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Pace Gallery Plugs Into Silicon Valley

MENLO PARK, California — I’m going to be honest: I haven’t been much of a fan of Pace Gallery in the past, or many of the blue-chip/dynastic galleries, for that matter; I find the programming too centered on celebrities in an attempt to garner press and sales.

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Frank Gehry Frames LACMA’s Calder Exhibition

LOS ANGELES — Architects often make good exhibition designers. It may seem obvious, since architects as a rule frame and organize space, but few actually get involved in the design of major museum exhibitions. Frank Gehry is an exception to the rule and the Los Angeles-based architect has for decades been designing exhibitions at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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Seeing Calder Through His Shadows

When I was little I went to the Whitney Museum over and over to see “Cirque Calder,” Alexander Calder’s three-dimensional cartoon of performers preening, frozen in mise-en-scène. Walking into Calder Shadows, on view at Venus Over Manhattan, I felt the same childish camaraderie with the artist, only this time it held fear of the bogeyman.

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Goodwill Hunting

CHICAGO — Have you ever wandered into a Goodwill store, browsed through the clothing (only slightly soiled), moved onto the box with the framed velvet pictures of Elvis, and picked out a print that cost you twelve dollars but turned out to be worth nine thousand? Me neither. But this is exactly what happened to Karen Mallett in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a few months ago — at least the ‘paying a few bucks for a work of art’ part.

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The Problems of North American Airport Art

BERKELEY, California — These days, we experience the world on a much more international level. Whether online or through travel, the world feels smaller to us. As this trend continues, artistic experiences hosted online, available for anyone in the world with a internet connection to access, grow increasingly diverse and interesting. Unfortunately, that same diversity can’t be ascribed to the physical counterpart of global space, where the base unit of artistic experience just might be the airport.