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1980s Counterculture, and Its Legacy, in Zines

Self-published, cheaply-made, and disseminated after running through copy machines, zines — short for “fanzine” — have existed as simple and cost-effective creative soapboxes. Zines+ and the World of ABC No Rio, a current exhibition at the Center for Book Arts, presents publications from the archives of ABC No Rio, the art and activism collective founded on the Lower East Side in 1980.

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Your Handy Guide to the 2014 LA Art Book Fair

LOS ANGELES — Shannon Michael Cane knows he has big shoes to fill as the new director and curator of the highly anticipated second edition of the Los Angeles Art Book Fair (LAABF). “Taking over the fair from someone like [artist and curator] AA Bronson, who is a mentor to me, is a lot of pressure to see what you can do to improve it,” Cane told Hyperallergic.

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The Rise of the Artist Newsstand

This summer several art newsstands are bringing independent media to the city streets and subways, with piles of zines and DIY publications offered in the tradition of newsstands. Handsomely constituting a small trend, the newsstands currently installed in New York and Los Angeles are looking to engage a larger public with offbeat media, while still acting like a hub of information and interaction — just like any other newsstand.

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A New Way to Create Shareable, Collaborative Digital Zines

When it comes to sharing content online, we’re spoiled by choice. You can post pictures to your Tumblr or Facebook, videos to YouTube or Vine, and words to … pretty much anything. But what those formats lack is a way to control the narrative of what you post. The Facebook photo album, it should be said, lacks something in novelistic drama. Thankfully, there’s a new app that makes turning your images into digital magazines easier than ever.