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America’s Grand Gestures Reign Supreme Again in Basel

BASEL, Switzerland — Fifty-five years ago, the exhibition The New American Painting arrived at the Kunsthalle Basel. It was the first stop on a yearlong tour that touted the work of seventeen Abstract Expressionists before eight European countries — the first comprehensive exhibition to be sent to Europe showing the advanced tendencies in American painting. All but five of the original artists from the show had work on view at last weekend’s Art Basel, where postwar American painting and sculpture dominated the halls.

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Curator Diary: Jason Andrew in Asheville (Day 4)

A curator’s job isn’t just to shuffle some art around in a gallery space. In many ways, curators are the glue that hold artistic communities together, by organizing group events, serving as hubs of communication and connecting people and groups on local, national and international levels. In this Curator Diary, Jason Andrew does a lot of visiting, a lot of lunching and a lot of talking. It’s all a part of the gig.

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Curator Diary: Jason Andrew in Asheville (Day 3)

Today’s Curator Diary from Jason Andrew exposes the nuts and bolts of putting together an exhibition. Andrew works with an art handler to install pieces in the developing Jack Tworkov show, frets over catalogue corrections and reaches out to area artists and students. Curating isn’t all glamorous openings and swanning around with Marina Abramovic, after all.

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An Unknown Chapter at America’s Bauhaus

In the summer of 1952, artist Jack Tworkov traveled to Black Mountain College in Asheville, North Carolina. A leading figure of the New York School, his time at the influential American school, which some people consider “America’s Bauhaus,” is the subject of a new exhibition. We talked to the curator, Jason Andrew.