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Dirty Art

Dirt is getting its moment in the sun. A cluster of recent shows in Chelsea and downtown make the most of soil, making it a good time to think about earth art again.

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POWHIDA Is a VIP Douchebag

The point of last night’s Marlborough Gallery show, POWHIDA, is probably that there are too many douchebags in the world, especially the art world. The character named Powhida, entered a Chelsea street-level Chelsea gallery and acted the part of a blue-chip contemporary artist.

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WTF is… the Secondary Market?

Throughout the course of NYC’s art fair week, I overheard questions over what art work was being sold, and who it was being sold to. Of course, art fairs exist to sell work, and the work on display is there to be sold. But where do these works come from? This is where the secondary market comes in. Though most galleries simply sell work from the studios of the artists they represent, the secondary market deals in works that have already been sold, at least once. Fairs like the Armory’s Modern section focus heavily on secondary market works, as do auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s.