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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Artists from Creative Growth Center on Pharrell’s YouTube Channel

If you’re an art-loving person, there’s a good chance you’ve seen work by artists from the Creative Growth Center. Their art has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide; you might, for instance, have strolled past some of it at last fall’s Rosemarie Trockel retrospective at the New Museum. But you might not know just what the Creative Growth Center is, or what it does, or who the artists are.

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A Billion Hits and Counting: Asian Americans and YouTube

Young Asian Americans dominate a great swath of the messy territory called YouTube, holding their own against the well-funded and famous. This fact makes two major points: there is a great pool of Asian Americans who, against the grain of “model minority” professionalism, need an outlet for humor and creative expression. Perhaps more importantly, these numbers prove the existence of a huge audience, largely Asian American, who want to see the experiences and talents of Asian people in popular media.

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YouTube Users Visualized

There are two entertaining things about watching YouTube videos. The first is the video itself, whether that be a cat playing a keyboard or a musician singing a new tune. The second is the comments and the amazing amount of likes, dislikes and random jabber that appear, especially beneath the most popular videos.

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The Problem with Hennessy Youngman

Jayson Musson is a very popular man in the art world. His YouTube account has over 900,000 views, and his fans are rabid. The funny thing is, though, most of his fans probably have no idea who he is. Here’s the answer: Jayson Musson is the artist behind Hennessy Youngman.