Gagosian Wants You to Shop Small?

by Hrag Vartanian on May 26, 2014


A Shop Small sign on Gagosian Gallery’s door. (via @CasadeCosta)

When American Express started their Shop Small project, which trumpets that “small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities,” I can’t imagine they would have pictured the Madison Avenue Gagosian shop as a poster child for the campaign.

But this past weekend, a friend of Hyperallergic spotted the sign on the door of the über-gallerist’s Upper East Side shop. With a business empire (16 locations in seven countries) that spans the globe, it might be a stretch to think of Gagosian as a “small business.” I mean, that’s rich … or is it superrich?

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  • Chicken Fingers

    I object to this libelous attack against Mr. Larry Gagosian, whose French cuffs I have adorned with links made of precious metals, since 2008. Any jewelry boutique on Madison Ave specializing in antique buttons crafted by Victor Mayer during the late 1930s will tell you this man supports small business!

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