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Posted inArt

Stretching the Truth of Photography

Photography’s initial accomplishment was to allow for the instantaneous transformation of a four-dimensional object or event into a static, two-dimensional representation. However, in the catalogue for the 1970 exhibition Photography into Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art, Peter C. Burnell insisted that the medium could be pushed to even greater creative possibilities.

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Art Between Image and Text

To appreciate the group exhibition Thanks for Writing at 601Artspace, you must be prepared to savor the written word. The show highlights diverse considerations of the relationship between language and visual art with 14 artists addressing disparate topics and working in different media.

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The Sounds of Greenland’s Melting Glaciers

A carefully random scattering of chairs filled ISSUE Project Room’s Beaux-Arts style theater last Friday night. With the ability to sit facing any direction, choosing the optimal seat felt crucial, though there was no indication as to which way was best. The sole light source, a blue spotlight illuminating the chandelier, cast the room in a cerulean haze.