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Did Gagosian Play Both Sides of a Deal?

Remember that infamous “make a cruel and offensive offer” email from Gagosian gallery Los Angeles director Deborah McLeod? She suggested that to a potential buyer for a 1964 Roy Lichtenstein painting, “Girl in Mirror,” since the seller was in “terrible straits.” Well, that seller is pretty angry at Gagosian for playing both sides of the equation.

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Is Cariou v Prince Killing the Big T?

‘Transformative use’ is just mucking things up. That’s what I think. Providing a pivot for the Cariou v Prince case and the only real point of interest no matter what the pundits say, transformative use, instead of the fog-clearing test that it was supposed to be, has become the main particulate in a legal fog of war that has lasted three years now. Thus far, the dueling Cariou v Prince briefs have added new certainty to my theory that transformative use is a singularly unhelpful notion.

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Gagosian, Google Invest In Art Start Up, But Why?

Vaguely-defined art startup has found some pretty incredible backers, among them some of the biggest names in both contemporary art and tech. Larry Gagosian, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Russian heiress and contemporary art world butterfly Dasha Zhukova and Wendi Murdoch (wife of Rupert) are teaming up with young CEO Carter Cleveland to launch a “personalized online fine-art emporium,” Artinfo reports.

Yet the problem with turning contemporary art into a full-fledged business outside of the gallery game is that you run the risk of alienating art’s flighty cool factor. What troubles could art start-ups face?