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Museum Gets Shafted: An Elevator Pitch for Curiosities

It’s been over a year since we visited the opening of Museum, the diminutive institution housed in a Cortlandt Alley elevator shaft in Lower Manhattan, so I recently stopped by to see their summer exhibition. The show is more like an eclectic installation of 15 small exhibitions, from tip jars to Chinese Joss paper to Tom Sach’s Mars excavation tools to pornographer Al Goldstein’s personal possessions to objects crafted by prisoners.

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I Dreamt of Going to Space Camp

Tom Sachs’ Space Mission: Mars is a lot like Space Camp for adults. For me, Space Camp represents a forever unattainable dream of my childhood. I grew-up on the Space Coast in Florida, watching every shuttle launch, dreaming of going to Space Camp, but never being able to afford it. I have a feeling that a young Sachs also dreamed of going to Space Camp.

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I can’t say I wasn’t charmed by Marble Sculpture from 350 B.C. to Last Week’s title, though it’s a tad overblown. And I was pleasantly surprised by the almost gauche clutter I encountered on the gallery’s routinely Spartan first floor, with thirty-one midsize-to-extra-large artworks from wildly different historical periods crowded together like refugees from an intergalactic conflict.