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Best of 2014: Our Top 10 Brooklyn Art Shows

Between the proliferation of galleries in Bushwick and, to a lesser extent, Greenpoint, the small cadre of Dumbo galleries sticking it out, longtime heavyweights including the Brooklyn Museum and BRIC mounting ambitious shows, and Creative Time parachuting Kara Walker’s sugar sphinx into the Domino Sugar Factory, it’s been an exceptionally strong year for art in Brooklyn.

Posted inArt

Somewhere Beyond Nowhere and a Sugar Carpet

After sustaining significant damage from Hurricane Sandy, Smack Mellon has reopened with two installations that seem frozen in time. Quebec artist Aude Moreau coated the floor of the front gallery in a blanket of sugar laced with charcoal designs, and Brooklyn-based Janet Biggs’ two-channel video in the back transports the frigid isolation of the Arctic to Dumbo. The artists are exhibiting as part of the ongoing Brooklyn/Montreal project connecting 40 contemporary artists through 16 institutions in the US and Canada.