon, Artist
Sarah Hughes, Artist
Claudia Vergara, MES, York University
Sonya Ben Yahmed, Phd student, UdeM
Margaret Lapp, MA Student, Art History
Andrew Wang, Design and Illustrator
Charles-Éli Laurin, visual artist student
Brianna Tosswill, Visual Artist
Emma Seligman, Filmmaker
Jacynthe Longpré, Artist
Isis Giramdo, musician
Missy LeBlanc, Curator
Victor Babin, Student-Researcher in Political Philosophy
Maria Patricia Abuel, Artist and cultural worker
Simone Kousol-Graham, Visual Artist
Kaia B.L., Musician
Jon Iñaki, cartoonist and art handler
Kimmortal, Musician
Leah Chochinov, Cultural Studies teaching assistant at McMaster
Kelcie Jones, Educator, Sommelier, Writer
aby vladianu, Film Artist
Em Barton, PhD Candidate
Adam Waito, Illustrator, animation industry
Annie C, Visual artist
Taylor, Social worker
Rowen Daley, Illustrator
Steve Nguyen, Designer
Bill Skidmore, Retired professor (Carleton University)
Amanda Huynh, Professor
Angelicadata, visual artist
Siyuu, Visual Artist
Iris Benedikt, Visual Artist, educator
Thomas Chan, Cultural Worker, University of Toronto
Ashvini Sundaram, Dance artist
Godfre Leung, PhD, Curator, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
Wendy Matsumura, Associate Professor
Özgün Gündüz, Documentary Filmmaker
Luke Mars, visual artist
Dima Tattan, Visual Artist
Sinead Julia Penner, Film maker
Amour Lynx, Visual artist/cultural worker
Katey Campbell, Graduate Student
NORMAN NAWROCKI, cultural worker
Pallavi Thampi, Researcher
Tanya Spahmann, student of social work and writer
Saf, fashion designer
soma khan, architectural designer
Meriem Chowdhury, Professor and illustrator
Malaika Hamid, Fashion Designer
Nurgul Rodriguez, Middle Eastern immigrant woman artist
Sarah Teixeira St-Cyr, Film Curator and Cultural Programmer
Jillian Fulton-Melanson, Professor, York University
Sepideh Dashti, Visual artist
Laurence Beaudoin Morin, visual artist
Aparna Ravi, Lecturer
Mathieu Blackburn, Musician
Sara Naveed, Artist
sarah koekkoek, movement artist
Jessica Zepeda, Performance artist
Savannah Nisblé, Designer
Gem Hall, Visual Artist
Emily Davidson, Artist, MFA student
Devon, Visual artist
Vanessa Brown, artist
Emmanuel Madan, arts worker
Lenny Broadfoot, Visual and ceramics artist
Adrienne kammerer, Visual artist
Mahlet cuff, Arts cultural worker
Owain Lawson, Lecturer, Cardiff University
Amanda Proctor, Writer, MFA Candidate, University of Guelph
Virginie Fillion, Visual artist
Nishi, cultural worker
Holly ward, Professor
Bleue Teyssier, cultural worker
Rose Bousamra, Cartoonist
Natalie gallagher, Ph.D./ professor/ artist (Syracuse university)
Annalissa, Cultural worker
dorothea paas, musician
Diyar Mayil, Artist
Pat Ryder, Photographer
Nesrine Bessaïh, Professor (UQAM)
lubna safaa, Instructor – carleton university
Jesper Nurkkala, Visual Artist
Veronica Roy, Artist and cultural worker
Kesha Frank, Goldsmith
Samir Ballou, Film Programmer
eryn tempest, Artist
Jay Davison, Visual artist / NSCAD University
Tabban Soleimani, Visual Artist
Pansee Atta, Artist, curator, researcher
The Wild Woman, Curator. Spoken Word Artist.
Stefana Fratila, Sound artist
Chelsea, Textile artist
Hermine Ortega, Éditrice
Sandra Brewster, Visual Artist
Vanessa Oliver, Professor
Rouzbeh Shadpey, Artist
Jonathan Crefeld II, Filmmaker
Anah Shabbar, Cultural Producer
Kira the Oddist, Artist
Kinga Michalska, Visual artist
Russell Louder, Musician, producer, composer
Allie Winton, Cultural Worker, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in
Timothy Manalo, Visual artist
Hajar Moradi, Visual artist
Todd Lumley, Musician
Holly Chang, Cultural worker
Andi State, Filmmaker
Luca Rubinstein, Visual artist
Sarah Sarofim, cultural worker
Emily McDougall, Tattooer
Carmen alonso, Visual artist
Leisl Adams, Author/Illustrator
Jackson Darby, Artist
Simone Schmidt, Cultural Worker
Rickie Leach, Artist
Veerle Melis, Visual Artist
Taylor MacKenzie, Artist
Cupid (Tisza) Pal, Illustrator
Sara Haroun / BYTHESTRANGE, Tattoo artist
Mafalda esteves, Resear assistant Ces-uc
Tracy Hurren, Editor
August Graves, Visual Artist
JoJo Chooi-Harley, Visual Artist, Social Worker
Felicity DeCarle, Musician
Andreya, Art director
Danielle Smith, Cultural worker
Kasey Hussey, Visual artist amateur photograhy
Rebeca Ortiz, Filmmaker
Sally Wolchyn-Raab, Visual artist and artistic director of Eyelevel, Ashkenazi Jew
Catherine Walther, Retired Hospital Chaplain
Prakash Krishnan, Cultural worker
Odera Igbokwe, Visual artist
Beth Syrnyk, Performing Arts
Dayna McLeod, Performance artist
Katie Sullivan, Curator
BASILE PHILIPPE, Preforming art artist
Irfan Ali, writer
E.G. Alaraj, Children’s Author
Camille Jemelen, interdisciplinary artist
Melly davidson, Artist, educator
Bree Paulsen, writer, artist, cartoonist
Ishita Tiwary, .
Steven J. Lourenço, Artist, musician, arts worker
Kevin Hegge, Filmmaker
Hatem Aly, Illustrator/Artist
Alan Sears, Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
Rachel Yavnai, Academic
Cinzia Campolese, Visual artist
Bri Foster, Visual artist
Anne Azucena, Artist
Meganelizabeth Diamond, Artist
Laura Smith, Musician
Tara Lynn MacDougall, Artist
Manuela Villegas, Nail artist
Ben Sears, Cartoonist
Kim Neudorf, artist/teacher
Reb Black, Craft worker
Jessica Roy, Cultural worker
Tynesha F, Animator
Suzannah Moore, Writer, white settler Canadian
Beth Warrian, Filmmaker
Sarah Barone, visual Artist
claire burelli, visual artist
Sarah May Taylor, visual artist
Gabby, Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Memoona, Researcher
Elyssa Skode, Artist
Selina, psychology student
Justine Rosario, Tattoo artist
Emerson Maxwell, Visual Artist
Jas Nasty, DJ
Sebastian Frye, Designer
Claire Freeman-Fawcett, Writer
Gionni Blas, Actor, visual artist, writer.
Paul Daniel Torres, Filmmaker, Cultural Worker
Safiyah, Dancer and dance teacher
Emery Lee, Author
Lucas P, Visual artist
L, Visual artist
Adam Bovoletis, Artist
Shayna Stevenson, Artist
Brian St. Denis, arts worker
Arianna Williams, Illustrator and Visual Artist
Satina, Student
Nathan Donovan, Artist
Assistant Prof., Professor, University of Waterloo
Isabelle, Visual artist
Jesook Song, Professor, University of Toronto
Olive Wei, Curator, cultural worker
Nik Arthur, Visual Artist
Jesse Birch, Curator / Artist
Nicole Ji Soo Kim, Artist
Theodore Fu, Fashion Designer/Artist
Jenn Nucum, Musician
Kelty McKerracher, Legal scholar, community-engaged artist
Jonathan Sterne, Professor, McGill University
Ximena huizi, Performance artist
Mezari Atelier & Boutique, Artist
Sayonara Cunha, Cultural Worker
Michele Theriault, curator, writer, artistic director
Francesca Daoust, Musician – Ghostly Hounds
Laura Jeffery, Choreographer/Musician
Kimberly Orjuela, Visual Artist
Laura Vaz-Jones, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Tucker Van Opens, Visual artist
Julia Eilers Smith, Curator, Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery
Mariel Rutherford, visual artist
Isabella Vella, visual artist
Louise Stevens, Writer
Adeline Poufong, Artist
Carly Fedak, Florist
Hend Ben Salah, PhD Student, UQAM
Máire Noonan, Chargée de cours, Université de Montréal, Département de linguistique et de traduction
Dominick McDuffie, Artist
David Caterini, Educator
Monica kopec, Visual artist
carly boyce, artist and cultural workers
Gui B.B, Performance artist
Brett Cox, Sustainability in Research Coordinator
Sam Rowan, Graduate Student York University, Educational Support Toronto Metropolitan University
Antonio Rodas, Artist & Designer
Murielle Chan, Literature professor, Collège Montmorency
Christopher Yip, Visual Artist
Winnie Bower, Cultural worker
Bruno Vompean, Audiovisual Artist (independent) and academic staff (University of Toronto)
Kimberly Richards, University of British Columbia
Megan Franklyne, Cultural worker
Hanna Zeïda, Cultural worker
Jacqueline Barnes, Graphic Novelist
Alexis O’Hara, Live Artist
Michael Noppers, Artist
Saffron Maeve, Writer
Amed Aroche, visual artist
Noel Pendawa, Filmmaker
Geneviève Marois-Lefebvre, Visual artist
Casper Sutton-Fosman, Visual artist and academic
Reem Al-Wakeal, Artist
Laura Broadbent, Writer
Abigail E. Celis, Assistant Professor
Jamie Ross, Visual artist, filmmaker
Fion Nguyen, Visual artist
Studio 201, Tattoo artist
Brian Dang, MFA student at Brown University
Florencia Sosa Rey, visual artist
Haidi Mohsen el bassiony, Independent artist
Kendra Baker aka Master Cameron Eric Leon, Multidisciplinary
Craig Scorgie, Film Editor, Directors’ Guild of Ontario
Marcelle Kosman, Instructor, University of Alberta
Grace W, artist
Mie Beers, Visual artist, Concordia university
Hadis Fard, Media Artist
Kristen Lewis, Phd student
Emine Behnam, Humanitarian
Aseel Azab-Osman, PhD student, Brown University
Alex Snukal, Assistant Librarian, University of Manitoba
Noah Cannon, MSc geographer and musician
Nesa Huda, Writer/Director
Ruby Warren, Librarian at the University of Manitoba
Alana McPherson, Visual Artist
Juan manuel, Worker
Karen Law, Visual artist
William Clare Roberts, Associate Professor of Political Science, McGill University
Silas Goodman, Composer/Filmmaker
Drew Nelles, Cultural worker
Anita Abbasi, Filmmaker
Marwan Sekkat, Artist
Carlyn Bezic, Musician
Yasmine, Artist
Tiera Joly pavelich, Cultural worker
Kaleah Lee, musical / visual artist
Aaron Richmond, Artist, Concordia University
Amoya Ree, Artist
Dur e Aziz Amna, Writer
Syana Barbara, DJ
Sask Dispatch, editor, Sask Dispatch
Vjosana S, filmmaker
Tannara Yelland, writer/editor
Emma Brack, Artist
Robin Riad, Filmmaker
I, Designer
Accalia Robertson, Dance artist, academic
Mic Jones, Writer
Ramin Danyal, Makeup Artist
Jordyn Sheldon, Instructor – University of Winnipeg
Maude Arsenault, Visual artist
Dina El Sabbagh, Artist
Naomi Grace, Interdisciplinary Artist
Peter Bussigel, professor and artist
Alyssa Alikpala, visual artist
Shokoufeh Sakhi, Scholar
Jessica Deutsch, Musician
Anna Morreale, Actor
Noah Malcolm, Musician
Vannessa Barnier, Artist & Writer
Derek Coulombe, Writer
Alexa Bunnell, Visual Artist, Writing, Arts Administrator
kurichkaaa, poet
Hanna Peters, Filmmaker
Habib Bardi, Musician
Scarlett Rose, Musician and Artist
Teagan Campbell, Tattoo artist
k. r., poet
Anna Hatton, Dancer
Gabby L., Performing Artist
Ghazi Ben Achour, Musician
Mahin Sekendra, Cultural Worker
Amy Macdonald, musician and cultural worker
Dave Kitter, Musician
Tamara Lee, Cultural worker, queer arts festival
Bronwyn, Poetry reader and outreach coordinator, Yolk Literary Magazine
Melinda González, Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
Antoine Bustros, Artist
Alex Workman, Graphic Designer
Benjamin Frey, Illustrator, Non-regularized Instructor, Capilano University
Dalia Ibrahim, Visual artist
Balogh, Musician
Sabrien amrov, Lecturer
Jordan frank, Tattooer
Husna Farooqui, Cultural Worker
nayla dabaji, visual artist
Angel Lok, Visual artist
Elea Saunier, Musician
Hannah Meeson, University student
Thomas Speakman, Musician – Boha
owen boucher, actor/playwright
Shaun Weadick, Musician, Professor – Champlain Lennoxville
Reem Mandil, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Philip Leonard Ocampo, Visual Artist, Curator, Arts Worker
Setrag Manoukian, Associate Professor, McGill University
Dylan Evans, Visual Artist
Jenna Collignon, Author, editor, social media manager
Catherine Paradis, Graphic Designer
Morris Fox, visual artist, phd candidate (concordia u)
Stephen Aberle, Performer
Riana Jimenez, Tattoo artist
Gerson, Filmmaker
Kevin Walby, Professor, University of Winnipeg
Logan Klassen, Recording Artist
Lindsay Gladding, MSW student, Wilfrid Laurier University
Brayden Naka, Visual Artist
Mikaela kautzky, Visual artist
Frances Friesen, retired mental health clinician
Richard Wenger, Musician
Tia mahon, Mother
Emily Ellis, Filmmaker
Adrien Crossman, Visual Artist, Assistant Professor at McMaster University
Charlie Walker, Visual artist, musician
Paul Nadeau, Visual Artist
Sara Sutterlin, Writer
Warren Harper, curator
Sophia Oppel, Artist / Professor
Nik C-O, Artist
Shaun, Visual Artist
Alli, Musician
Andrew Switzer, Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
Athena, Designer
Nariman Ansari, Visual artist
Jean Mathew, Painter
Mark Goodwin, Librarian, University of British Columbia
Leena Manimekalai, Poet, Independent Filmmaker, Educator
SF Ho, artist
Sanniah Jabeen, PhD candidate University of Toronto
Navid Navab, Research Director and Artist
Candice Weber, Visual Artist
Nailah, Visual artist / culture worker / abolitionist
Kathleen elliott, photographer
Sahra, Student
Vanessa Yuen, Artist
Maria Zaslavsky, Cultural worker
Brianne Jemm, DJ/ promoter
Elena Razlogova, Associate Professor, Concordia University
Hadley Howes, Artist & educator
Jules Vodarek Hunter, Theatre artist
Shaimaa Kraba, Author to be
amaaya dasgupta, visual artist
Calla Evans, General Manager OAFAC
Sanaa Humayun, Artist
Sindi Pinari, Writer, Student, Frontline Community Worker
Ali Smears, PhD Candidate, Concordia University
Fehn Foss, visual artist
Stephania Woloshyn, Musician, Designer
Nicola Wanless, Graduate Student, writer
Chachi Revah, Visual Artist
Finn Arbor, Graduate Student & Teacher Candidate, OISE UofT
Sam Filipenko, Research Program Manager, UBC
Stephanie Sinclair, Filmmaker
Arwa, Graduate student
Sandra Sabbagh, Grad student
Tatiana Arocha, Visual Artist
Kate Wong, Curator
Terez, Singer-Songwriter and Producer
Soha Waheed, Analyst
Liesl A., Artist/Game Designer
Lina Hegazi, Cultural worker
Tommy Pal, Artist and Filmmaker
Nisha Platzer, Filmmaker
Sayem Khan, cultural worker, art dealer
Aman Sandhu, Artist
Fareena C., artist
Maha Khan, Visual Artist
Justin Tracy, Visual artist
Katerina Zoumboulakis, Filmmaker
Emaan shaikh, Visual artist, conservator
Julien Quesne, PhD Candidate in Sociology – UQAM
Cherisse Fernandes, Artist
Dylan homer, Artist
Katy Borges, visual artist
Stefany arsenault, Singer & master student at McGill
Amna Nawab, Fibre Artist, Artist Facilitator at Textile museum of canada, Malton Women’s council, Moyo Clinic
Andrea Howard, Cultural worker, Art Gallery of Hamilton
Vicki Sue Machin, Dance artist
Shanisha Gordon-Mitchell, Academic
Angie Gunn, SINGER
Spaceman Ink, Tattoo/visual artist
Skye Maule-O’Brien, Principal lecturer, WdKA
Sabrina Maiorano, PhD Student in sexology, UQAM
Dia Da Costa, Professor
Ben Bogart, Media Artist
D. Allen, Poet and multidisciplinary artist
Jaspal Birdi, Visual Artist
Ira kazi, Art historian
Simon Fuh, Visual artist
Miranda Jones, artist
Fan Wu, poet and performance artist
Kuh Del Rosario, Visual artist
Emma, Visual artist
Mourad Bncr, Artist
Kit Holden-Ada, Visual artist
Valerie C, artist
Sana Huda, Psychotherapist
Iva Delic, Composer
Shetu Modi, Filmmaker
Deandra Christopher, Educator
Maxine Segalowitz, Dance artist
Michael Rancic, Journalist
Emma Burgess, culinary artist
Al Kelly, Musician
saad, artist & academic
Lis Xu, visual artist
Zoe Alexis-Abrams, Musician and visual artist
Todd Stewart, artist
Rana Kadry, Illustrator
Ali O, Musician
Elaine Fafard-Marconi, Cultural worker
Jill Krajewski, Writer
Angus Reid, Canadian citizen/PhD candidate (UC Berkeley)
Akilah, Artist
Paula Ner Dormiendo, Filmmaker
Rémi Morais, Visual artist
Jed Nabwangu, Filmmaker
Emily Doucet, Academic, McGill University
Sheba Thibideau, Classical musician
Anna Ziemelis, Visual artist and tattoo artist
Kimberlee C. Nesbitt, PhD Student
Madeline Collins, art writer and visual artist
Sandrine Archambault, Visual artist, tattooer
Rajee Paña Jejishergill, Regular Part-time Faculty, NSCAD University
Sarah McNamara, Writer
Katy B Plummer, Artist and educator
Caroline Shenaz Hossein, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Sid Drmay, Interdisciplinary artist
Makenzie Salmon, PhD Student, Carleton University
Ariel Kroon, Independent Scholar
Sophie Sabet, Visual artist
Joséphine Rivard, cultural worker and curator
Tom Arthur Davis, Arts Worker
Christophe Barbeau, Visual artist
Racquel Villagante, Artist/Creative Consultant
Stacy Lee, Filmmaker
Danica Drago, Visual Artist & Educator
Kim Kielhofner, Visual artist
Terri Lynn Haines, Doula
Michael LaPointe, Author
Swapnaa Tamhane, Artist/Curator
Kayla Johnson, Visual artist, biologist
Monica Trieu, visual artist
arkadi lavoie lachapelle, Visual artist
Hamid Muktar, Mr
Zaid Bustami, Musician, Actor
Sanjum Gupta, Art Therapist
Emilee Nimetz, Actor, Filmmaker
Maria Rodriguez, Producer
Farida Mohamed, Teacher
Evelyne Morin, Art director / Set designer
Joni Low, writer, curator, Cultural Worker, Doctoral Fellow, SFU
Casper, visual artist
Ann Fu, Artist
Cassandra Lalee, Paralegal
Catherine Lamoureux, Artist –
Laurie McLaughlin, free-lance editor
Claudia Edwards, Artist & Cultural Worker
Karl Ventura, tattoo artist & illustrator
Sara Awad, Cultural worker
Abby Maxwell, artist + grad student @ Concordia
Jared Wonago, Actor
Jacquelyn Z Ross, writer, arts worker
Brad Casey, writer
Elizabeth MacKenzie, cultural worker
Meagan Tucker, Tattoo artist
Sophia Larigakis, Art worker
Kirk Lisaj, Photographer
Chahinez Bensari, Visual artist
Alanna Edwards, Artist
Jasmine Liaw, Freelance Digital Artist
Maude Veilleux, Poet
Paul Lofeodo, Visual artist and cultural worker
Ali Satri Efendi, Filmmaker, Milisifilem
M Gnanasihamany, visual artist, writer
Kim Dhillon, Writer, curator, adjunct
Dave Thomas, Professor
Sarah Fordyce, Visual artist
Birdie Gerhl, Artist
Charlene Smith, Author
Rania Tfaily, Professor
Lily, Designer
Oliver Husain, visual artist
Brooklyn Harker, Assistant Director in Film & Television
Nadine violette, Cultural worker, York University
Grace Kalyta, Visual Artist
Elizabeth Mudenyo, Writer
Katarina Holbrough, Visual artist & cultural worker
James Beirne, academic, York University
Samantha S., Visual Artist
Graham Krenz, Visual artist
Eden Fournier, Researcher
Vishwaveda Joshi, Independent Artist and Researcher, Graduate Student, York University
Grant, Artist and student at western university
Sohail Kajal, PhD scholar Concordia University
Andrew maize, Artist
B. Brookbank, Visual artist
Catherine Slilaty, visual artist
Meron, Writer
Justine Abigail Yu, Cultural worker, writer, facilitator – Living Hyphen
Roy Luo, Designer
Hazel Meyer, artist
Anouska Kirby, Cultural worker
Amélie Brindamour, Visual artist
Maia Weintrager, Visual artist
Laura Janet Ward, Artist
Olivia Cavanagh, Student at Concordia University
Jenelle M. Pasiechnik, Curator of Contemporary Art
Rita Amabili – Editions Guido Amabili, Cultural Worker
Rita Amabili, Cultural worker
Todd Houseman, Actor
Radin Khodadadi, Filmmaker
Brock Edwards, Instructor, University of Manitoba
Jules Zuckerberg, Visual artist
Immony Men, Assistant Professor, OCAD Universiry
Emily Murphy, PhD Student, Brock University
Jennifer Awad, Abstract Artist
Roxanne Fernandes, Arts Worker
Ariel Shea, Visual Artist
Anna Horvath, musician
Natalie Lauchlan, Visual Artist + Educator
Amineh Sharifi, Artiste de théâtre
Ali kays, Visual artist
Hannah Crouse, Graduate Student, Dalhousie University
Taylor Rivers, Producer
Brian Walters, Musician
Sinéad O’Halloran, Carleton University graduate student
Zoe Newman, Academic worker, York University
shauna paull, poet
Sofia Sue-Wah-Sing, Artist
Saman Salman, Visual Artist
Individual, Visual Artist
Valentina Lozano Leon (la pupila), Visual artist
Robyn Maynard, Assistant professor, University of Toronto
Sahar Rana, Visual artist
Rosanna Maule, Professor, Concordia University
Sarah Dowling, University of Toronto
Sergio Concha, Visual Artist
Sade Alexis, Visual artist and student
alissa hamilton, visual artist, teacher
Yekta Çetinkaya, visual artist, cultural worker
Alessandra Abballe, Visual Artist
Gaetano Marco Latronico, PhD Student, Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra
Aaron St Laurent, Physician (MD), Assistant Professor
Alican Koc, Scholar and musician
Sabrina Moella, Artist
Kat Dodds, Visual Artist, writer, filmmaker
Sal Lovink McKinnell, Textile Artist
Gul Caliskan, Professor, St Thomas University
Krista Lynes, Professor, Concordia
Quan Thai, Lecturer, University of Waterloo
tasy, musician
Tristram Pinney, Visual Artist
Henri Fabergé, Performance artist
Jessica Fletcher,
Stella Tago, Musician
Tanha Gomes, Visual artist
Em McCourt, Performing Artist
Léo Henni, Film and theatre researcher and teaching assistant, art-based research PhD student, union executive
Uii Savage, Artist
Raaz Pourfazli, Artist and writer
Nikhil, artist and immigrant worker
Donald Burke, Adjunct Professor, York University
Erin Buelow, Filmmaker
Arielle McCuaig, Visual artist
Hannah Zalaa-Uul, Writer/ Humanitarian Worker
Jovie Galit of Pinay Collection, Founder/Artist
June Hsu, Theatre Designer
Lea Rose Sebastianis, Director
Brenna Beetle, Tattoo artist
Zeina Allouche, Oral History performer
Kosar Movahedi, Visual artist and cultural worker
Aleem Ebrahim, Sales Associate
Don Wilkie, Constellation Records
Tahlia Stacey, Musician
Alicia Hewitt, Artist
Beth Silver, Musician
Melanie Carter, Graphic Designer
Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Dance artist, curator
Vu Ngo, Community Partner
B.W., Visual artist, arts facilitator
Julie Tellier, Cultural worker
Lydia Sam Planetta, Visual artist
Katie Wackett, Artist & Arts Administrator, National accessArts Centre
Alanna Thain, Professor, McGill University
Gordan Sumanski, Digital Creator
Lindsay Dawn Dobbin, Sound Artist/Musician
Aidan Edwards, Composer and Sound Artist
Warren McLachlan, artist
Zainab A, Student
Mahshid Rafiei, Artist
Quinlan Green, theatre artist, cultural worker
Megan Kammerer, Curator
Matthew Sloly, visual artist
Zoë S. A-H, Arts programmer, writer, producer – Also Cool Mag, First Crush Promotion
Michelle Tompkins, Musician
Anna Kramer, Assistant Professor, McGill University
Ross Kelly, Visual artist
Nicholas Bierk, Artist
Teresa Dorey, Visual artist
Shireen Ikramullah Khan, Visual artist
Aimen Khan, Poet
Nicole Levaque, visual artist
Patil Tchilinguirian, Visual artist
Lora McElhinney, activist
Linda Gallant, Musician and arts/movement facilitator
Nada Tariq, Researcher – health promotion
Vanessa Rieger, Artist/technician
Youssef El Khouly, Visual Artist and Cultural Worker
Gloria Wong, Visual artst
Louie Fermor, Visual Artist
Celina, Visual art Concordia
Olivia Bretheau, Visual artist and performer
Safiya Tandera, Visual Artist
Forrest Mortifee, Vocal Artist
Sarah Glass, Graduate Student – Simon Fraser University
Lili Huston-Herterich, Visual artist, resident at Rijksakademie
Pari Ludin, cultural worker, musician, writer
Lux Gow-Habrich, Visual artist
Magín Manolete, Artist in so-called vancouver
Spencer Rothbell, TV Writer, Animation Voice Actor
nyssa brown, artist
Jude Mansour, Artist
Magnolia Pauker, Lecturer, Emily Carr University
CJ Silva / frameweaver, animation artist
Michelle Gagnon-Creeley, Cultural Worker
Lara Sarlak, PhD Candidate at UBC’s Department of Anthropology
Nicholas Tan, PhD Student, Simon Fraser University
Sevda, Visual Artist
Lisa Walker, Artist
Ebru Ustundag, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Tourism Studies, Brock University
Michael Wanless, Sound designer
Lenore Claire Herrem, Multidisciplinary artist
Rutendo Sanganza, Cinematographer
Eliane Achcar, visual artist
Sahar, Audiovisual artist
Kellyann Henderson, Visual artist
Sobia Shaheen Shaikh, Writer, Faculy Member
Lia Valente, Photographer + student
Nicole Cropley, Arts Administrator
Emma green, Visual artist
Muhammad Elkhairy, Filmmaker
Tamia T., Artist
Robin Wong, Concept Artist
Chloé Larivière, Visuel artist
Alex Ramsay, Cultural Worker
Angie Arsenault, Visual artist
Safiya Randera, Visual Artist
Miranda Leibel, Assistant Professor, University of Lethbridge
Nicole Carrington, Visual artist
Thea Yabut, Visual artist
Gabrielle Marceau, Writer
Bipasha Baruah, Professor
Hollie Olenik, Filmmaker
Selena Phillips-Boyle, visual artist
Faisal Karadsheh, Artist
denirée isabel, visual artist
Hannah Levy-Galdino, Musician
Elsie Haddad, Visual artist
Sean stewart, Artist
Rae fleury, Multidisciplinary artist
Atefeh Hedayat, Writer
Ylenia Olibet, Postdoctoral Fellow, McGill University
Madelyne Beckles, Artist
Marie-Michele Cyr, Filmmaker, producer
Rachel Lee, Visual Artist
Lauren Laframboise, PhD Student
Adam Kinner, Artist
Darren Shaen, Artist
Michael V. Smith, Professor
Corine skaf, Dance artist
Marissa Carroll, Student, writer
Amanda Vincelli, cultural worker
Valentina Côté, Water engineer
Erin Konsmo, Visual artist
John Mendoza, Designer
B Mosher, Visual artist and arts worker
Rob Jackson, Instructor and Independent Researcher, University of Alberta & University of Guelph
Andrea kuzmich, Musician
Jessica Felicite, Writer
Shervin Cacchioni, Office Administrator
Ophélie Petit, Photographer
Dedra McDermott, MFA Student, OCAD UNIVERSITY
Sam, Professor
Claudia Mejia Castillo, Filmmaker, Photographer and Cultural Worker
stacey sexton, designer
Maddy Mathews, visual artist
Sarah Davidson, Visual artist
SHANMADE, Visual artist
Kenda, Photographer
Crystal Melville, Cultural Worker
Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, Singer Songwriter
Paige Bromby, Visual Artist
Violaine Saint-Cyr, cultural worker
Mathi lp, Dance artist
Laura Grier, Artist, PhD student
Mahnoor Lodhi, Artsworker
Deepa Nagari, PhD student
Akosua Adasi, Graduate Student, New York University
Eva Crocker, Writrt
Ariel Bader-Shamai, Artist
Lydia Grayson, Academic and Artist
Maude Deslauriers, Artist
Shivam Chadha, PhD candidate, UToronto Biomedical Engineering
Pietro Sammarco, Sound designer & educational programmer
Nick Armstrong, Writer / visual artist
Alma, dancer
Nathalie Michaux, Cultural worker
Ian Reilly, Associate Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University
Renee Dumaresque, PhD Candidate, York University
Amii Spears, Musician, visual artist
Emmanuelle Lippe, Filmmaker
E.B. Hutchins, Comic Book Artist
Jessica McGlynn, Actor/Director
Robin Nishio, Visual Artist
Bassam, Spoken word artist
Joyce Amm, Soft skills trainer through theater
Anna Taylor, Artist
Tugrul Ozer, PhD candidate in University of Alberta
Hannah Quinn, Academic at the university of Toronto
julia hendrickson, filmmaker / artist
Marilou Craft, Artist, writer, cultural worker
Chris Vargas, Musician
Listen Chen, Writer
Sanaz Sohrabi, Artist-filmmaker
Miranda Harmon, visual artist
Alaina Perez, Concordia University, Visual Artist, MFA student
Brian R. Williams, visual artist, adjunct instructor
Rebecca Payne, Visual Artist
Sara Malabar, Theatre Manager
Andrea Sosa Fontaine, Professor
Jules Donner, Fibre Artist
Piper Curtis, Musician, visual artist, Graduate Student at Concordia University, Feminist Media Studio Coordinator
Lucy Howe, Visual Artist
Lynn M Sainté, Visual Artist
Tobi Kassim, Writer
Dan Levy, PhD Student at McGill University
Laura Margita, Artist, cultural worker
Adam Sturgeon, Musician/cultural worker
Noel vezina, Cultural worker and dance artist
Sarah Ruest, Programming Director & Curator @BONAFIDE
Eve T, Artist
Sierra, Artist
Meag Isaacs, illustrator
M. Briggs, Artist & Filmmaker
pauline mousseau, cultural worker
Sylphia Basak, Writer/academic
Ingrid Jones, Visual Artist, Curator
magdalyn asimakis, curator
Adam Gill, Doctoral Candidate
Caylie Runciman, Musician
Mary Chen, visual artist
Karter Masuhara, Artist
Selacia Lafleur, visual artist and beader
Yusuf Saadi, Poet
Jillian Willcott, visual artist
zoe butcher, visual artist
Abisola O., Artist, Graduate student, University of Toronto
Azza Hussein, Visual artist and art educator
Gavin W. Sewell, Visual Artist
Chantal Le, multidisciplinary artist
Rey Zinck, Musician and academic
Harmon, Visual artist
Bea M, Artist
Ksenia Kil, Visual Artist
Erynn Kiffiak, Visual artist
Yujayad, Visual artist
Kristina McMullin, Arts Administrator and Researcher
Zeinab Fakih, Writer
Daria St-Jean, Graduate Student
Antoine Vogler, Visual artist
Seraphine A, Doctoral Researcher
Jessi Zabarsky, visual artist
Pablo Petrucci, Screenwriter, Musician
ViNa Nguyễn, Literary artist and musician
Pri Sharma, ceramics artist
Milo Reinhardt, Artist
Alison kruse, Visual artist
Jose Garcia-Lozano, Artist filmmaker
Aashna Thakkar, Cultural Worker
Ahmed Al-Araj, Student
Gina Al Halabi, Teacher Assistant, Carleton University
Christopher Lacroix, Artist, PhD Student
Danielle Gendron, PhD candidate, UBC
Tyrin Kelly, Visual artist and musician
Dani Hagel, Interdisciplinary artist
Alexander Millington, Cultural Worker
Emma Burnett, Cultural Worker
Hala Khalaf, Writer and music teacher
Paige McLachlan, Visual artist
Vanessa Garcia Parra, web developer
Dr Kyla Sentes, Artisan and former instructor at University of Alberta
Sam Meech, artist
Simone Provenchdr, musician
Marlowe Granados, Novelist
Anne Sobel, Writer & Professor
Avalon Mott, Curator
Julie A, visual artist
Melanie Yan, Visual Artist
Ana Beatriz Cortez, Visual Artist
Fred Stockholder, Assistant Professor Emeritus
Elisa Gilmour, Artist
Liz Xu, Visual artist, technician, Concordia University
Cait brown, Master’s Student York University
Daphne Boxill, Photographer
Emma Fox, Director
Gina, Community Artist
Ginnifer Menominee, Educator/Artist
Leah Schulli, Cultural worker
Jake Runeckles, Theatre Artist
King Ray, Cartoonist
Alexis Poirier-Saumure, PhD candidate, Concordia University
nick dreher, academic
Patrick Cruz, Visual artist and Professor
Kayleigh, Visual artist
Ghizlane, Researcher
Michel Ghanem, Cultural Worker
Diana VanderMeulen, Visual artist
Chloe Lalonde, Artist and cultural worker
Hajar Moradibeni, Art director
Larissa Bablak, Researcher
J. Nagle, Cultural Worker
Daniel Haack, Film Editor
Isabelle Ofume, Cultural Worker
Muna-Udbi Ali, Professor
Jessica Watkin, Artist scholar
Greg Benedetto – Not Dead Yet, Cultural Worker, Artist
Natlie A, cultural worker
Lamya Abraham, Visual Artist
Sana Akram, Media maker, Doctoral Student
Venus Underhill, Visual Artist
Mar Khorkhordina, Visual artist
Katie Ewald, Dancer/Choreographer
Stephanie Power, Professor
Briahna Hendey, Writer and artist, former academic
Hannah Guina, artist
Kate Whiteway, Curator, Independent
Christiana Castillo, Poet
Chris Balcom, PhD Candidate, York University
Delfina Wierzchucka, artist
Kerry Scott, Associate Faculty, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Brigitte Sampogna, Multimedia Artist
Nate Yaffe, Dance artist
Daisy Graham, artist and student
Ē정 (Chung Hei), Multi-disciplinary artist
Sarah Mihara Creagen, Artist
Jessica Lewis, Theatre Artist and Musician
Avineet Cheema, Writer
Ron Siu, Visual artist
Emily Reid, Cultural Programmer
Darren Leu, Cultural events producer
Alexis Bulman, Visual artist
Luke Greidanus, Art Director- Film
Homeshake, Musician
Khalil I. R., Visual Artist
Sonia Preisler, Cultural worker
Be Heintzman Hope, Facilitator, Choreographer, Dancer
Tina Chu, instructional designer, illustrator
Shannon Scanlan, Artist
Kevin Ah-sen, PhD Candidate, McGill University
Ian Russell, Musician
Leah Shipton, PhD Candidate
Lev Bratishenko, Writer
Theo Rodriguez-Garzon, Performing artist
Max Cameron Fearon, theatre artist & arts worker
Erian De Los Reyes, Journalist
Christina Steinmayr, Designer
Lola Baraldi, Cultural Worker
Erin Storus, Curator
Ally Rosilio, Cultural Worker
Patrick Brodie, Professor
Halina jacobelli, Visual Artist
Kyo Maclear, writer
Brie Berry, Writer
Elyas Salame, Visual Artist
Remy Fortin, visual artist
Pam Patel, Artistic Director, MT Space
Tin Yeg, Visual artist
Kate Wivell, Cultural Worker
Sarah Al Mamoun, Digital artist
Wawa Li, Artist
Didier Morelli, Professor
Eunice Luk, Visual artist
Nour Symon, Transdisciplinary artist and writer
Leah Snyder, digital designer & writer
HORRIBLENOISE, Visual artist musician comedian
Manel Benchabane, Cultural worker
Damla Tamer, Visual artist, lecturer
Jo Jefferson, Writer
Bilel Benzeman, Gallery director
Lynn Christine Kelly, Artist
Hannah Bullock, Visual Artist
Tala Alkhaldi, Visual artist
Raquel Paredes, Visual artist
moomoothefool, visual artist
Noémie Sauvageau, Artist and teacher
Jackal Morose, Visual Artist/Performer
Diala Brisly, Visual artist
Asmaa Hadji, Cultural worker
Shellie Zhang,
Claire Granum, University Student
Claire Harvie, Photographer
Adam, Architect
Mila Broomberg, Designer
Winnie Ho, Cultural worker
Manny Manila, Visual artist
Skye Maule-O’Brien, Educator & researcher
Genevieve Rail, Ph.D., Professor Emerita
Shannon Gerard, Artist Farmer OCAD U prof
Laila Jafri, Editor, poet, artist
LJ Robinson, Visual artist
Josianne Poirier, cultural worker
Adam Cutts, Visual Artist and Architect
Michael Toppings, Artist & cultural worker
Prachi Kamble, Writer, Academic
Olga Abeleva, Artist
Marco Fratarcangeli, cultural worker
Amy Mazowita, PhD Candidate, Concordia University
Serra Hasiloglu, BA Student – McGill University
Marie Jou Costales, Artist
Marta Cooper, Cultural worker
Kelsey Smith, Visual Artist
Mina Shan, Multidisciplinary artist
Marie Joly, cultural worker
Mohamed Hassan (Zico), Spoken Word & Hip Hop Artist
Christie, Graphic Designer
Julia chatterji, Artist and art space owner
Rachel Lim, Visual Artist
Jolie Maya, musician
Hannah Goertz, Visual artist
Hasan Namir, Writer
Jeremy Costello, Musician
Cameron Butler, PhD student, York University
Vincent Charlebois, Artist
Reema Najjar, Journalist
JE Solo, Artist
Sarah Fayad, Artist
Véronique Sunatori, Visual artist
Czarina Mendoza, artist
Sarah Piché, Cultural worker
Tetyana Herych, Visual artist and designer
Shannon Linde, Curator, art worker, artist
Tania, student at SFU
eva birhanu, Visual Artist, Arts Administrator (Stride Gallery)
Sari Madi, Lecturer, Université of Montréal
Skylar Cameron, Doctoral Music Student, University of Toronto
Rasha Elendari, PhD Candidate – Near Eastern Archaeology – University of Toronto
Caitlin Chong, MA Student
Amy Rogers, Visual artist
Christina Kenton, Visual Artist
Kother jibril, Student
Shannon Harris, Artist and Instructor; Concordia University
Matt Lomas, Teaching Assistant, York University
Erica Cyr, Visual arts
Ania P., Cultural Worker
Kore Besada, Visual artist
Jacquelyn Hébert, Cultural worker and artist
Nick Howe, Visual artist
Emma Gaudio, arts and culture worker
Erik Jude, Musician
andrew maize, visual artist, human being
Shay Erlich, Artist
Santiago Tavera, Visual artist and professor
Joshua Boudreau, Multidisciplinary artist
Sofia luques, Visual artist
Michael chang, Visual artist
Zainab Hussein, Writer
Andrew Glencross, Musician, graphic designer
Miles Greenberg, Artist
Mārta Ziemelis, Poet and translator
Kiki Nicole, poet and artist
Yilin Wang, Writer, Editor, and Literary Translator
Hannah Karpinski, Student, Publishing Assistant, Editor, Proofreader
Francisco Gomez, visual artist and musician
Kiana Mortensen, Academic, UBC
Rae Hagan, visual artist
Nousha Esmaili, Visual artist
Jad hammoud, Musician
Jo Güstin, Intersectionality writer, comedian, creative producer
Andrew Lee, Visual Artist
Tess Roby, Musician, Photographer
Matilda Cobanli, dance artist
Javi Fuentes Bernal, cultural worker
Katie Godfrey, Cultural worker
Meredith Lougheed, Musician and community organizer
Feven Tesfay, Director of Vancouver Black Library
Charles-Edouard, Makeup Artist
Raul, Dancer
Jenn Goodwin, Cultural worker/ curator/ artist
Arul Shankar, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Christy, York University
Zahra Haider, Writer
Teagan Lance, Filmmaker, Staff Concordia University
Ryan Conrad, Adjunct Professor, Carleton University
Alana Pagnutti, Musician/writer
Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa, Postdoctoral researcher, The University of Guelph
El Jones, Assistant Professor
Samra Babar (Majnoona), Spoken word Poet
Ura, Multidisciplinary artist
Hanan Hammad, professor at Texas Christian University
Keimon McCleary, Writer
Jessica Huras, Filmmaker
frannygoodgirl, artist/sw
Felicia, Visual artist
Anuja Varghese, Writer
S.C. Hunter, Indie author
Giselle Webber, Musician
Jill Glessing, Professor, Toronto MU, CUPE 3904
Rhonda Pelley, visual artist
Anne Henderson, Filmmaker
Toria Liao, Writer, editor
Josie Gray, BCcampus
Hanan Hazime, Artist
Lee Fleming, Visual Artist
Shirin Abu Shaqra, Historian, artist filmmaker
Claudia Dey, Writer
Natalie, UBC student, dj, artist
Khadijah Morley, Visual Artist
Bonnie E, MA Student, McMaster University
Jehan Aha, Worker
Shyam Patel, PhD Student, York University
Shristi Uprety, Writer, editor
Erin Matthew, artist
AGA Wilmot, Writer/Editor
Robert Malone, Visual artist
Jess Lee, Filmmaker
Noémie Boisclair, Social worker
Emily Collins, PhD Candidate, York University & Cultural Worked
Max Douglas aka Salgood Sam, Artist, author.
Michael le Riche / Fake Palms, Sauna, Musician
Kelly X. Hui, student and fiction writer
Lydia Kwa, Writer
Julia Hutt, Visual artist
Evelyne Forte, Master’s Student in Political Science
Tiffany Schofield, cultural worker
Maria Natalyuk, Concordia University
Gabrielle Moser, Associate professor, York University.
Elian Mikkola, Moving image artist
PANSTARRY, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Printmaker, Zinester
Nuha, Visual Artist
Dayna Gedney, Executive Director, Hamilton Craft Studios
Glenn Nuotio, Artist, Cultural Worker, Co-Founder of Qu’ART: Ottawa Queer Arts Collective
Li Sian Goh, Researcher, CUNY
Maria Kanellopoulos
Noa Rivera, writer
Chris Andrews, Curator and gallerist
Ariane Rivard, Interior Designer
Adrienne Chung, Writer
Alynah Hyder, Graduate student, educator
Aishah Vakily, Visual Artist, Teacher
Sarah Houle-Lowry, artist
Tiana Reid, Professor
Aurra Startup, PhD Student
Fréhel Brouillet, musician
Shaelin Bishop, writer
Joëlle Dussault, Postdoctorante
JD Derbyshire, Writer/theatre maker- Nervous System
Lucy El-Sherif, –
Hq, Student
Cara Tierney, VisuaL Artist, Adjunct Professor (University of Ottawa)
Meaghan Landrigan-Buttle, PhD Student, Concordia University
Jon Hedderwick, Spoken Word Artist and Arts Organzer
Yshmael Cabana, Cultural worker
Emmett Fortune, Visual artist
Norwin Anne Pabitu, Multidisciplinary artist
sunny chiu, visual artist
Tom Quirk, photographer
Clara Puton, Cultural worker
Marie-Ève Samson, candidate au doctorat à l’UdeM et professionnelle de recherche CIUSSS Centre-Ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal
Amanda Acorn, Artist and cultural worker
Roz MacLean, Visual artist
Kathryn Lennon, Writer
Chelsea C, policy analyst
Pree Rehal, Artist and Educator
Noah Scheinman, Artist
Catherine Veri, Fashion designer
Michael Derworiz, Actor
terra Mitchell-Baisden, multi-disciplinary artist
Ashley Raghubir, writer, PhD student, University of Toronto
Elizabeth Lewington, Student and professional
Emma Hendrix, Media Artist, Designer, Cultural Worker
Lucy M May, Dance artist
Mark Grundy,
Mina Hardan, Designer
Anita, Visual artist and musician
Esmé Hogeveen, Writer
Gabryelle Iaconetti, PhD Student
Dani Neira, Cultural worker, Open Space
Ricardo Acuña, Academic staff
Vitoria Monteiro, Cultural worker and artist
Mitra Mahmoodi, Visual Artist
Max fisher, Visual artist
Brianna N.B., Visual Artist, Child and Youth Care practitioner, Social Work Student
Mel S, Freelance artist
A Moyer, Art historian
Colin Fisher, Artist
Secil Dagtas, Professor
Hilarey Cowan, Visual artist, cultural worker
Sara Fang, visual artist and student, University of Michigan
Kathryn Mockler, writer, professor
Robin McDonald, Academic
Anthi Trifonas, Art historian
Vivian Ly, Undergraduate Student, Simon Fraser University
Matt Koester, Writer
Abigale Shaw, Perfromance artist, fine art student
Kadon Douglas, Cultural worker
Kristina Koski, Musician
Gaïa Sander, Designer
Susanna Klassen, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Victoria
Yvonne Winter, Visual artist
Jenny Escobar, Professor
Anonna Hossain, Cultural worker
Jamie Edghill, Visual artist
nazanin, Visual artist
Kit W, Director
Liz Little, Visual artist
Laurence Philomene, Visual artist
Mehreen Malik, Business student
Jill Willcott, Visual Artist
Dylan Glynn, Visual Artist
Christine Lucy Latimer, filmmaker
Tannis Zimmer, Movement artist, musician and bodyworker
Jami Reimer, Composer
Andra GP, Visual artist
Brian Mendez, Dancer
F Carranza, artist, writer, educator
Raquel Ribeiro, Designer
Sahba Sadeghian, Artist
Laura Beach, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
Diana Lynn VanderMeulen, Visual artist
Maegan Hill-Carroll, visual artist
Kimberly Hoang, Visual artist
Gwen A., Writer
Cal Harben, Visual artist
D.J. Sylvis, Theatre and Podcast Writer / Producer
Nayanan Divakaran Rajani, Visual artist
Rosa Aiello, Artist
Suzy King, Artist
Craig Moston, Artist
Camila S., Visual Artist
Tosh Heath,
Osman Bari, Designer & editor, Chutney Magazine
Krystal Kavita Jagoo, Social Worker & Artist, Intersectional Equity Insights
Diane García Ramos, Multidisciplinary artist – Concordia graduate
Chantalle Asselin, Writer and yoga teacher
Manar Moursi, Visual artist and academic
Majideh Qazizadeh, Former Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics
AO Roberts, Artist
Torien Cafferata, Artistic Director and Interdisciplinary Artist
Fraser McCallum, Visual artist
Tave Cole, Visual artist
Claudine Hubert, Travailleuse culturelle
Elena Belyea, Writer
Gisela Frias, professor
Violet Reid-Sharp, Tattoo artist
Helga Jakobson, Artist
Lauren Goodman, Visual artist
Jackson Champagne, Cultural worker
Fabien Marcil, Travailleur culturel
Sina Queyras’s, Professor
Erin Bedford, poetry publisher – Pinhole Poetry
Jude Akrey, Visual Artist
Alex Levant, Lecturer
Sara Mozafari-Lorestani, Artist
Isabela Vitienes, PhD Student
Jennifer Reynolds, Academic
Elizabeth Bourgouin, Tattoo artist
Regatu Asefa, Graduate Student, cultural worker
Jenna Lyn Albert, Poet
Elliott, PhD C, University of Toronto
Helen Olcott, Cultural Worker
Eric Tschaeppeler, Visual Artist
L.M. Climenhaga, Researcher (UGent) and Dramaturg (unaffiliated)
Wai-Yant Li, Ceramicist
Jessy Lindsay, Cultural worker
Lia Lepre, Visual artist
Audréanne Filion, Musician and composer
Anh Ngo, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
Mikki Bradshaw aka Mikkipedia, Live Performer
Gillian Nicola, Musician
Jennifer Smith, Cultural worker
Rima Abdul Sater, Visual Artist
Habiba El-Sayed, Artist
Meghan Henderson, Student
Emre Kelleci, Visual Artist
Scott Osborne, Visual Artist
Jodie Fitzgerald, Healthcare worker, hobby musician
Alexia Breard-Anderson, cultural worker
Rachel Gerry, Cultural worker
Vinh Nguyen, Associate Professor
Andréanne Wahlman, Cultural worker
Ann Murphy, Teacher
Tyra Jutai, Artist
Roopa Padinjare Chalukulangara, Kathak dancer
Zaynab Mohammed, Professional Artist, writer and speaker
Lucas LaRochelle, Designer
Donia Mansour, Student (UQAM)
EC Mazur, Artist
Joyce Jin, Visual Artist
Eli Jany, PhD candidate, University of Toronto
rosalind hampton, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Deyla A, Artist
Katrina Gordon, Environmental Scientist
Maia Taruc-Pilling, Musician
Marty Bernie, Musician
Renard Creative, Musician
Lily jeon, Architecture faculty University staff
Kyla Pascal, Artist
Jan DeFehr, Associate Professor, University of Winnipeg
Sophia Anne, visual artist
Milan T.W., Visual Artist
Andrea Miller-Nesbitt, librarian
Tamar, Dancer, Video Artist
Gökbörü Sarp Tanyildiz, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Shima Raeesi, artist
Sasha Kleinplatz, Cultural worker & PhD student
Kate Soar, Gallerist
Tahirah Reynolds, Artist/ Social Worker
Susan Benson-Sokmen, Postdoctoral Scholar
OmiSoore Dryden, Dalhousie University, Professor
Emily Zuberec, Poet
Melinda Roy, Writer, The Writers Union of Canada, BC Writers Federation
Roberta Buiani, Assistant professor
Joanne Bealy, Photographer
Mali Docuvixen, Docuvixen -Multi Disciplinary Artist
Spll girl, Illustrator
Sophie Fryer, Poet/writer
Lucy Uprichard, Media worker
Amelia Griffin, Dance artist
Jose Sanchez, Sessional Instructor, University of Toronto Mississauga
M.E. Sparks, Artist and Instructor
Laura Kay Keeling, Visual Artist
Maggie MacDonald, Professor
Caro Garofalo, Expressive art therapist, RTC, visual artist
Vero F, Jewelry artist
Trevor Stark, Art Historian
Steffi Ng, cultural worker
Brianna Garneau, PhD Candidate
Julia Wittmann, Instructor, TMU
Alexandra Watson, Writer, professor
Karen Asher, visual artist
Natasha Katedralis, Visual artist
sara shroff, fellow
Geanna Dunbar, Freelance artist
Mena El Shazly, visual artist, Simon Fraser University
maddy peters, illustrator, cartoonist
Dayle, Artist
Zara Burton, Artist/Educator
Melanie Winter, Visual Artist
Katerina Maragos, Professional
Smokii Sumac, Ktunaxa nation member, Writer, PhD Candidate, Trent University
Ari Para, Student
Fatima Barron, Visual artist, cultural worker
Alexis Shotwell, Professor, Carleton University
Carmyn Effa, vishal artist
Dalia, Visual artist alumni of OCADU
Lauren Schroeder, Associate Professor, University of Toronto Mississauga
Asa Spades, Visual artist
Honor Ford-Smith, Associate Professor Emerita, York University
kiel torres, cultural worker
Suha Tariq, Editor
Maria Piñeros, Designer
Frances Cathryn, Writer and editor, Forge Project
Emilie Turmel, poète
Aylan Couchie, Artist, PhD Candidate (Queen’s U), Sessional Instructor (OCAD University)
Arièle Dionne-Krosnick, PhD McGill
The Spontaneous Prose Store / Kaile H. Glick, Poet For Hire
Nina Mosall, Writer
Elfrune Caya, Multidisciplinary artist and student of permaculture design
Lucy M. May, Dance artist
Jagdeep Raina, visual artist, writer
Dr Lili Lemieux-Cumberlege, Clinical Psychologist and Research Fellow, NHS Scotland/University of Edinburgh
Natasha Alcalde Lawton, PhD student, Teaching Assistant
Parker Dirks, Artist, technician
Maria Vidal Valdespino, Visual Artist
Kiran Chahal, Instructor
Leila Mérabet, cultural worker
Alisha Davidson, Performance Artist/Youth Facilitator
Nia Akilah Wilson, MA Candidate; Teaching Assistant; Research Assistant at University of Toronto
Jordan King, Artist / writer
Maegan Gaudette (Beck), masters student + writer
Laura Sbrizzi, Artist and cultural worker
Jonathan Middleton, Visual artist, curator, publisher
Nick Thorburn, Musician, Islands
Cody tolmie, Visual artist
Stella Gigliotti, Visual artist
Moaad, Musical artist
Blair Swann, artist, cultural worker
Arlin ffrench, Visual artist
Shelby Wright, Artist
Kathleen Burgess, Filmmaker
christine w., filmmaker + cultural worker
Marie Struck, Visual artist
Jean-Philippe Métivier, Sound artist
Jessie Stainton, Graduate Studient
Lilah Hill, Visual Artist
m.d. joseph, cultural worker
Sayaka, Author
Hubert Cloutier, Cultural worker
Wenting Li, artist
Kelly Black, Professor
Ali, Spoken word artist
Jordan Wilson, curator / PhD student
Juliane Foronda, Visual Artist
Jonathan Bessette, Writer
Jamie Zarn, Couple and Family Therapist Student, McGill
Rosalina Libertad Cerritos, Visual artist
Jen Candela, Visual artist
Bronwyn Clement, graduate student at UofT
Emily Hill, Visual Artist
Manuel Strain, artist
Jocelyn Reynolds, Artist
Ozge Aytekin, Art worker/ visual artist
Janet Wang, Artist
Maddy O’Regan, Musician
Aaniya Asrani, Artist
Evangeline Y Brooks, Artist
Genevieve Darling, Illustrator
Faten Nastas, visual artist and cultural worker
Martha Ramsay, Musician
Youmna soliman, Artist
Saakshi Patel, Professor and Poet
Vinit Beley, Web Designer
Marc-Olivier Hamelin, Visual artist
Mutatayi Fuamba, Musician
Samira Yeo, Human Being
Hannah Campbell, Visual artist
Rahat Kurd, Poet
Felan Parker, Associate Professor
Elizabeth Cairns, Filmmaker
David Drury, Composer
Liuba González de Armas, cultural worker
Kawennakon Bonnie Whitlow, Academia and the Arts
Nicole Krstin, Visual artist
Mitchell Chalifoux, Artist
Tanya Hubbard, Cultural worker
Jordy Cummings, Writer and adjunct professor
Moxoon, Music
Scott Livingstone, artist
Daylen Conserve, Visual Artist
Pam Tzeng, performing artist, cultural worker
Luz Rosas, Photographer
Hailey Mah, Cultural worker
Tara Mandarino, Math educator
Rory Mills, Harm Reduction researcher and community activist UBC
Veena Gokhale, Writer
Holly Stratton, Musician, dancer, filmmaker
Rachelle Walker, Visual artist
K Marczell, artist
Damarra Vogt, Visual Artist
Simrah Farrukh, Artist / Photographer
Lana Connors, Media Artist
Anna Cook, professor
rupali morzaria, visual designer
A.M. DeVito, Sound Artist – Concordia University, Columbia University
Lucy Fang, graduate student
jules de guzman, visual artist and library aide
Clara Lynas, visual artist, workshop facilitator
Alder Sherwood, Dance Artist
Caeden W, Visual artist
Mitra Jahandideh, Researcher
Sara-Jeanne Bourget, Assistant Professor at ECU
Rebecca Hister, Student (Concordia Univeristy)
MaryElizabeth Luka, Professor
Alyssa Favreau, Writer and editor, McGill Queen’s University Press
Rose Anza-Burgess, Writer, artist, public speaker
Mighloe, Singer/ musician
Rotem Diamant, Artist
Nick Di Gaetano, Comedian and Musician
Shella, Researcher
Daniela Ansovini, Cultural worker
Amal Ishaque, Port
Jay Pahre, visual artist
Erica Vidallo, Musician
Carly Billings, Theatre Artist
danielle Mackenzie Long, interdisciplinary artist (Festival of Recorded Movement)
Mona, Mosaic Artist
Chloe Chafe, Curator
Anoush moazzeni, Artist, Scholar, PhD candidate
Molly Brown, Visual artist
cslackdesign, Visual artist
Lorenzo, Designer
Tamunoibifiri Fombo, Cultural worker
Annie Kierans, Visual Artist and Cultural Worker
Natalia Espinel-Quintero, MA student
Nicholas Garcia, Grad Student
Adrienne Scott, Visual artist
Katherine Surkan, Visual Artist and Musician
April White, Visual artist
Jade C, Graphic designer and hairstylist
Jill, Musician + Academic Editor
Morgan Tessier, Writer
Fatima, Student
Jarrah Csunyoscka, Visual artist
Xaviera Meza-Wong, Artist/writer
Ellyn Walker, Curator
Grace Tessier, Artist
Mallory Lowe, Multidisciplinary artist
Vanessa Godden, Artist and Sessional Instructor
Max Cotter, Instructor, Toronto Metropolitan University
Ainsleigh Spencer, Arts Academic
Jihad Tichioui, Graduate student
Dominique Del Rosario, Stylist
Kelly Menzul, digital design
Franco Saulo Urmeneta, Visual Artist
Rosie Long Decter, Musician and writer
Timaj Garad, Poet & Musician
Phil Power, Musician
Sol Digaoan, Canadian Citizen
Sadaf K, Filmmaker
Cecilia Bracmort, artist & curator
Nico Humby, Visual Artist
Pauline ebel, Visual artist
John Delante, visual artist
Sydney Hayduk, Performance Artist
Lisa Gelley, Artist
Kathleen Brown, Writer and theatre artist
Rianne Svelnis, dance artist
Sarah Imrisek, Artist
Elizabeth Milton, Artist, Educator
alexi baris, composer
Nahed Mansour, Artist
Shorouk Abdel Fattah, Graphic Designer, Visual Artist and poet
Suleman Atique, Researcher
Molly aylwin, visual artist
Cindy Phung, Visual Artist
Danika Moir, Visual Artist
Paul Hardy, Visual artist / art instructor
Yasmine Belam, Université du Québec à Montréal
Marie-Anne Dupuis-Rivet, Étudiante au baccalauréat en soins infirmiers
Laura Bay, Photographer
Ayesha Vemuri, PhD student, McGill university
Salma Shaaban, PhD student, McGill University
Bengi Akbulut, Associate Professor, Concordia University
Pohanna Pyne Feinberg, visual artist and art history professor
Kregg hetherington, Professor
Cassandra Paul, Cultural worker
Lara Bourdin, PhD Student, McGill University
Hugo Dufour, Co-Director, Celine Bureau Residency
Miranda Oake, Tattoo Artist
Matt Watson, Visual artist, Concordia BFA, Moniker Tattoo Parlour
Tiphaine Barrailler, Cultural worker
Naomi Potter, Director, Esker Foundation
Mansur Mirani, Visual Artist
Kotama Bouabane, visual artist
Chris Johnson, Poet
Tara Alami, Writer
Marianne Charlebois, visual artist
Jenn Kitagawa, Illustrator + Visual Artist
Daina Leitold, actor designer producer
Luka Kuplowsky, Musician
Silvia Gonzalez, Designer
Kenni Leppard, musician
Kate Palumbo, musician
Ernesto J Espinoza, Composer/singer-songwriter/violinist
Sally Morgan, Dance/Interdisciplinary Artist
Lorna Rowe, musician
Kristen Heynes, Visual ArtiT
Rahim Perez-Anderson, Student, Photographer, Visual Artist
Allyson Rogers, PhD candidate, McGill University
Naomi Leung, Visual artist, UBC student
Jamie Tolagson, Cultural Worker
Jay Ritchie, writer, poet, academic
Backxwash, Musician
Alicia Buates McKenzie, Visual artist and cultural worker
Ashley S, Visual Artist
Leila Refahi, Visual artist, teacher
Ana Claudette Groppler, Dance and Theatre artist
Fouzia AIT MOHO, Worker
Lucien Durey, artist
Fannie Gadouas, Cultural worker
Dr. Claire Farley, Professor
Nathalie Dubois Calero, Bioartist
Francisco-Fernando Granados, visual artist
Holly ward, Professor
Gabriela Rodrigues, Visual Artist
Julia Pohl-Miranda, cultural worker
Tom Malleson, Professor
seven morabito, multi media artist
Liaba Sajid, McMaster University
Christian Hui, MSW, PhD (c), CIHR Vanier Scholar, Toronto Metropolitan University School of Public Policy & Democratic Innovations; Viral Interventions Poz BIPOC Resident Artist ; Multi award-winning Co-Director, “Walking In These Shoes”
Kelsey Perreault, Visual Artist
Rose Cormier / Velours Souterrain, Photographer and visual artist
Edwin Janzen, writer and visual artist
Margaret Lasserre, retired teacher
Kiri Rix, Artist
Mitch kirilo, Tattoo artist
Sasha, artist
bahar kamali, visual artist & cultural worker
Clara Moran, Art Historian, Visual Artist, BA Hons
Jen MacIntyre, Artist
Nadya, Musician
Sean Lee, Curator
Mustapha Zain, Worker in film
Deniz Bodi, visual artist, researcher, writer
Sax la nuit, Musician, M.Mus University of British Columbia
Emily Hogg, landscape architect and visual artist
Mab Coates-Davies, Cultural worker and student
Zen Alladina, poet
Paulina O’Kieffe-Anthony, Artist
Heidi Persaud, culture worker
DANI YOUR DARLING, Multidisciplinary artist and community organizer
Shana Wolfe, Cultural worker in the performing arts
Bronson Smillie, Visual artist
Tracy Valcarcel, visual artist
Hari Alluri, poet, editor, instructor
Janice Feng, Professor
Varsha Gill, Social Justice Filmmaker
Alexandra O’Sullivan, Visual Artist
Hala Alhafez, Dancer
Maha Farah Elmir, Cultural worker – Festival Filministes
Mia, Artist
Paula Petsoulakis, Cultural worker and media artist
Reid Millar, Musician (Cloudage), Arts Worker (Book*hug Press)
Anne-Julie Beaudin, travailleuse culturelle
Erin Simpson, Métis visual artist, writer, mother, cultural and community support worker
Andi Gilker, Visual artist & PhD at U of T
Michael Duong, Cultural Worker, Studio Manager, Artist
ai yamamoto,
Eliana Parrado, Visual artist & music educator
Marina McDermott, Visual artist Instagram
Setareh Yasan, Artist
Gabriel Esteban Molina, Visual Artist
Cathy Gulkin, Filmmaker
Alaa A., Student
Mallory Chipman, Musician & Music Scholar
Abby Skaug, Performance artist
Eve Richardson, researcher Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project (SHARP)
Roewan Crowe, Professor, artist
Presley Mills, Creative Director
Vanessa Rieger, Artist, art handler, gallery technician
Janine Ramlochan, New Media Artist + Writer
Sadie Gilker, Visual Artist
R. Flex, Musician
Danielle Schrage, Textile artist
Niki Hoi, Publishing worker
Fatuma, Visual Artist
Asher Ghaffar, Writer
Julien Hétu, Visual artist
SAkhtar, Professor
Ellen Furey, Choreographer, dancer
Mynt Marsellus, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto
semillites hernandez, visual artist
Alex waber, Visual artist
Wren Cliff, visual and tattoo artist
Chariz Faulmino, Multi-disciplinary Artist/Performer
Sherry Ostapovitch, sound artist
Sandy Carpenter, Learning strategist at university
Ashley Slemming, Curator and cultural worker
Daniel Áñez, musician
Arcana Shanks, Visual Artist
Bariyaa Ipaa, IBPOC Arts Leader Resident
Jackie Borrie, Graphic Designer
Jill, Artist
Mary, Writer
Sarah Ingle, Artist, Researcher, Student at University of Waterloo
Sajan Rai, Artist / Illustrator
Francis Tomkins, cultural worker
Emma Lakey, Ceramicist
Mike Graeme, Photographic Artist
jacqs walker, Composer/Arranger/Musician
Kendra McLaughlin, Researcher
Kal Nguyen, Artist
Mariana Pascual, Science teacher and evolutionary biologist
Charlotte Lauzon-Simon, Visual artist
Rayna m, Theatre artist
Shawna, Fibre artist
Damaris Baker, Musician
Cypress Koch-DeMaio, Undergraduate student at Concordia University
Tairone Bastien, Curator
Hallie Wells, academic editor
Sarah Amarica, Arts Administrator
Natalie Coulter, Professor
Félix Veilleux, Graduate Student
F.O., student & artist
jdp2009, visual artist
Florence Beauquier-Léger, Musician
Maya Harakawa, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Stephen McLeod, Visual Artist, MFA Candidate at Concordia University)
Rohini Patel, Academic
Mokhtar Illay, Comics artist
Jewel Manlapaz, Engineer
Sara, Canadian citizen
Luke Pardy, Visual Artist
Casey Wei, Visual artist/cultural worker/student — Simon Fraser University, VIFF, ReIssue
Khosro Brahmandi, Visual artist
Allison Higgins, MFA student Concordia
Dan Cardinal McCartney, Visual Artist
Camille Rogers, Doctoral Student, University of Toronto
Angela Maracle, Visual Artist
Isabella De Tullio, Visual artist
Andrew Ivaska, Associate Professor, Concordia University
Carey Mercer, Musician/Songwriter “Frog Eyes”
Karen Denny-Parsons, Musician, visual artist
Erin Sheehan, Film Worker
Jillian Tamaki, Artist
Amanda Rhodenizer, Artist
Spencer Krug, musician
Vivian li, Sound artist
Tash Naveau, Cultural worker
Kasey Pocius, MA student – McGill/CIRMMT/IDMIL
Megan Hutchings, Textile artist
Jody Berland, Professor
Catherine Boulianne-Complaisance, Visual artist
David Cecchetto, Professor, York University
Lauren Crazybull, Visual artist
Maranda Elizabeth, Writer, artist, cultural worker. Unemployable via disability & illness.
JM, Ms.
Jela Dela Peña, Filmmaker
Kendra Yee, Visual Artist
Long Bui, Visual Artist
Vanessa Krause, Visual Artist and Educator
Su Baloglu, Filmmaker – PhD Student (University of Toronto)
Jessica Smith, Visual artist and tattooer
Jasmine Piper, Visual Artist
Jean Borbridge, Visual artist
Joshua Banks, Musical Performing Artist
Rocky Aquino, Dancer
Charlie Doyon, artist
Hillary Webb, Visual Artist and Librarian, Emily Carr University of Art and Design
Bria, Filmmaker, Professor
Francois Lemieux, Visual artist and educator
Dominique Di Libero, Visual Artist
Gabrielle Doré, College teacher
christine sedge, academic
Ben Kiem, PhD Student, academic worker, University of Toronto
David Lafrance, Artist, professor
Maddie McNeely, Artist, cultural worker
luxshanaa sebarajah, visual artist and cultural worker
David Widgington, burningbillboard, Undisciplinary artivist
Julie morstad, Children’s book maker
Marjan Ansari, Visual Artist and Filmmaker
Morgan Pira, Visual Artist, Concordia University
Jaimie Franchi, Writer and educator.
Laurence Gagnon, scénographe
Priscilla Guy, Artiste
Samantha Bush, Photographer
Luke Blackmore, Composer
Ravy Puth, Visual artist, illustrator
Monika Wiatrowska, Visual artist, stylist, freelance
Missla Libsekal, Cultural worker and curator
Khaula Mazhar, Visual Artist
oualie frost, wrister/artist
Caitlin McGuire, visual artist/cultural worker
Janice Wu, Visual Artist
Saralyn Riddell, Graduate student – University of Alberta
Shakiru Atoro, Visual artist
Sonia Létourneau, artiste visuelle
Julia Prudhomme, Cultural worker
Clay McCann, PhD
Kayla Preza, Educator
Agnes Fan, Visual artist
Joanna Borromeo, Music artist and educator
Laurie Tatibouët, Filmmaker
Ryan Beattie, Musician
Camille-Zoé Valcourt-Synnott, Visual artist and cultural worker
Aurora Sol, musician, visual, multi-media artist
Danielle Green, Cultural worker
Adrian Deveau, PhD Student
Michaela Michalak, Research and Teaching Assistant, York University
Clare Samuel, Visual Artist
Rue Serhan, Visual Artist, Illustration Student at CCS
Mara Elali, Artist
Jocelyn Connolly, Queer Anthropologist, Artist, Activist
Mariam Mannai, Community Organizer
Kate Russell, Student
Sandeep Johal, Visual Artist
Shanae Sodhi, Producer
Andrea Finlay, Artist & designer
Gareth James, Visual artist
Morgan Wedderspoon, Visual artist
Maria Mulder, Academic. UBC.
Claudine baltazar, Photographer and Director
May Kramer, Visual artist
Jillian Vasko, PhD candidate, University of Toronto
Pilar Guinea, Artist and Designer
Kira, Visual artist
V Levitt, Musician
Karla Etienne, Artiste en danse et gestionnaire culturelle
Kate Wilson, visual artist
Claudia Sicondolfo, University of Toronto, York University
Amanda Louise Hansen, Visual artist and IATSE 891 member
Lydia Cecilia, Visual artist
Selena Vyle, Drag Queen
Parm Cruikshank, Visual artist and teacher
Slavko Bucifal, Education
Shardly There Studios, Visual Artist
Vance Wright, Artist/Academic
Christine Seguin, Dancer
Leila Sidi, Luthier, TunaTone Instruments
Qurat Dar, Poet
Angel Bella, Artist, MA Student
Gambletron, Sound artist and musician
Megan dewar, Visual artist
Chimedum Ohaegbu, Writer
Meghan Weeks, Artist
Britt Gallpen, Cultural worker
Justin Ducharme, Filmmaker
Terra Poirier, artist
Jessie Hazard, Visual Artist
Dmitry illustration, Sessional prof / freelancer
Jessana Akehurst, Musician
R.O.B, Visual Artist
Mary Helmer-Smith, Population health academic
Devaki Majoomdar, Graphic Designer
Hina Imam, Writer
Harley Munsie, Artist
Jade Hajovsky, Artist
Samy Benammar, Filmmaker
Thien-Thi Nguyen, musician and video artist
Madyson Longman, Human
Jordon Hon, Visual Artist
Madeleine Chan, Writer
Stefan Maier, Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
Michelle La, Visual artist/VJ
Poetita, Poet
Sarah Emslie, Theatre Artist
Ciara Wilson, visual artist
aaron read, visual artist
Katherine DeCoste, poet
Jazmin Erice, Visual Artist
Romane Bladou, Writer, artist, educator
Alana Duggan, PhD candidate
Sharmi Basu, Sound artist
Sandra Dumais, Author / Ilkustrator
Alexandra Nordstrom, Concordia University
Bella King, Actor
Christian, Actor
Bethany MacKenzie, Visual Artist
Carrie allison, Visual artist
Andrea Weber, Visual artist
Zartasha Zainab, Visual artist
Karie Liao, Curator
Lanna RAe, Educator
Aaron Jones, cultural worker
Maral Mehran, Academic
Lizzy Mikulich, Visual artist, animator
Tijiki Morris, Theatre/Perforamnce Artist
Elina Lex, PhD Candidate and media artist, Concordia University
Rihkee Strapp, Multi-arts, cultural worker
Galen Hite, Stage Manager
AJA Louden, Cultural worker
Rachelle Sawatsky, Professor & Artist
Najwa Ali, writer, poet
Ben Compton, Visual artist and cultural worker
Yusra Saburi, Visual artist
Pamela Punzalan, Game Designer
Ana Speranza, Student, Dalhousie University
Josephine Guan, Visual artist
Jehan Vakharia, Visual Artist
Pavitra Wickramasinghe, visual artist
Matthew Donaldson, Graphic Designer
Rachel Habrih, Cultural worker & multidisciplinary artist
Leah Rossi, Creative Director
Sadie Belrin, Artist
Madelyn MacKay, Professor
Isabella Buonaiuto, Actor
Celine Taillefer, narrative designer/writer, DMG
Kerri Minns, Visual Artist
Sinéad Rua – Animal Party – Assassin Bug, Musician
Kanika Lawton, Poet and PhD Student, University of Toronto
Océane Nyela, PhD Candidate, York University (Department of Communication & Media Studies)
Malika Rafa, Cultural worker
April Martin, visual artist
Alex Close, Visual Artist
Petrina Ng, visual artist
Judy Radul, Artist
Emilie Azevedo, filmmaker
April Dean, Artist
Josh Travnik, Actor, singer, and writer.
Kyle Kemmish, Cultural worker
Eric Rae, Theatre creator
Nathan Pearce, Musician
Fourest Aude, illustrator
Smadar Carmon, Potter
Amanda Feder, cultural worker
Amadeus Wheesk, Programming Coordinator, Reelworld Screen Institute
Madeline Rose, Musician
Hanifa Hasan, Student at McGill university
Kayleigh sandomirsky, Production/Stage Manager
Marina McKenzie, graduate student, York University
Mygale Desrosiers, multidisciplinary artist
Stella Zheng, Illustrator
Colleen Brown, visual artist, author, culture worker
Elaine Nieman, Writer
Saisha, Student/Researcher
Remy Anonby, Visual artist and cultural worker
Wyatt C. Louis, Musician
Elise Dawson, Artist
Margaret Joba-Woodruff, Visual Artist
Cassandre Mentor, Artist/Educator
Manahil Bandukwala, Poet and visual artist
Tomasz Michalak, Dr. Alexander College, Burnaby, BC
Susannah Heath-Eves, Filmmaker
Alex DeTullio, Visual artist
Teddie Brock, graduate student (UBC School of Information)
André Perrier, director, artistic director and professor
Ayesh Kanani, Ceramic Artist
Farshad Amini, Researcher
JC Hale, civil servant
Edith Brunette, Visual artist and PhD candidate in political studies, University of Ottawa
Julie Hollenbach, Assistant Professor
Jamaica Bridgett, Visual artist
Charlotte Samuel, Dance Artist — SFU undergrad dance student
Courtney Graham, A human
Jason Purcell, writer
Eliza Grafton, Technical Director at CubeFruit Games Worker Co-operative Inc, Co-Vice Chair of Dames Making Games
Courtney Miller, Curator
Jennifer Berdahl, Professor
AJ Simmons, Interdisciplinary Flamenco Artist, Community Support Worker
Nada Abusaleh, theatre artist
Mona El Husseini, Dancer and Visual Artist
Charissa Terranova, professor
Shalom Brown, PhD Student, University of Toronto
Erica, Dancer, steel city slither
Maya Assouad, editor
Khaled Yousef, visual artist
Hugh Martin, Visual artist
Khadija Muhaisen, Writer
Nasir Abusneineh, Worker
A. Au, Musician
Omar AbuHassan, Cultural worker
Sydney Taylor, theatre artist, actor, director, and poet
Omar Jayab, Manager
Madeleine, Student in communication studies
Sam (Saij Creation), tattoo and visual artist
Shannon Garden-Smith, Visual artist
Sandrina Sparagna, Scenographer, visual artist, MFA student NYU
Mike St-Jean, Musician
Tariqah Nawla, student at ualberta
Mitch Simpson, Artist
juliette sauvé, visual artist
Leighetta Kim, Cultural Worker
Julia Srouji, PhD student, Concordia University
José Lara Menéndez, Visual artist
Gillian Jerome, Writer
Cameron Gilbert, PhD Student, University of British Columbia
Jordyn Stewart, Artist
Jim, Cultural Worker, Pan Asian Collective
Thai Hwang-Judiesch, Visual artist
Michelle Kuan, Visual Artist
Tara Swaminadhan, Blogger, film student
Patrick Kabeya, Visual Artist
Evelynn, Dance artist
Khim Mata Hip, Visual Artists
Richard Brouillette, Filmmaker, producer, programmer
Naomie Décarie-Daigneault, Cinéaste et travailleuse culturelle
Julie chateauvert, Prof and visual artist, Elisabeth-bruyère school of social innovation
inez inok’t, Visual artist
Naïka Champaïgne, Musician from Strange Froots
Erin Lindsay, Artist
Uche Ama, Performance Artist
Aysha Dajani, Student
Masa Dajani, Visual artist
Sarah sheridan, Printmaker
Nata Pavlil, Artist and PhD student
Flandrine Lusson, Student UCS-INRS
Pascale Théorêt-Groulx, Visual artist
Angelica Mendizabal, Writer
Gail Davidson, Human rights defenders
Graham Ashmore, actor
Jacko Restikian, Visual artist
KBJ, Professor
S Salimi, music
Justin Otto, Actor (ACTRA, EQUITY)
Louisa Howerow, citizen with no affiliation
Iqra Abid, writer
Alan Sears, Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
Julia Skelly, Academic, Concordia University
Youhyun Lim, Student
Marie Claire Forté, dance artist
Marika Veith, visual artist
Gabriel Moreau, Visual Artist
Soline Asselin, autrice et travailleuse culturelle
Simone Blain, Visual artist (student- MFA University of Guelph)
Monda Mahmoud, Writer
Lisa Deanne Smith, Curator
Emily Sirota, artist
Mahnoor Khan, Curator, director, actor
Akbar Khatir, Designer and Instructor, Sheridan College
Michelle LaSalle, Visual Artist
Emma Ryan, Theatre Artist / Photographer
Sandi Rankaduwa, artist
K Bannerji, visual artist
Iris Newell, Alumni, OISE & University of Toronto
Naomi Bird, University of Saskatchewan
Ashley P., Professor
Jenie Gao, Visual Artist
Eric Chengyang, Visual Artist & Cultural Worker
elio zarrillo, theatre artist
Jeanne Bourgoin, Professor
Rebeccah Resden, Cultural Worker, filmmaker
Houda, Poet
Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves, Actor/Writer
Neil Maguire, Painter
Ellen Russell, associate professor
Paulette Campbell, Visual artist, Cultural worker
Steve McKay, Musician
Rheanne, Cultural worker
Marina Mikhail, Visual artist
Madison Ardizzi, Outreach worker- Simon Fraser university
Catherine Bilodeau, PhD student
Marc-Antoine Lavallée, Musician
Tiffany Law, Visual Artist
Ryan, Cultural worker
Martin Reis, Visual Artist
AM Trépanier, Artist and cultural worker
Aimee Wall, Writer
Brian Raine, Musician
Sara Matthews, Professor
Kathy Slade, Visual Artist, processor
Kvesche Ebacher, Producer, Performer & Researcher
Katherine Walker-Jones, Musician, theatre artist
York University, university instructor
Dominique Bernier-Cormier, poet
Charles Marco Diokno Manzo, Phd Student – Faculty of Education
joanna skiba, Visual Artist
Vincent Romani, Professor, UQAM
Ness Lamb, Visual Artist and Cultural Worker
Maeve Collins-Tobin, Student, Oxford
Melissa Dolman, Artist
Dr Seán Kennedy, Professor, Visual Artist
Neusha Taherian, Music Composer. SCL, SOCAN
Jake Keslick, Visual Artist
David Camfield, Associate Professor, Labour Studies & Sociology and Criminology, U of Manitoba
Maya Morgan, Artists with Crip Collective
Nicole Burisch, Director, FOFA Gallery, Concordia University
Narita Sargees, visual artist
Hubert Gendron-Blais, Musician and researcher
Sami Alwani, Cartoonist, Visual Artist and Educator at OCAD U
Takpannie Photography, Photographer
Teacy Supruniuk, professor
Mishiikenh Kwe, Visual artist
San Allans, Writer and artist
Emily D, Visual artist
Laurence-Anne, Musician
Nicole Crozier, Visual Artist
Christopher Leinonen, Animator
N- Flora, Social worker
Hijin Park, Associate Professor, Brock University
Natalie Y, visual artist
David Delisca, Poet
Kim Jackson, community artist, PhD
Ingrid Mittmannsgruber, Teacher
Juan Pablo Hernández Gutiérrez, Visual artist
Mariam, Visual Artist
Gary Kinsman, Retired Professor, Sociology, Laurentian University.
Kari Zacharias, Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba
Sharon Giroux, Educator
Emily Gilbert, Professor
Abdelmajid Douida, Teacher candidate
Sheena Hoszko, Artist and community organizer, Queens’s University
Shawna Tavsky, Artist / Art Psychotherapist
Hanna Donato, Writer and Director
maggie cheal-tarr, musician
Leslie Kern, Author
Audrée Juteau, Cultural worker
Ben Evely, Visual Artist
Laurence Dufour-Villeneuve, Doctorat en philosophie, Université de Montréal
S. Raymond Zakaria, PhD Candidate, FHS, McMaster University
Ann Marie Beals, Human in Relation
Tracy Kreuzburg, Writer, social worker
Mahalia, visual artist
Belinda Corpuz, Multidisciplinary Artist – Musician, Actor, Mover, Creator
marijana mandusic, visual artist
Hollis McConkey, artist/MA student Goldsmiths UOL
Winta Tekeste, Creative
Cole Hallman, Musical Artist (emmersonHALL, Sorry Snowman, Backseat Dragon)
Emma Bergen, cultural worker
ben grossman, cultural worker
Rakshita Kathuria, Research analyst
Cotey pope, Artist
Rahaf Fasheh, Theatre director and educator
josh synenko, professor
Heather Russell-Smith, Actor
Shanice Bernicky, PhD Student
Roxanne Cornellier, Graduate student
Saba Moayed, Design student
Jude Johnston, Visual Artist, previous, now Social Worker
Sara Ghaben, Graphic Designer
Greg Albo, professor, Politics, York
Liz Bragale, film worker
Michal Heuston, Filmmaker
Donald Swartz, Professor [ret] Carleton University, Ottawa
Tori Fleming, PhD Student, York University
Judith Marcuse, artistic director/educator/writer
Raia Bryan, Artist
Sehrish, Cultural Worker and academic
Adam Lewis, Contract Faculty Member University of Waterloo, Gender and Social Justice Program
Kelsey Stephenson, Artist, and Assistant lecturer
Ara Zapanta, Author
Jake Festeryga, MA Student at Carleton University
Sophia Lapres, Visual artist and teacher at the University of Guelph
Jenn Xu, Photographer
Noureddine Mazzene, Graphic Designer, Student
Tiffany Ramos, Visual artist
Laïla Ānanda Breger, Visual artist, art educator, dancer, musician
Joana Joachim, Professor and Curator
Laurie Magnan, Cultural worker, directeurice générale à L’imprimerie, centre d’artistes
Dr. Ben Mitchell, Librarian, Thompson Rivers University
Niyousha Bastani, Academic (Postdoc)
Rowen lobo, Visual artist student
Amanda Lin, Theatre Artist
Cam Scott, Writer
Allyson Adley, Cultural worker
Miranda Smitheram, Professor
Monica Tang, Graduate Student, York University
Jordan Baylon, artist – community worker
Leilah Nadir, writer
Scott Steedman, Senior Lecturer, Simon Fraser University
Jacky Benjamin Tollestrup, Visual Artist
David Semaan, PhD student
Alma, Artist
Bird Lips Zine, Independent Zine
Kayla Eli, Artist
Van le, Artist
Hoor, Dance artist
Valérie Frappier, cultural worker
Chloe Wong-Mersereau, Researcher at McGill University
Suchiththa Wickremesooriya, Actor, CAEA member
Sy’ana Trippett, Visual Artist
Sheila Mattar, Educator-
Vidhya Elango, Cultural Worker
Stefan Christoff, Musician and cultural worker
Louise Campion, Visual Artist
Susan Spronk, professor
Liam Mitchell, Professor
Gabi Grande, Journalist
Theresa McGuire, Visual artist
Alicia Zeng, Visual artist
Scott Forsyth, retired professor
Sarah Ayoub, Photographer / Production Designer / Film Maker / Graphic Designer.
Young Joo Lee, visual artist
Naomi Shikaze, community member
Ornella Nzindukiyimana, Associate Professor
Alex Borkowski, PhD Candidate, York University
Juan Pablo Alperin, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
Alegria Gobeil, interdisciplinary artist
Miruna Dragan, Visual Artist
Megan Marques, Researcher
Sonnet L’Abbé, artist
Judith Burr, PhD Student, University of British Columbia
jack hawk, astrologer/artist/cultural worker
Corinne Mason, Professor, Mount Royal University
Ted McCormick, Professor, Concordia University
Dr. Uran Uss, Professor, Social Proctology, Windsor University
Dr. Abu Musab al Zarqawi, Professor, Theology and Genocide Studies, University of Raqqa
Karley Jagusic, theatre artist
Renata Mohamed, Filmmaker and Artist
Arista Schemma, Anti-Racism Facilitator
Damian, Student
Ghislan Sutherland-Timm, Visual Artist
Mai Bach-Ngoc Nguyen, visual artist
Walter Naumann, RKK, State sectetary
Alexander Rondeau, Curator, PhD Student
Lee Frketich, Dance artists
Marni Bowman, Designer/Artist
Cameron, artist
Jay Isaac, Artist
Pedram sazesh, Visual artist
Farah Abdo, Film Producer
Zoe Maeve, Comics artist
Jamie Hill, Academic
Lisa Baird, Poet
Kate Ellis, PhD Student, Carleton University
Gregory Allan, Video Editor and Illustrator
Amandine Broadhead, artist
Rachel Haddad, Student
Alex Horvat, visual artist
Olivia Wood, Teacher, poet
Honor Ford-Smith, Assoc Professor Emerita- York University
Malaikah Ranginya, Performance Artist
Danji Buck-Moore, musician, sound tech, graduate student
Emily Voges, Student, Concordia University

Editor’s note 11/1/23 11:18am EST: Following the publication of this article, one person requested that their name be removed from the signatory list. After reviewing the circumstances of their request, Hyperallergic removed their name. The current list of signatories is updated to reflect this.

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