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Venturing Beyond the White Box in Bushwick

Stocked with Havarti cubes and iced kegs, Bushwick artists swept up and opened their doors to the public this weekend for the 2013 Bushwick Open Studios (BOS). Air-conditioned workspaces became premium real estate as the festival’s seventh incarnation, hosted by nonprofit Arts in Bushwick, welcomed large crowds along with hot weather.

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Exploring the Southern Edge of Bushwick Open Studios

There aren’t as many outskirts to Bushwick Open Studios as there once were. The 2013 edition was brimming even at the very edges of designated “Bushwick,” which really oozes over into the adjacent East Williamsburg and Ridgewood, though it seems steadfast in not stepping over the Broadway line to Bed-Stuy. It was in this area just north of the Broadway border that I set out to explore this past weekend, and where even if it’s only getting more developed, it’s still anchored by some more offbeat places to see and create art. A 48-foot tractor trailer, for one.

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In Bushwick, Two Takes on 3-D Modeling

One type of artwork Bushwick probably does not need more of these days is abstract painting. Another type it may or may not need more of is work in 3-D imaging and modeling (discuss). But two artists who use this medium in very different ways are being presented at gallery spaces near each other in Bushwick this weekend. The contrast is so good, it comes to seem like a purposeful pairing.

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Art Rx: Bushwick Open Studios Edition

The 7th Annual Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) will be the focus of this week’s Art Rx. Stretching out across Bushwick, most of Williamsburg, and neighboring Ridgewood, but strangely still not Bedford Stuyvesant, BOS 2013 will include 604 shows that are impossible to navigate without some help … so that’s where we come in.